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  1. Oppo BDP83. The reviews are all raves. This is my second Oppo and these things are troublefree and a great value. I'm selling mine for $400. 6-9 months old. Email me if your interested.
  2. I finally found the contact information; ace168516 (Jeff Schaffer) freighted the empty vault from me to tigerwoodKhorns (Chris Vero) who put Cornwalls in the vault and freighted it to ace168516 (Jeff) in Bloomington Illinois. PM me for Jeff's phone number.
  3. I want to try a new setup. After some interesting reading and conversations, I'm thinking; McIntosh C2200 preamp, Rane AC24 equalizer, 1-D75a and 2-D45 Crownamplifiers, 2-Belles, 2 - JL Audio F112 subs
  4. I agree entirely. He added worthwhile points of view to the column. He didn't have thousands of posts so what? I appreciate folks who can stick to audio topics and get to the point, without cluttering up a forum with thousands of (mostly social) posts.
  5. Too bad he was banned, I thought he added good commentary to the forum. Tread very very lightly 'round here I guess.
  6. Me to Tigerwood to Ace...... last I knew. Want Ace's number/email?
  7. I've looked everywhere for a freq curve for the Belles. I though the chart room might have one but I couldn't find one.
  8. 80hz ? Where can I find a frequency curve for the Belle?
  9. What would the system architecture look like for a system with a pair of powered subs and a pair of 3 way speakers?
  10. So you still need a preamp? The crossover is before the amps? Can one amp run the bass and another run the highs? Three channel crossover and three amps for 3 way speakers?
  11. You guys that use pro gear, help me (us) out with a progear 101 primer. What's the progear version of source>preamp>amp>crossover>speaker?
  12. VRD monoblocks would need to go on top of the Belle's in my setup. Has anyone put their tube amp on top of their speaker? Any problem with that, audible or otherwise?
  13. Thanks. I loved the VRD45ST on my Klipschorns, great bass. McIntosh is unique in that you can generally buy used and sell at the same price. Quick resale too. VRD's can be custom built and they come with access to Craig. VRD's are built for tube rolling too.
  14. I'm wondering if anyone's had both and can make a comparison. I've owned Craig's VRD45ST, but not the VRD monoblocks. I've owned 10 or 12 different McIntosh amps but not the MC275. I'm wondering if anyone's had both and can make a comparison.
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