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  1. Does anyone know anything about this cartridge? I have a chance to purchase a Thorens TD 115 that has this cartridge.
  2. Whatever sounds the best is what matters. It is very subjective.
  3. I have a black Academy and was wondering if the paint can be stripped from it to reveal the wood grain? Would this be too difficult, or should I just try to locate an oiled oak Academy to match my Belles?
  4. Not a problem giving the info, guys!
  5. I believe that Shure made three types for this cartridge. One is the VN35E (elliptical), the VN35HE (hyperelliptical) or the VN35MR (microridge). Each of the V-15 Type III styli will work, but as usual, it is a matter of preference. From what I have read on the internet, the VN35E is the most preferred.
  6. Supposedly, an N97xE will work for around $50 as opposed to $500 for the VN5xMR.
  7. It looks like these are available again if anyone needs them for Shure V15 type III's. These are labeled Shure and not aftermarket. http://www.needledoctor.com/s.nl/it.A/id.681/.f?sc=2&category=72
  8. Thanks oldtimer for your answer. I am referring to the timbre of the horns as far as matching. I understand that some speakers do not sound as good with others.
  9. I am contemplating a pair of Cornwalls and was wondering if Cornwall I's or II's would be a good match for Forte I's or II's in home theater? Anybody interested in a trade for a pair of black Forte I's or II's with upgraded DeanG crossovers and titanium tweeter diaphragms? I just thought I would ask before I put them up for sale.
  10. I just purchased this C/M Laboratories solid state receiver from the original owner and am very impressed with the build quality and as well as sound quality. I am told it was an earlier receiver/preamp from the '70's by the company. Has anyone every heard one of these? They seem quite rare, and I cannot find much on the internet about them. Thanks!
  11. I had a Denon DP60L and loved it. It sounded great and tracked well. Unfortunately, I had to sell it, because I needed the money. It was one of the better sounding turntables I have heard...crystal clear and very smooth.
  12. Does anyone have one of these? I just purchased one from a guy for $90 with a Grado cartridge, and this thing sounds really good! This has to be one of the best bargains pieces I have come across as of yet!
  13. The e.q. is set to flat. I also like Winamp, but I must say that Real Player has really improved and now sounds very comparable to it. I think it is an improved version when you subscribe to Rhapsody.
  14. It is a subscription of Rhapsody that uses Real Player. However, I am not sure what files are streamed, but whatever they are, they sound really good.
  15. Why does my computer while streaming audio through Real Player sound much better than my Denon DVD-2900? Is it because the Denon is a five-year old technology, and the sound card in the Apple Macbook Pro is much newer...about a year old? I am amazed by the clarity and quality of music coming through right now! It is really musical and very warm and is running through my tube preamp and tube amp into my Forte II's . Has anyone else noticed this difference or is doing anything similar?
  16. I really cannot find much about these on the web, and can have them for about $150 in excellent condition. Are these worth getting? To which Klipsch speakers do they compare if any? Thanks!
  17. Thanks, Bob. However, this will not work, because the data shows a different socket.
  18. I have an Eico 635 tube tester that does not have tube data for my GE5670 tubes. I cross-referenced this tube also known as a 2C51, 396a, and every other cross-reference possible. Is there a way to figure this out if it is not listed, or does anyone else have an updated data sheet for this tester? Thanks.
  19. I am considering a quad of NOS Tesla EL34's for my Dynaco ST70. Does anyone have any experience with these tubes, and how do they compare with Mullard EL34's (XF2's even XF1's)? Thanks.
  20. I really like my Shure V15 type III which is currently on my Dual 1219. I had the Shure M97XE, but I liked the detail that the V15 III brings more.
  21. I have a Dual 1219 turntable with a calibration disc. However, there is no light built into the turntable. I understand that I need a 60 hertz fluorescent light. Where can I get one? I checked at several hardware stores, but no one seems to have one. Please help. Thanks!
  22. No. When I say "measurable", I mean what I am hearing. The sound is warmer, more detailed, and clearer.
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