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  1. thanks for the answers. the electromagnetic speaker thats attached to the tube radio visually looks to be in prime condition. unfortunately the power cable was snipped off and so i couldn't just plug it in to see if it would turn on. I'll take a shot of the underside, it looks a bit messy. And maybe im wrong but I think i see a few capacitors that look to be made of paper? I remember reading somewhere that these are a fire hazard. I could make up file listing all the tube types. I went through each box and the tube inside is exactly what it says on the box outside. I dont know anything about tubes and yeah visually they look pretty new. Here is the deal, i searched about the Realistic Lifetime Tubes and apparently Radioshack still warranties them till this day. If i can somehow test these and a few, if not all, turn out to be bad I can contact Radioshack for warranty. They supposedly replace them with some chinese tubes which in turn are not warrantied. So either way I'd have a working tube. Ultimately it'd be real cool to have it work. I've had experience in designing, building, and testing circuits (nothing complex, mostly control systems and such). I am decent with a soldering iron and if I can learn about how to fix this I would definitely give it a shot. If the tubes turn out to be not very audio amp worthy I could always give them away to whoever wants any of it. I just dont wanna say pay shipping without knowing if they even work. Are there any good sites, tutorials or books to learn about vacuum tubes and related circuitry/uses? If it doesn't work I could always sell it although I have no idea what it'd be worth, if anything at all. I found a tiny brown label on the underneath of the chassey and it lists the tubes it uses: 80, 6F6, 6F5, 6H6, 6K7, 6A8 and another 6K7. The other two vintage receivers that i also picked up seem to work well. I threw them in with an old technics cdp i had lying around and matched with my KG2. Kenwood is more powerful but the Pioneer sounds much nicer. Its warmer and the low end is much smoother. However, theres a slight problem with the pioneer. the left channel both in A and B seem to be crackling/noisy. does this sound like an easy fix?
  2. Hello All, The local dump in town here has a recycling center where people drop off stuff they dont want anymore and while i was there I picked up couple receivers: a Kenwood KR-4600, Pioneer SX-3600 and a low-powered Rotel. Also picked up a Marantz Model 5000 tape deck, Stromberg-Carlson tube radio and a cardboard box of 106 vacuum tubes. I just finished counting and labelling the tubes. I dont really know what i have on hand in terms of their value, use or etc. 95% of the tubes are Realistic Lifetime Tubes and the others are Westinghouse. The various ones in realistic boxes are labelled most of them have "Japan" printed on them and the rest are either Britain or Canada. 97 of the 106 tubes are boxed and look like they have never seen daylight. some are tiny some are rather large.. Im gonna guess and say theyre unused. Some models I see are 6JM6A, 12DQ6B, 6KN6, 27GB5, 17AX4GTA, 3AU6, 15DQ8, 6LE8, 6LJ8, 6S4A,4B27, 12FX5, 6GB5, 6JM6A, 6AX4GTB and well i dont have the patience to write them all out. does any of it seem worth anything at all? The tube radio seems very old and was caked in dust. I managed to clean it quickly and snap a couple pics. Can it be used as a stereo amp? Is it worth the effort to hold onto it to get it restored in the future? or is it just garbage and not worth anything? I have zero experience with tube amps. I have been gaining interest and been reading about tube amps online and lurking on here mainly. Unfortunately i have no money to spend on even the most basic of tube amps currently so was wondering if this tube radio was worth holding onto. I will try to upload a couple pics, please let me know if the pics dont work properly. Thanks for any help!
  3. used to run my kg2 through a friend's 430 few years ago, it was always surprising how well it sounded in comparison to other bookshelf systems. even as the smallest kg's they are still pretty good
  4. that is one ridiculously cool competition! ive been itching to get into something of this sort, as part of my semester we've had to build a sumobot and a search'n'rescue bot, wish there were local competitions of this sort. congrats to your girl!
  5. While searching for a cheap class-T amp that wasn't Sonic Impact, I came across the TA-10 offered by Trends Audio thats listed here http://www.musical.ca/catalog/item/4377302/4344389.htm For a really good review and good pictures of both the outside and the inside check the 6moon's review here http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/trends/ta10.html The 6moons review also includes the writer's listening session of that amp paired with LaScalas, thought that might intrigue you guys. It sounds like a fantastic deal at $129.95, being a student and all, I'm waiting on my tax return to see how much I can spare for this amp. enjoy
  6. haha, no its not a new one but its a classic episode. how've you been michael? longtime no see
  7. Shaun may not have been putting up the numbers in the previous weeks but the defenses were surely there to stop him. They were so focused on stopping shaun, and when they were successful, Hasselbeck threw well. Without a sufficient ground threat its easier for the opposing team to pick at 'hawks other weak points.
  8. what a good game, the bears D was ridiculous.. as always. I feel the pain mOOn, watching the Steelers so far, phew! They surely missed Shaun's presence, their run game was.. well, not there at all.
  9. m00n, another season of bickering back n forth begins soon enough its going to be my first season ever watching the NFL without Jerome Bettis, that guy will be missed but Steelers will still kick an unbelievable amount of ***. Already got 2 fantasy teams drafted, third coming up... damn I just can't wait anymore
  10. those 82 rosewood khorns , even just the pics, are 100% of my daily intake of awesomeness... *drooooooooool*
  11. does anyone have a pic of that rosewood Khorn pair? they've always been in my klipsch dreams
  12. sweet lookin'! will wait for the veneered pics
  13. I've heard most of Totem's speakers and their bookshelfs are highly acclaimed like their Model 1, Mite, Rainmaker and such. They mostly use the 5 1/2' woofer so their bass extension doesn't go down too deep. As mentioned the northridge series from jbl aren't that great, stay away and venture into vintage jbl perhaps.
  14. will peep my head into ebay and keep an eye out for Atrons ... hopefully I can afford one by mid-september being a student and tall even a little purchase takes awhile to come by. thx for the recommendation .. from what i've read online so far the atron seems like the deal i want - good bang for the buck
  15. Michael, I beat ur post to doing it and then typed radiohead and then typed pink floyd and then typed deep purple, and whoa.. there are so many bands out there I've never even heard of that sound so fantastic. So much talent that I didn't even know existed, its nice having Pandora bring music to my ears apart from the mp3s,cds and LPs one owns... its really tempting to buy new cds now! how've u been michael, hows the digital transition working out for you? I'll email you with some questions regarding my own photography later today
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