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  1. Medicine Rocks - eastern Montana (almost S. Dakota)
  2. Drinking while posting is a big no-no too. 👮‍♂️
  3. When I'm not chasing after bawdy sheep, I'm a geologist/engineer. My company does environmental investigation/clean-up and emergency spill response. I'm also on our volunteer fire department and there are some good photo ops there too. This is a good one - semi ran off the freeway and onto the RR tracks above a stream embankment trapping the driver as a train was coming down the grade. The train had to do a full-on emergency stop and this is how close it came to the truck.
  4. Don't get rid of it. Those old Cinelli Unicanitor saddles are very desirable. I pulled the Cinelli saddle off of the Masi to save and mounted a Brooks on it. Still looking for a nice buffalo Unicanitor though.
  5. Yeah, the Leica was expensive (especially for a B&W point and shoot camera with no zoom) but photo documentation is important in my work and I can easily justify it as business equipment. One could pay much more for just one Leica M lens so I can think of this as buying a nice lens with an attached camera body. There's nothing in the bike world as sexy as a good vintage Italian steel frame. I think you can still find that quality in a modern bike but you gotta go to a custom frame maker and even then, I don't think you'd find anything with the soul of a vintage Italian race bike. I have a nephew that lives in Bloomington, Indiana so I hope to take the Masi there sometime to ride around in the "Breaking Away" movie scenery. BTW Neil, your bike looks well ridden judging from the Cinelli saddle but very well maintained looking at the rest of it. Another bit of Italian goodness
  6. The capabilities of this new Leica, especially, in low light, amaze me. I was thinking that the fixed 28mm lens would be limiting but the image quality exceeds anything I’ve shot with my Nikon D850. First shot is a full frame image taken through our den window of an owl that was perched on a snag after sunset last evening - 3200 ISO f/1.7 at 1/50th sec hand held. The second photo is a tight-tight crop of the owl that still makes a hopefully interesting image, even with the noise.
  7. Also, good to hear from another old timer still running high tire pressure. I have set of 20m clinchers for my De Rosa that I run at 150 psi.
  8. Those are interesting tires. Maybe for track use? I just had a set of clinchers built up for the Masi to save the wear on the Clements but I haven’t had a chance to ride them yet.
  9. Yes, the original Clement tubulars. They’re in great shape - hardly any tread wear. When I got the bike, I was going to resist the urge to ride it until I could freshen it up but the glue seemed OK enough to go for a short 8-mile ride. I never thought anything could be better than my ‘96 De Rosa Primato or mid-2000’s Serotta Ottrott (CF/Ti frame) but I gotta admit that the ride on this bike is sublime.
  10. A few more detailed shots of the Masi. .
  11. Pinarello?? I just picked up this beauty last summer. 1974 (early Carlsbad) Masi Gran Criterium. Pretty much all original and hardly ridden.
  12. Yep, you got it good there. I really loved the time my wife and I spent there. We found a great restaurant too. Here’s our immediate forecast - I’m sure that others will have it worse though.
  13. I’d love to be biking in the “Low Country” right now. Looks like we’re going to stay below zero for the next few days.
  14. Went all out for this one at 100,000 ISO - this room was pretty dark. added: This one looks much sharper than what displays here - the “Klipsch” badge is actually very clear. crop on the badge:
  15. Another test shot at 25000 ISO sort of reminds me of Tri-X. The fixed 28mm lens and sensor are a designed match. Here’s a little info about the sensor this camera from an ad. “Featuring a truly unique imaging system, the Q2 Monochrom incorporates a high-resolution 47.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor, which pairs with the Maestro II image processor to deliver a wide dynamic range with notable tonal rendering, as well as enhanced sensitivity to suit working in a variety of lighting conditions. The sensor's design features an updated microlens array and omits an optical low-pass filter in order to achieve greater sharpness, resolution, and clarity. Additionally, differentiating itself from typical sensor designs, the Q2 Monochrom sensor omits a color filter array (CFA), which offers the ability to solely record monochromatic imagery using only luminance values for enhanced clarity, depth, and resolution. By removing the CFA, this camera also achieves a higher sensitivity range of ISO 100-100,000 than the color-enabled Q2 camera, along with reduced noise to suit working in difficult lighting conditions and a broad 13-stop dynamic range.”
  16. You know me well. Heres another test shot at 6500 ISO - I’m just playing around here.
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