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  1. I bought these and overshot the mark for a small bedroom system. Should have bought 500M's probably. As new condition with boxes and manuals. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 and PayPal fee. Excellent review by Steve Guttenberg here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/klipsch-rp-5000f-a-tower-speaker-to-be-reckoned-with/
  2. I am considering a pair of locally available Fortes, but the room they would be going in is only 11 x 13. Ideally, I would like to place them about 18” out from the corners on the shorter wall. Do you think this will work or should I be looking for Heresies?
  3. Thank you. How far from the wall do these need to be placed? I believe they're rear ported. I don't have a large room (12 x 20), but there is a cathedral ceiling that makes most speakers seem bass shy. Looking for full sound at lower volumes...
  4. I have been patiently waiting for a used pair of Fortes or RP series speakers to pop up locally and now have a line on a pair of KLF 20's. I have never heard this series, can you let me know if you've had experience with them? Good buy in the $300 - $500 range?
  5. Second PM sent...does anybody know how to contact this seller?
  6. Wow, that is beautiful. I, too, have a 1229 in a custom made plinth with the same cartridge, but mine has the factory smoked plastic dust cover. Your dust cover looks much nicer. Where did you get it?
  7. I just bought a pair of used RP-250’s locally, but the seller has misplaced the spikes. Can anyone confirm if they are standard 1/4 - 20 size?
  8. Price drop $390.00.
  9. Price drop - $399.00.
  10. Price drop to $425.
  11. Excellent condition from non smoking home. Read the reviews online, this is a fantastic DAC/preamp. Includes power cord and remote control. It looks as good as it sounds. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 (pick ups welcome) and 3% PayPal fee. Thanks for looking. $390.00
  12. I had 160’s in a 17’ x 13’ room and they were fantastic. I listen to a lot of rock music and the bass was incredible, room shaking. I also tried 5000’s and felt that I lost some of the 160’s imaging.
  13. Inputs: Analog (1) Coax (1) USB (1) Optical (2) Bluetooth dongle also included
  14. Yes, pick up in Cicero is absolutely fine.
  15. $225. Excellent condition with remote and original box. Drove a pair of RP160-M’s beautifully. Outstanding, smooth built in DAC and dead quiet background. Buyer pays shipping from 13039 and 3% PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  16. Price lowered to $225 + shipping/PayPal.
  17. I moved my system to a larger, bass-challenged room, and I’m using my Tekton M-Lores. It was a tough decision, though.
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