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  1. Offering to members at what I think is a good price: $295. Great sounding amp with an excellent mm phone stage and remote control. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 and 3% PayPal fee. Thanks for looking.
  2. Price lowered to $275.
  3. Great condition with some superficial scratches on the tops. These are amazing speakers and are hard to beat at this price. Essentially the same as the RP-600M’s that were CNET’s speaker of the year. Original box and manual included. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 and PayPal fee. Price lowered to $275.$250.
  4. Price reduced to $599 + shipping.
  5. Original box, manual and remote control included.
  6. Excellent condition with very low hours. Includes original box, manual and remote. A real powerhouse with integrated DAC and phono stage. Faint, almost imperceptible scratch on the top of the unit. I loved it, but I am selling off my bedroom system. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 and 3% PayPal fee. I have 20 years of perfect feedback on Audiogon (mcp) and eBay (fetzervlv). Happy to answer any questions.
  7. Your room dimensions (13 x 13 square) are going to make it more difficult to get balanced sound, even with a subwoofer. I think someone earlier mentioned placement, and I agree with this. I don’t know if it is possible, but have you tried diagonal placement? This method can be effective in square rooms. My 160M’s sound very full in a 13 x 17 room. They are just amazing. My only gripe is moving them out a few feet from the wall on top of my 50 pound stands. For that reason, I bought a pair of RP-5000F towers yesterday. Much easier to move by just grabbing the rear port. Now, to determine if they sound better than the 600’s...
  8. Yes, I am considering draining some of the sand - good idea. I am now thinking about the 5000’s instead...two 5.25” drivers, so an increase in piston size and still easier to move at 37 lbs.
  9. Thanks. I agree that it is hard to fathom that much bass extension from two 4” woofers, but I was also amazed the first time I heard Totem Arros. I have owned Heresies, I, II, and III’s. All great speakers, but I am enjoying what Klipsch has done with the tweeters in the RP line; there is a smoothness that I really like. Also, I think I’m finished with subwoofers for a while - too difficult to get the blend right.
  10. Way too much for this room. Have tried large speakers such as Tekton Lores and they overpower the room. Not to mention that they are heavy, which is what I am trying to avoid.
  11. I currently have a pair of RP 160M's that I am really enjoying. They seem to be loading my 13 x 17 living room perfectly with deep bass and a nice, effortless presentation. My only complaint is that I get the best results moving them 3-4 feet out into the room. This is becoming a pain because my stands are sand filled and really heavy. I don't have the option of leaving them out in the room permanently as they would block foot traffic. One solution I am considering is getting a pair of 4000f mini towers. They would be infinitely easier to move, but I am wondering if I would retain the great bass with two 4" drivers. They are rated to have deeper bass response, but that doesn't always tell the story. Anyone heard these little towers and care to chime in?
  12. No affiliation with sale. https://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/d/watertown-klipsch-lascala-2s/6915279830.html
  13. BTW...the price paid, per the receipt on 4/24/1990, was $760 + tax.
  14. Thanks, I’m very pleased.
  15. Well, I lucked out. The HII's I looked at were a solid 9 out of 10. Really, I could not find a flaw in the cabinets or grilles. Original owner also had all sales receipts, manuals, Klipsch dealer list etc, which is interesting to look at. They are singing in my family room now!
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