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  1. Wow, Amy has been the real constant since I first joined the Klipsch forums (some time the better part of a decade ago?). A well-deserved congrats!
  2. Wow, as a HUGE fan of the 83's over the original 7s, I sure hope there's a solid reason to revert to a 7-II type of speakers
  3. About 6-8 months ago I emailed the address in the iFi manual trying to get an adapter for my 80gb video ipod to work with my iFi. I didn't get a reply, and for a while I just played stuff straight from iTunes (I have the iFi hooked up to my computer as well) but my wife just got an ipod Nano (the last generation, not the newest ones) and now we need to be able to share it. Who do I need to contact to get the necessary adapter sleeves? Thanks! P.S. And I thought my RF-83s were cool...now I gotta save up for a pair of Palladiums...
  4. Thanks for the input guys! Colter, I already have a 7.1 all-Klipsch system based on the RF-83s (and an old pair of RF-7s to boot) and he has a 3.1 system made up of Klipsch I sold him to help fund my new (Klipsch) purchases, so it's not any lack of satisfaction with Klipsch products. He just really loves woodworking and wanted to combine his interests. I'm sure he'll get his own account and join the forum sooner or later. I have to admit, I'm temped to try experiements, like putting current reference line hardware in a curved encolsure to see what effect resonance reduction has (not that I'm going to sacrifice my speakers, mind you). I'm too much of a wuss to ever butcher my own speakers of course. I showed him the Jubilee projects posted here, and he was pretty interested, so that may be what he goes for. Thanks to everyone!
  5. I have a good friend who is an excellent woodworker and a uge music fan (more importantly, a Klipsch fan). He wants to get into DIY speaker making for personal fun (maybe someday I can scor apair off of him). Can anyone of you DIYers clue me in as to where to start looking for drivers, tweeters, etc that would be appropriate for a Klipsch-like sound? Does Klipsch sell them? Thanks!
  6. Wait guys. You aren't even discussing all the relevant numbers here. 1080p at 24hz (or 48 or 72 or 96) is indeed superior to films shown at 1080i 60hz because it eliminates the judder created by 3:2 pulldown. Now of course there aren't that many displays that currently can accept and display such outputs, but if the OP wants to plan a HT for the future to put together, he is thinking in the right direction. For everyone else, whether or not 1080p 60hz is better than 1080i 60hz depends on whether or not the 3:2 pulldown performed by the player is better than that your display can perform (which in new displays should be minimal).
  7. She does have a sister, but she's married. Also, here sister isn't a Klipsch girl...although her husband recently became a Klipsch fan when they watched The Incredibles at reference levels at our house (muh wah ha ha ha ha!). I used to live in Laramie, but now I'm managing the science at a museum in Thermopolis...hence the looooong drive to and from Denver. But if you WY/CO guys get together with some advanced warning (or want to come up and see our system) let me know and I'll see if the GF and I can get our schedules clear.
  8. So, I just flew back from Canada to Denver (it's a 7 hour drive from there to my small town in no-where Wyoming) and so when my girlfriend and I passed through Fort Collins we stopped at the local Ultimate Electronics (birth place of my original -35 and -7 systems) and Ovation Audio. To clarify for you mid-westeners, this isn't the Ovation Audio chain, it's a locally owned audiophile store. As such, there's no Klipsch (that's a knock too snooty audio-fools, not to Klipsch!), but there are some awesome elexctronics (and tubes galore), and some ver interesting speakers. I was looking at an Omega speaker, which had a single "full-range" 4 inch driver on a rear-ported slightly over-sized box. I finally let curiosity get the better of me and asked the proprietor how a speaker like that could put out much bass. His response was "Just like the other ones, by moving air". I'm sure he thought this was funny, but having several semesters worth of phsics under my belt, I had to bite my tongue pretty hard. After telling us that some of his customers had proclaimed it the best sounding speaker they'd heard, he fire the speaker up; with orchestral music, you could indeed hear the advantage of not having a cross-over (there is klipsch-like upper end detail, and a perfectly smooth transition from the highs into the midrange). But it did, indeed, lack bass, and it was also coloring the sound, which was painfully obvious on the male vocal track he put on next, whcih sounded atrocious. My girlfriend was not impressed, and you could see it in her facial expression. She asked about the dual concentric drivers on a pair of Tannoy's, and after a short lecture from the proprietor about how famous and intricate and unparalleled they were, he played them for us. The did sound much better than the Omega did, although there was some strange sibilance present, and they lacked the authority (especially in the low end) of the RF-83s. After a minute or two of listening, my girlfriend got up and announced "I guess I'm a Klispch girl", and that was that. We left without purchasing anything. I've never been prouder. P.S. To be fair, the speakers we heard were probably not placed as well as mine, and some were less expensive. Still, considering the absolute snub given by a place like that to Klipsch products, I expected to at least hear something as good as m home system, if not substantially better. I love the -83s, almost as much as I love my Klipsch-girl!
  9. I've heard both, and they are both sweet speakers (IMO the best Reference speakers ever made), but the 83 has more midbass and lower extension. It's worth every penny (assuming you have enough of them!).
  10. I doubt anything could be exponentially better than the RC-7, but having owned it and the RC-64, I can say that I think the RC-64 is substantially better. Off-axis performance is better, and it sounds more natural ("effortless" is the only word to describe it). I also think the RF-83s are a substantial improvement over the RF-7s (still own both), although to a lesser degree than with the center channel speakers. My girlfriend thinks the new Ref IVs are an even bigger improvement than I do, and she's a musician, so take that how you will.
  11. I bought the RF-83s and am using the RF-7s are surrounds. They blend fine, although you may want to think about getting the RC-64 to go with your Ref IV mains if you go this route (it will fill a room better than the RC-7, and match the horns of the RF-83s perfectly). IMO the RF-83s are decidely better speakers than the RF-7s...and I really like the RF-7. Not only is the midrange response improved, but the bass output is noticeably better (volume and control, to my ears). The top end is also smoother. There isn't much more to a speaker, so as far as I'm concerned, they're better in every way than the fantastic RF-7s. You should demo them yourself, of course, but I'd encourage you to go this route.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys; Don't get me wrong, the RF-7s are awesome speakers. And I certainly could listen to them all day without listening fatigue, just not with some types of music at some volumes. And I doubt my Arcam could be considered anything but warm, so it's not what's driving them. The RF-83s just have a smoother highend. Whether you like that or not is personal taste, although I suspect it's more accurate, and in my case at least it invites longer listening at higher volumes for treble-heavy music.
  13. And once again I'm thankful for my girlfriend. We have none of the issues discussed in either list...she actually pushed for me to get the latest upgrade. She's a keeper!
  14. I just posted my review on the RF-83s in the Home Theater forum (I replaced a pair of RF-7s). Having listened to them side by side in my house on the same electronics, I think the RF-83s are better in nearly every way. The highend is smoother, and the midbass is far better. They even extend a bit further down. Both are excellent speakers, however, so I hope you enjoy your purchase!
  15. Glad you liked it Jay; your story helped convince me to do it, and hopefully I can help others make a good decision in the same way. As for direct radiators (RB-75s), I normally listen to a lot of multichannel music, and bookshelfs are better in that capacity. Also, my 7.1 setup wraps around the back (as opposed to having two in back and two on the sides), so I find that more localization helps the illustion of panning across behind me. It's not necessarily true for other setups (my theater is narrrow and long), and I've heard very good things about the new Ref IV surrounds (very similar to the THX Ultra II series), and I imagine they are very good for home theater.
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