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  1. I recently joined the world of soundbars (due to design appeal -- former 7.2 wouldn't work in new open space). Just because I have a soundbar, can I still get a really nice sub with low frequency? Not really thrilled about the current soundbar / sub packages that I see (with little subs and likely not much rumble).
  2. Why no replies? This was a genuine question. Wondering why I don't see Klipsch in the soundbar "top 10 reviews". Either way... I'll likely stay with Klipsch anyways...
  3. When I look online for soundbar ratings / reviews... I rarely see Klipsch, why? Loyal Klipsch fan that needs to make some adjustments, and wondering why I don’t see Klipsch as a front runner in the reviews.
  4. With some modifications to the furniture... I think I can now go up to 75". Likely going flat (not curved).
  5. I've been looking at this model -- QN65Q9FAMFXZA Flat screen as it will need a wide viewing angle (living room / kitchen combined)
  6. Just went to Samsung's website and saw there is a flat 65" model. Still interested to learn more about the curved models...
  7. Anyone regretting buying a curved tv? For some reason Samsung's 65" QLED is curved, and the 55" and 75" models are flat. This will be for a standing unit (not wall mounted). Worried that this is more of a fad... than something I would want for years.
  8. Remodeling a house with a modern floor plan -- open space that counts as living room & kitchen. Former system was the 7.2 THX Ultra 2's in a dedicated room... now thinking about going to a soundbar to keep things simple. Yet; worried that I will regret not having better sound. Just started looking into the RP-280 set up; however, really don't want that many speakers in the room (going for clean modern look). Thought about going 5.1 with in-ceiling rears. Not really sure about soundbars -- haven't really heard a good sounding unit yet. Before I give it all up for the sake of simplicity... wanted to ask around for advice. I'm at the point where the walls & ceilings are open now and need to decide before we install the sheetrock.
  9. Omnimount RSF Viking 30 Media Rack. Equipment is in perfect condition and has rollers for easy moving. Only reason for selling is that I am simplifying my media set up (sold amps and processor, etc). $500 in Austin Texas 78750Standard 19in rack enclosure works with all standard 19in rack accessories- System includes one 30-space rack, four 2U space shelves, one 5U space shelf, five 2U space vented blanks & 5 cable lacing bars- Total weight capacity: 1000 lbs- 2U shelf weight capacity: 50 lbs- 5U shelf weight capacity: 100 lbs- Ships assembled- Caster base provides easy placement inside closets or against walls- Integrated cable management channels for routing up to 3in bundles- Adjustable shelves fit most components- Vented for component cooling- Shelf clamps secure components- Large rubber wheels with integrated wheel lock- Removable handles- Includes complete Grade 5 hardware kit- Black
  10. I haven't been very active in trying to sell these speakers. Just remembered to update the listing -- now $6,500 (or best offer on ebay -- located in Texas). http://www.ebay.com/itm/322177412078?ssPageName=STRK:MEUNSOLD:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1562.l2649
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