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  1. Could be, but I don’t think so. I had a good conversation with one of the sellers. I kind of expected them to counter somewhere in the middle. Like I said, not the end of the world. I still think a pair of Heresy’s, with my subwoofer, will be the best match in my room. As I stated in an earlier thread, the RP160M’s are pretty amazing to my ears in this context. I do appreciate the comments from the forum experts, though, and now know to follow up on any Quartets in the future.
  2. Regarding the comparison between the Heresy and Quartet, I realize that the Heresy doesn’t go as low in the bass region as others in the Heritage line. But my room has always had nightmarish bass peaks and, for the first time, I am getting great results with an Elac subwoofer with an EQ feature. So positive are the results with a pair of RP160M’s, that I was thinking that Heresy’s would give me that Heritage midrange while saving on space and $$$, comparatively speaking. Of course, if Quartets or Fortes showed up at a reasonable price, I will take a look. Just thought I would explain my thought process...
  3. That’s a great price. Before the seller informed me that the speakers were already sold, she immediately accepted my offer of $300 - making it all the more frustrating. Oh well, win some, lose some...there will be other opportunities.
  4. Lol...I made an offer and it was accepted. 5 minutes later, the seller reached out to say her spouse had already sold them. Snoozing, losing etc.
  5. Good question, I will ask. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  6. Seller is asking $500, but that seems a little high to me...mulling it over.
  7. I have been looking for a used pair of Heresy IIs, but a pair of Quartets is available locally. I’ve never heard Quartets so I would appreciate any feedback. Also, the seller used them in a 3000 sq. ft. commercial gym; would this be a deal killer for you? He is telling me that they were on elevated platforms and are quite dusty.
  8. Can I ask why you prefer the H1’s over the H2’s?
  9. Wow, just stunning. I’ve never heard Cornscalas, I bet they are amazing.
  10. Yes, tubes and Klipsch are a natural match. I had a Quad VA-One integrated last year and wish I had it back to pair with the 160’s.
  11. Very nice system. It must sound great...
  12. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out what a great value the Elac subwoofer represents. Bought it new for $350 and have no regrets. The Auto EQ removed some nasty peaks in this room that had me giving up on subwoofers in the past. Maybe the easiest blending of sub/speakers that I have ever experienced. I don’t have the ability to high pass the RP160’s, but it works nonetheless.
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