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  1. Thanks for the input... I think I'll look at getting one SVS SB1000 for now and adding a second one later. I really appreciate the help!
  2. I have a pair of Heresy 1's and was hoping for some recommendations on a subwoofer for 2 channel listening. I'm currently using a Cambridge Audio AXR100 receiver with the Heresy's. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have the Klipsch Reference Wireless Theater System that consist of RW-34C center channel speaker, RW-51M front and rear monitors, RW-100SW wireless subwoofer with the Axiim LINK transmitter? I am really interested in purchasing this setup, but I'm not sure it will hook up to my TV (Samsung UHD 4K)
  4. I'm looking at buying the Klipsch Wireless Theater System. This is the description from the website: A completely wireless and easy to install, true surround sound system that outperforms any sound bar on the market. The Klipsch Reference Wireless line includes the RW-34C center channel speaker, the RW-51M front and rear monitors, and the RW-100SW wireless subwoofer. These speakers can be mixed and matched to create powerful audio systems in any configuration from stereo (2.0) to a big and bold 7.1 theater experience. Reference Wireless products connect with the Axiim LINK Wireless Home Theater Transmitter at the helm.
  5. Hopefully someone can help me understand since I'm a 2 channel guy with very limited knowledge on home theater systems. I've done some reading and discovered that an HDMI ARC port lets you use HDMI as both an input and an audio output. With that said, my TV has an HDMI ARC port. Can someone confirm to me that the Klipsch Reference Wireless Theater System will work using the HDMI ARC port on my TV? Thanks,
  6. I'm looking at the wireless theater system and how it says there are 3 options for hooking it up. One being a 2019 LG OLED or Nanocell TV. Does that mean I will not be able to hook it up to my Samsung UHD 4k TV? Thanks
  7. Looking to part with an Emotiva UPA-2 that I purchased used from an Audiogon member. I purchased the amp for a second room that doesn't get used. The amp is in great condition and everything works as it should. I have the original box for shipping as well it would be double boxed. I will post pictures soon. Asking $300 including shipping and paypal fees.
  8. Hi I'm looking for recommendations on a great SUB for my Heresys in a two channel setup. Thanks
  9. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I'll post any updates.
  10. Thanks Schu for your feedback... I was particularly looking at the Classic 2 because of the "on the fly" adjustments that can be made. I can see myself settling on the Classic 1 as the adjustability is not going to be a deal breaker. My current table is a Technics SL-1200MK2 with an Ortofon 2M Black playing through a Budgie tube phono pre-amp. My preamp is a McIntosh C46 with Aragon 8008MK2 amp. 60th Anniversary Klipschorns. My plan is to use the Ortofon 2M Black with the VPI.
  11. I'm interested in purchasing a VPI Classic turntable. Can someone tell me if there are differences in sound quality between the Classic 1,2,3 which is now the signature and 4? I've read reviews the state the signature is the best sounding table... curious if anyone has experiences with these models? Thanks
  12. Has anyone had a chance to hear the new Reference Premiere HD Wireless system? If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks
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