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  1. Its good to read good reviews about speakers ( or any other kit) you own isn't it? Like a a complement to your dog or offspring. But the truth is there are no honest reviews. Really honest magazines don't last. Oly those that humour the readers and munufacturers survive. I won't even mention 'subliminal advertising' disguied as a review for a fee which of course goes on all the time. So beware, trust your ears. If it sounds like sh1t it probably does - if it sound good others might still think is sounds like sh1t. ok: the Heresy are the BEST speakers in the world! But so what? they still sound like ... to some and they'd be right probably.
  2. Do I have to guess who this Bob is or you guys are going to tell me? I can just about work out who Al is ..
  3. Marvelus! 1. Something of the highest possible excellence. Nay: THE DOG'S BOLLOCKS!
  4. Murky waters ... most HiFi pedlars take the stance that best serves their cash flow others are plain deaf and shouldn't be in the business. What in the world is supurlative ?
  5. The Clarity Caps ESA are good but rather mellow the Mundorf bypass improves presence nicely without compromising the qualities of the Clarity. I got this tip from Tony Gee he was right - I might review the ratio next time I mod the net for the new 2" driver. I do the same on the tweeter section. In the Heresy II I use Mundorf Supremes alone I find them much smoother than the old Jensen PIOs as I mentioned before. What I haven't done is try the 1837 on them I might at some point. Now if you have the wherewithal go for the MR series Clarity Cap. see: http://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/claritycap_mr.html
  6. Current AK-3 but not with PIOs a bigger board and new squawker choke ...
  7. ESA Clarity caps are have the silver labels Mundorf caps are on top as bypass ( ~10%). 12:1 You can just see a grey Vishay 1837 bypass across the far cap ( tweeter series trap). Check out the above two views.
  8. As the AK-3 looks now with Clarity cap & Mundorf cap, a new bigger board and new mid 5mH choke. Shortly to be modified to take a new mid Tractrix horn and 2" driver & new autotransformer. See separte pics, unable to post more than one at a time - the add button replaces previous pic.!
  9. Said the man who did this.......................................... Very nice work there neat & tidy!
  10. What autoformes are you thinking about the Crites? btw,ifyou have measured the full winding DC resistance of the T4A auto ( AK3 AL3) I'd be interested to know, save me doing it myself Don't forget I said I don't use PIOs any more, those pics are almost 10 yeras old.
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    Posting pictures etc

    Nice dog. This is what I wanted to post - its there under Updates & Mods now... thanks
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