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  1. I thought this was clever! I thought it to be funny whether or not it was intentional on WMcD' part to suggest rugs to the OP who's user name is "The Dude". I'm glad this was not lost on everyone else!
  2. I would happily pay $1500 for any decent condition within a couple hour drive. I've had my fair share of good deals, just frustrating when you see one you missed.
  3. I'm angry I didn't see the post sooner! They were spoken for when I inquired. Good job Drewg!
  4. Good Point! I assume these are the Ciare HW321. That seems to be a recently popular replacement for the Klipsch K-31K. I have been wondering is this particular driver would be suitable in a Jubilee clone cabinet. My understanding is the K-31-K was used in the early production Jubilees. I'm not sure what the current production Jubilee uses for woofers.
  5. JBL made a slightly smaller version called the Metregon also. Bruce is correct, these were stand alone stereo cabinets design for people that wanted furniture as opposed to "speakers".
  6. Thanks! the only thing close I have been able to find are for tattoo machines.
  7. What did you use for the solder "lugs" that are screwed to the board? I'm having a hard time finding something suitable.
  8. Has anyone tried anything from Tube Amp Doctor? I know it's mostly guitar related stuff, but the tube prices don't look too bad. https://www.tubeampdoctor.com/index.php?language=en
  9. Interesting. Thanks for the recommendation and link!
  10. So if I'm looking on Amazon at ultrasonic cleaners, what size am I looking for? Obviously the small jewelry size cleaners aren't going to cut it. What size is pictured above?
  11. capo72

    WTB: Oris Horn

    I want to be on the list, just in case this happens! I will also extend this offer if I win I'm currently running Fostex drivers in my Oris 200.
  12. Could you elaborate on how the new driver "isn't going to try and reach up as high now"?
  13. Look up ATX Record Players on any of the major social media formats.
  14. I love that turntable! Great, something new to think about.......
  15. Same here. I'm going to the store to make them an offer. They reduced the price of their bottle of GTS by 50% from their crazy "speculating" price. So I hope an offer will motivate them even more. BTW we are talking way over retail still, but hey, it's supply and demand. The secondary market scares the hell out of me!
  16. Since this has turned into an unobtanium whiskey thread, I'm going to make an offer on a bottle of George T. Stagg tonight!
  17. That's a heavy pour of the Pappy! I'm really trying to make mine last, but it is a difficult task....
  18. Great work! I'm curious about your process. Did you veneer the entire motor board before putting the new front edges on? I'm trying to figure out why you cut the edges off. I figured the corners were real banged up, or you could veneer the entire motor board before replacing the edges to avoid trying to cut a piece to perfectly fit the opening. If I'm guessing the order of veneering it would be, motor board 1st, replace edges, veneer top, sides and inside new edges, then faces of new edges. Also how do you trim your overhangs? I have a razor blade edge tool, but it can sometimes give funky cuts with burls and cutting along certain grains. I've had the best luck with overhanging about 1/16" then sanding flush. I'm getting ready for another veneering project, and I'm always looking to learn new methods. Your work is inspiring!
  19. I have some K-600 metal horns I would like to part with. Let me know if you haven't found some already.
  20. Yes, they are still available. You can contact me via email bnrmopar@gmail.com if you are not able to use PMs because of your post count.
  21. Downsizing forces me to clean out the audio closet. These 18 " JBL woofers were for another project that was never realized. These have not been used since being reconed with aftermarket rebuild kits. JBL kits are like hens teeth. They check out just fine and are in great shape. If you into pro audio or just like overkill, then these may be for you. Specs can be found easily online. I'm looking for $450 shipped in the CONUS. These are cross posted on other forums.
  22. Downsizing forces me to clean out the audio closet. These are some very nice JBL 2482's. I planned to use these in a 3-way speaker project that just never was completed. These drivers were tested by Jim Cullison from this forum on some 225 Hz wood horns that some of us were building several years ago. They tested great and sound great they just don't play up very high due to the original JBL 16 ohm phenolic diaphragms.I put alot of work into these including upgraded binding posts. They have some hairline cracks in the throat as most of these do. If you know what these are, then you will recognize how nice these are. I am looking to get $450 shipped in the CONUS for the pair. These are cross posted on other forums.
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