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  1. Thank you all you guys. Actualy I am also deciding for the Forte or the Heresy. I can buy a Forte here in Brazil (São Paulo) for $1200 plus shipping or a Heresy for about $700 at eBay (includes shipping and customs). The Forte I will have waranty from the dealer, but the Heresy at eBay will be too far to have some warranty. The Heresy will be easier to move around the house (pool, barbecue location etc...). The Rotel is 35/w ch and the Sansui 60/w ch. Actualy I did not even tested the Sansui. I use the Rotel with Tannoy Mercury 1 Speakers. After the summer I will bring the Klipsch to the city, and put it at my HT room, to be an alternative speaker to my system (BW cdm7nt, Audio Research SP16p pre-amp , Conrad Johnson MV55 amp). My room is 15 m/2 (5m x 3m , 3m ceiling) . Is the room too smal for the Klipsch?? Thanks Luiz
  2. Hello, This is my first post on this forum. I always wanted to buy a Klipsch speakers. I remember in 86' readind the Forte review in Stereophile, but on those days I was 20 could no afford it. After that the High-end stormed the world with polite and smal speakers. Now I want to make my old dream come true, and buy a Forte or Heresy to my Beach House. I have an Rotel RA-931mkII and an old Sansui AU-417 and think that both are good, but will lack the punch and warm of bigger amps. I would appreciate recomendations on Integrateds amps, old or new, Tubes or SS, but available fro e-bay. Thnaks Luiz
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