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  1. I live in Indianapolis, IN and there is a store here called Ovation that has the RF-83's on sale for $1250/ pair from time to time. I should have picked'm up, but didn't have the dough.
  2. Congrats Bill!! Enjoy the sweet sound these speakers are known for!!
  3. The RC-7 is probably your best choice considering bang for your buck. The RC-3 or 35 would also work with your mains as well if your budget is too low for the RC-7. I am not too familiar with the new series, but Iam sure the 62 or the 64 would work great as well. Good Luck!!
  4. Actually, NO it doesn't make sense. Please explain further so I can understand this. How do you know this???
  5. As I said, the Auto-On function doesn't turn the amp off; the amp stays on all the time anyway. [/quote If the amp is on all the time, then why doesn't the sub work when you turn the receiver on at low volume? Why even put an on /off on the sub?
  6. I have the same sub with the same problem. I do have a problem with leaving my sub on all the time. Would this not shorten the life of the BASH Amplifier??
  7. I own this sub and it has a ton of punch and deep bass for a little 10". Well worth the money, I think.
  8. I know, my camera ran out of battery and I can't find the charger. Here's a link to my pictures
  9. Look below please, I screwed it up the first time!
  10. Thanks for the help Guys!!!! I ended up getting this Bush Stand http://www.bushfurniture.com/bushindustries/bushfurniture/productdetail/LargeImages/largeimages.jsp?id=VS74377-03
  11. Actually I just got the deal of a lifetime!! Warning this could make you sick- I saw the 60" SXRD on sale at FRY'S Electronics for $3,499. The 50" was the same price??? I asked the salesman if the price was right and he said yes. I didn't like their warranty-no bulb replacement- so I went to Best Buy and they matched the price with a bulb warranty- 4 year -$400 The sale ended at FRY'S this past Tuesday- I'm sure another sale will come along soon somewhere!
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