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  1. My RF-3s have been in storage for a while and im in need of a new project so i thought of doing some simple mods to them. Id like to add a brace or two to the cabinet and then maybe rebuild/relocate the xover outside the cabinet. Any other mods that can be done to these speakers?? I know there was someone who was doing mods to the Xover a while back when I used to hang around this forum. Thanks Frank
  2. How much are you willing to spend on an amp?? Heres a few I found on Audiogon SS: Monarchy Sm70 $350 Forte Model 4 $650 Naim Nap90v3 $299 Bryston 2b-lp $495 PS Audio HCA-2 $700 Threshold t50 $700 Pass Aelph30 $750 As you can see thiers alot of choices in the under $1000 range and thats not even getting into tube amps!
  3. $400 or best offer, in good condition, sound great. Email at Fsatsil@optonline.net ps-will also consider trade for a nice pair of bookshelf sized speaker preferably British(Epos, Linn, Spendor..)
  4. I just heard about the new Cornwall and Heresy 3 and was wondering if they are available yet and how much do they cost. Also has anyone heard them?? I may be interested in ugrading my Rf-7's to the Cornwall 3's thanks
  5. NAD c521bee new Ah! Tjoeb 4000 used Rega Planet used
  6. Do yourself a favor and spend a few more dollars and get something new. Redbook technology has gotten significantly better in the past few years, even budget players now are mostly better than the Hi-end players of 10 years ago. What is the rest of your system like?? Are you starting from scratch? IF so check out the entry level NAD stuff. If you shop around you could find an NAD c320bee/521bee and maybe a pair of Forte's for around $1000. That would make an awesome entry level budget system for a beginner.
  7. WOw and I thought I was young for this forum at 26!! Quite a nice lil setup for 15, I didnt really have my first decent system till I was about 18 or 19 it was a used marantz cd67se/Jolida 102/Klipsch RF-3 and I absolutely loved that system, used it for many years. Glad to see that thier are some young people out there that actually know good sound and arent just listening to ipods and "cd quality" mp3's:) BTW what amp are you using to drive the RF-3's? If you an solder well, definitly think of replacing the caps in the Xovers with some Sonicaps or Auricaps and replace the padding resistor with a nice Mills wirewound resitor. I did these upgrades on my old RF-3's and it definitly made a differance the sound was more transparent and the highs were much smoother.
  8. Wow great Forte's I wish I lived closer id definitly go for them!
  9. The Denon 2000ivr is a very high quality integrated and will be more than enough power to drive the RF-7's. I donno were this idea that you need tons of power to drive these speakers, it simply not true. HYes they are not the easiest speaker to drive since they dip down to 3 ohms, but by no means are they an extremely difficult load. Alot of high end speakers do have some impeadance dips down to 2 or 3 ohms, not a big deal. As long as you get an amp with decent current capability and the ability to be stable into a 4 ohm load you will have no problem driving the RF-7's. A would say 25 wpc is a good minimum to drive the RF-7's in a small-mid sized room. Some of the best sound ive heard from the RF-7's were with a 25w and 30w amplifier(Sugden a21, Pass Aelph 30). Quality is far morew important the quantity with these speakers, they need very little watts to play loud but do need a good quality amp that can put out some current and drive lower impeadances. With all that said, depending on what your planning on spending I think you may be able to do better than the Denon which sells for around $1100 I believe? Heres a few ideas. NAD c372 $700: tons of power for an integrated amp and stable all the way down to 2ohms, this amp can rock! Maybe not the most refined but offers alot of power and sound quality for the money. Portal Panache $1295: Rumor has it that this amp was designed by the legendary Nelson Pass. Its basically a power amp with a volume pot and a few inputs, very minimalist integrated with a passive preamp section, 100w/200w into 8 or 4ohms, high current design, very good build quality. 60 money back trial period. Sim Audio I-5(used) $1200: Probably the best amp on the list all around, very smooth and natural sounding bur with great drive and PRaT, 70wpc can easily drive the RF-7's to extremely loud volumes and sound smooth doing so. Sugden a21(used) $1000: 25wpc class A British integrated, some of the smoothest sounds i ever heard from the RF-7 came from this amplifier, dont let its low power fool you it drove the RF-7's with no problem. Very musical amplifier, beautifuly smooth midrange. If you more interested in refined sound than rock concert loudness this is the one for you. A bit hard to find on the used market Creek 5350se $1500: Got a class A rating from stereophile, plenty of power 85wpc and current output 25A, very clean and detailed, midrange is among thebest ive heard at anywere near this price, does sound a bit dry though which may not be the best match for the Klipsch's, but definitly worth a listen. One of the best integrateds out there. These are just a few of the better integrateds around that I have heard personally with the RF-7's except the Portal Panache which I havent heard and the Creek which Ive heard but not with Klipsch. If you want power the NAD or Portal is the way to go, if you want smoothness and refinement the Sugden and SIm are the way to go and if you want something in the middle with good power and refinement the Creek may be your ticket. There are also alot of other integrateds out there that are very good as well. Check out integrateds from Musical Fidelity, Arcam, Unison, Pathos, Audio Analogue, Plinius, Rotel, Bryston, Naim...etc Good luck and happy listening!
  10. Ive descided to keep my RF-7's for the basement system, I found alot of other speakers, but the Klipsch's were still the best with metal and hard rock. So now I would like to get myself some decent amplification for them. My cd player is the Ah! Super Tjoeb 4000/upsampled, which I am very happy with. I would like to keep the price under $1500 for a pre and power amp, new or used it doesnt really matter to me. Ive heard good things about Rotel, Parasound, NAD, Nuforce if I want to go with something new, on the used market ive heard good stuff bout Mccormack, Aragon and Bryston. What do you guys reccomend, am I better of going with something that is used but a bit higher end such as the Aragon 8008/18k, or something brand new but a little lower nd such as the Parasound Halo p3/a23?? Thanks
  11. Were can you buy one of the SI2?? Way better looking than the origional although at much more money its still a bargain at $130!! Great amps for Klipsch or other HE speakers.
  12. Ive tried Vibrapods under some of my equipment and for the price they arent bad, but they can make the sound a little to dead in some systems, hey tend to warm things up a bit which can bbe a good or bad thing depending on your taste and your system. But I think vibration control can make a significant differance in sound quality. For the price its definitly worth a try.
  13. Most of the rock I listen to is from the early 90's and newer, of course I still listen to alot of 60-70's rock as well but the majority is from the grunge era and newer, I think by then the recordings have started oto get much better and cd's really started to sound decent in the 90's.
  14. Yes the one thing that really disapointed me with the RF-7's is the midrange, but it wasnt a surprise really a 10in driver running up to 2000hz is never gonna sound as good as a smaller midrange driver in a three-way system. I wonder why they didnt go the 3-way route on the Rf-7's? So one of the three way's like the Forte, Cornwall...etc will be far better in the midrange than the RF-7's? Thanks Frank
  15. How would you guys say the Forte or Chorus compare to the newer RF-7?? I own a pair of RF-7 and was wondering how they compare with the older Klipsch speakers. The Lascala and Cornwall are probably out of the question I doubt his wife will allow such mosters in the house...lol She would probably be happiest with the more modern looking RF-7's, but they are a bit more than I think he is looking to spend, and they require serious amplification. I think the Forte's could get by with a less amplification I dont think they are as dificult a load as the RF-7's.??
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