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  1. Downsizing forces me to clean out the audio closet. This is one of many unrealized projects. My home theater consists of 4 rf-7's and an rc-7. A long time ago I came across a new rf-7 that was damaged in home delivery and the business trashed the cabinet and saved the parts. I bought these and have never used them. I was told all parts were new, but I suspect one of the woofers was used to replace someones less than perfect driver because 1 of the pair I received has a small dimple in the dust cone. Otherwise everything else is in excellent shape. I do not want to separate this set right now. I'm looking for $350 shipped in the CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions and i'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.
  2. Would you be interested in a pair of JBL 2482? I'm looking to start clearing out some stuff, and they are on the list. Let me know. Jeremy
  3. Edit: Sold to a nice young man who came and picked them up! Thanks for all the interest. There will be more to come soon! I have a pair of original RF-7's for sale. they are approximately 9 years old. I am the original owner of these black ash, consecutive numbered floor standers. These were the rear speakers in my home theater set up, so they were never pushed hard at all. Priorities change and these are being replace by in wall speakers to free up some floor space. They have custom glass tops and copper painted spikes to match the cones. I would rate these 8 or 9 due to age. They are in excellent condition with no scratches or chips. All pegs are in tact on the grilles. The only blemish is where the feet mount to the cabinet, they have an indentation. All RF-7's that have the out rigger feet installed have this blemish. It is not visible when the feet are on. I only noticed it when I removed the feet to put them back in the factory boxes. I will be clearing out some other things in the near future. Including 1988 Oak Oil Cornwalls and parts for projects that were never realized. If you have any questions let me know, Thanks, Jeremy
  4. capo72


    Are you interested in original RF-7's? I have a pair of nice black ones with glass tops and copper floor spikes. They were the rear surround speakers in my HT and it was just overkill. Looking for in walls and moving these RF-7's on to a new home. I'm in Northern IL.
  5. If anyone is interested, I think I have (2) NIB Aura pro bass shakers, that I could sell. I'll look when I get home. I think I bought 6 and only ended up using 4. It has been about 6 years so I'm not sure what I have anymore. I'll post back later. Jeremy
  6. I paid $700 a piece for (4) Rf-7's about 6 years ago. I think $1700 is pretty steep. I think $1200 is tops to consider. Hope it works out for you. Jeremy
  7. Hi Gregg, I kind of wondered if he bought the one HarryO was selling, but I never dug any deeper. I just wanted to make sure it was compatable. I have both versions of the 3009 and I learned the hard way about the match-up. I just did not want to see anyone make the same mistake I did. OP will be very happy with that combo. Jeremy
  8. Which version of the 3009 tone arm do you have? If you have the S2 with the fixed headshell and screw on counter weight, then this is not the cart for you. It is too heavy. If you have the earlier version with a removable headshell and split counter weight then you will be fine. Not all SME 3009's are same. BTW I run a ZU103 With an early SME 3009 on my Thorens TD124 and it's a great combo. Jeremy
  9. How much did it cost you do do this? I given some thought to upgrading my crossovers. Problem is there are (5) RF-7's in my Home Theater set up. So the cost multiplies quickly. They are finally out of warranty so I've been thinking about it lately. Jeremy
  10. Hey Bob, Great score. As pointed out eariler, with a radian diaphragm will will lose the low end potential of the 2482 on the 225Fc horn. I don't know the specs on the radian, but The phenolic dia on that horn will crossover solidily down to 300 Hz. That just ain't gonna happen with the Radian. I would (and have) shell out the bucks for a JBL phenolic for the 2482's. For that driver it is worth it IMO. Good luck and keep us posted, Jeremy
  11. That's the funniest thing I have seen today! Unfortunatly I was eating lunch when I read that, so now i'm wearing it. I feel like i'm gonna be on a child porn watch list for looking at that pic. [:#] Jeremy
  12. I think someone found a pair for $25 at a local neighborhood garage sale who also had a pair from his aunt. I don't think they had the really cool cane grills though. Enjoy! Good memory Ben, that would be me. I have (2) pair and $25 is the most I've paid for any Heritage Klipsch! Still have them too. Jeremy
  13. Blackhawks are in Sweden also to play Florida. I'm hoping for big things this year from the Hawks. Hopefully Hossa will be able to play this after all the money they are paying him. Jeremy
  14. Al, Well, if you ever decide to sell the Oris /AER combo, let me know. It may be out of my range, but i'd like to at least know about it if you ever sell. You did a wonderful job of prettying up your wood horns. Mine are in a box so you only see down into the throat, so no pretty for me. Thanx for sharing your project. I think we need to get a compilation thread of all these DIY tractrix projects and sticky it. Jeremy
  15. What is that in your avatar that you are replacing, Oris w/ a full range? How does this compare? I have built these 2" tractrix @225 Hz and I like them, but now I want big round horns. BTW nice job! Jeremy
  16. Dennie already covered the 1st two things I would try. If nothing changes you and you have narrowed it down to the speakers, I would try swapping crossovers side for side and see if the problem follows the crossover. I would be suprised if it is the midrange driver itself. The diaphragm should either be good or bad. I don't think there is any in between. I have never seen a degradation in sound from a diaphragm. If the problem stays in the speaker when switching the TT or amp, then my guess is a cap in the crossover has failed or drifted out of spec and you are hearing the added frequency being sent to one of the drivers. Trouble shooting is fun! Good luck! Jeremy
  17. Another vote for the Shure M97xE. You can't go wrong with that cart for the price. BTW what ever happened to your Thorens TD-125? Jeremy
  18. Here is the best I could do. It would be more realistic if I could hold a cigar and martini glass at the same time. Jeremy
  19. capo72

    103" PLASMA

    No need for a furnace?
  20. I've always loved the set up in JBryan's avatar. Looks like he has a full range driver instead of a compression driver on his Oris horns.
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