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  1. More like 16 years late on this zombie thread. I’ll stick with my post back on page 1 >>> Ginger = teaser & MaryAnn = pleaser..…and nothing wrong with either. Fun to look back at the old names on the early pages, I sure miss some of those guys (even dragonfyr..….but just a little bit).
  2. I think it goes for for 6.5 kilobux. Still plenty spendy. The pre-amp is tubed and the amp is SS.
  3. I know this is the solid state sub-forum but……this might be worth a look for you. I just ordered it’s little brother (MA252). https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/integrated-amplifiers/MA352
  4. Everything I know about opera, I learned from Bugs Bunny.
  5. I admire how he goes for the butt grab at the end of the scene. .
  6. She is one of my favorites. I was able to find this old post. This is still one of the best concerts I ever attended….
  7. Sunrise a few days ago at the ranch.
  8. Very cool shirt but you missed an important memo.
  9. I don’t think that’s universally true. I bet you’d look great in this Prada shirt that costs $1,100. Maybe you could get it for a better price if you pointed out the mismatched pocket. https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/prada-palm-tree-print-bowling-shirt-item-15241428.aspx?storeid=11241
  10. A few more. I have even more but I think my wife hid them. Here’s an Armani Hawaiian shirt 😀 This one is “tasteful” I think. This is probably my nicest one. A older Sig Zane and only one of a few of mine that were actually made in Hawaii.
  11. Hawaiian shirts? I did intend my original “tasteful” reference in fun. But, I do have some fairly nice ones that I’ve picked over the years. Here are couple of silk ones that I picked up in Hawaii about 20 years ago. I think this one is from the 80s
  12. We did get pretty cold back at sea level after an evening snorkeling with manta rays. It’s an amazing experience. I’ve included a few shots that were taken by a pro ocean photographer that went along with us and shared some of his photos.
  13. Hey Pat. We were just there in late April so it wasn’t too cold - especially by Montana standards. We just wore multiple layers on the summit. It was a bit strange though packing warm clothes along with shorts, sandals, and tasteful Hawaiian shirts.
  14. Wow, surprised to see this thread dredged up from the murky depths of the forum labyrinth. I really regret the the thread title and hate to admit to agreeing with dragonfyr - I just had a good chuckle as I actually just gave that guy a like. B&O is flat out cool but I was always intimidated in the retail stores. They seemed so snobbish but I was totally wrong about that impression. After I was able to pick up a B&O turntable real cheap ( I think it was on of their lower end models - RXII maybe?), I was trying to locate a replacement cartridge for it while my mother was visiting from Denver. I was having no luck finding a cartridge here in Montana but when my mom got back to Denver she went on a secret mission. I had no idea why she was asking me later what kind of “record player” I was having trouble with until I got a call from the B&O store manager in Denver. Mom, not knowing a thing about hifi, found the posh store and went in trying to find a “new needle” for my “record player” and the manager was great. He called me long distance (a big deal in those days) to get the details while she was in the store and they were treating her like a queen. They gave her a good deal on one of the better cartridges and I got it in the mail a few days later. I miss my mom and cherish that turntable.
  15. Marty, because of my great respect for you, I will not be bidding against you for that highly desirable album. No need for thanks, you can just owe me a favor in return someday.
  16. We made the drive up to the top of Mauna Kea for the sunset. Around 13,800 ft elevation. Maui is on the right horizon in the photo above and below stars just becoming visible
  17. We were able to get away to the Big Island of Hawaii for a few weeks in April - just before the travel rush began. We were the only guests at a beautiful, and truly five star level, B&B on an avocado plantation overlooking the coast. c A shot of my wife at the shore Looking up the coast from the southern-most part of the US
  18. sputnik


    Well dang, back to the drawing the board. Maybe I can figure out a way to GIF-icate that. Hope I didn't kill the thread.
  19. sputnik


    Hope this works - not really a gif. aD4pKKx_460svh265.mp4
  20. Now you have me digging around for my Graflex Speed Graphic press camera.
  21. I can top that. If I took a self portrait with my ol' Nikon FM2, the combined age would be 100 years. 😧
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