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  1. Create a CD with test tones (sine waves) spaced every third octave (at least). If it is distorting, you will hear a "harshness". At what frequency does that occur? This will help narrow down whether it is a driver or a rattle in your cabinet. Determine the frequency, don't try and guess the frequency.
  2. I am starting to regret that I asked the question about drop-shipping. So I feel obligated to share my experience. About 10 years ago I purchased the K-402 package (horn, driver and stand) from American Cinema Equipment. My understanding is that these were drop-shipped from Hope to my house. The packaging was carefully done and they arrived intact. It was clearly packaged at the factory and not by a third party. They were so well-packed that I can't imagine them ever being damaged in transit. However, I know this sometimes happens and I have to assume that someone would have to be an idiot when stacking them or using a fork lift. I certainly had no complaints.
  3. That is interesting. Their competitor, American Cinema Equipment, sold a ton of "underground Jubilees" over the last 15 years. In their case, the product was drop-shipped from Hope. Although they were a selling the Pro stuff and not Heritage/Home stuff.
  4. I am curious about the logistics on these "new" Jubilees. Does the vendor get a "demo version" for their store and subsequent orders are drop-shipped from Hope to the buyer or are all Jubilees shipped from Hope to the vendor and then delivered to the buyer?
  5. I am afraid you are trying to use logic. Some are believing in using magic. You will have problems if you try and take away the magic.
  6. This is very sad news. I have the utmost respect for Gil, he is truly one of the good guys on the forum. I sincerely hope things take a turn for the better.
  7. Those DSP units (depending on their configuration and whether they are working) are worth a small fortune.
  8. This may explain why some of us, including me, were confused by the configuration of the bass bin. This was released by Klipsch (I assume) some months ago. For those of you just entering the morass, apparently this is NOT the configuration of the Jubilee bass bin that will soon be released. However it is still worth a look. -Tom
  9. I see that I have already answered this question over a number of years (it is an old thread). The thoughts still count
  10. With all due respect .... if the OP is suffering a medical issue, then talk to a medical expert. The Klipsch forum is not a substitute. Tinnitus can be a result of Noise exposure. There are ways of preventing further damage. If it is a symptom of an underlying disorder, then it should be treated. Any talk of whether a "speaker is the cause" is ridiculous. Treat this seriously and not as some audiophile nonsense.
  11. Without a spec sheet I am only guessing so please correct me if I am wrong ...... It looks like the DSP unit does not provide for a digital input. I grew up in the early days of DSP, and it was drilled into our brains that you want to avoid an "extra" A to D conversion (CD to analog out to DSP analog in then to Digital for the DSP processing then back to analog for the amplifier). So are there only analog inputs on the DSP box (both balanced and unbalanced)?
  12. Trey, Once again I am confused. This is a two-way system (woofer and tweeter). Why would it require tri-amping? What am I missing?
  13. Mike, Thanks for your clear explanation. My confusion came from the sketchiness of some of the other descriptions and also from a "preliminary spec sheet" that was a floating around a couple of months ago. That spec sheet indicated a very different configuration. I guess the development of the bass bins has been an ongoing evolution and included some major last minute changes. I apologize if my direct statements ruffled any feathers.
  14. Actually that picture shows "anti-mumps". Incidentally, the JBL horn and driver are very good (I have had both the K-402 and the JBL .....)
  15. Maybe we should let Roy explain. Your picture may or may not be accurate and Corey's description was certainly not very good on the technical aspects. Why not let Roy explain what was actually done. Otherwise we will be knee-deep in conjecture
  16. This is sad news. My deepest sympathy to Roger's family and friends.
  17. Well this is the EPILOGUE. Yesterday the Jubilees went to a new and loving home. The transaction could not have been smoother. The buyer had not heard Jubilees before, but had distant memories of Klipschorns from his youth. The demo consisted of Tracy Chapman, Cowboy Junkies, Dave Brubeck, Natalie Merchant as I recall. The grin on his face was classic. For those of you fortunate enough to have Jubilees, remember back to your first experience - yes, it was that kind of grin! For those of you interested, the advertisement generated a good deal of activity. Location, transportation, size of the big beasts, and lack of cash were the prime deal breakers. I am confident that they will continue to bring pleasure to the listener in their new home. My girl friend stopped by with some freshly baked bread as a bit of a Bon Voyage gift (Sourdough with rosemary - it has been our pandemic hobby). I really think she wanted to see if I had a tear in my eye. After a glass of wine I waved good bye. During the time I have enjoyed this passion for big Klipsch speakers, I have met some truly great and wonderful folks. Yesterday was no exception. -Tom
  18. A friendly suggestion, before you go and modify the cabinets you might want to try positioning them at different locations in the room. The bass will be augmented if they are not on stands, if they are near a wall, or even better if they are near a corner of the room. Give it try since it is free to do. Good luck, -Tom
  19. Congratulations on the the K-402s. Didn't the vendor provide any DSP settings? As far as "serious EQ", well they do need some EQing since they are controlled dispersion horns (it is a byproduct of their design). Before you take anyone's advice please make sure they know which driver you are using (eg, K-69A or 691 or a 3rd party one). They also need to know what your intended crossover point is (the bass bin is not a Jubilee so you could run into some problems). They will also need to know the amplitude response (and distortion) of the bass bin. Be prepared for the possible need to change the crossover point (and how to determine that new point). To do this properly and get the most out of the K-402, you may ultimately need to do some measurements (using a mic and some software like REW or Holm Impulse etc). Please don't try and do this "by ear". That is saved for the last step when you are fine-tuning things. Good luck, -Tom PS: it is worth the effort to do this correctly !
  20. My experience is similar to Gary's There is no reason we should accept the risk. I am only doing it due to some Garage Sale threads. This sounds like a solvable problem and I hope it will be solved. -Tom
  21. Same here Various Apple machines running Chrome with Comcast as the internet service provider provider.
  22. Personally, I am very sorry to see that the two-way Klipsch Jubilee has been discontinued. Over the last 15 years or so the basic model has only had a slight increase in price (mid $7k to more recently mid $8k). Fellow users have always been friendly and helpful on how to set them up. Certainly Roy Delgado's contributions and this thread that Chris maintained, have been examples of that sort of camaraderie (and there are many other examples). A nice community of folks enjoying a common passion. Really, the Jubilees have always been an incredible value (performance divided by price). I'm sorry to see it go. -Tom
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