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  1. Before the forum conversion I had the original threads identified and bookmarked where Bob Crites was building a "test box" set up; and a parallel thread where he first "coined" the term "CornScala" in reference to the test box (that ultimately morphed into the various CornScala products on his site). I haven't had a chance to "re-find" those threads since the old bookmark links no longer work. I bought bob's 1st set after the test boxes........awesome
  2. Will y'all get back to the fight now.
  3. You Didn't get the Payoff?? Nope........resend please.
  4. btw, who the hell made dtel a moderator?
  5. Welcome to the forum. I've met several folks here...........great people. Sounds like you would fit in nicely.
  6. I've never had a refurb issue.........maybe i've been lucky.
  7. Must have been damn hot in the arena tonight.
  8. You're just trying to convert him to heritage.
  9. Careful or a certain pink pillow pic may reappear.
  10. Idle observation: The appointments in this museum are a tad bit nicer than the Hope Museum.
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