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  1. Hmm.. about corner placement neither of the walls would i be able to get both fronts into or near a corner. There is like an island in which the walls enclose the stairway going to the basement. There is an opening on both sides of that island (wall) in the living room. I was planning on putting my setup along that wall. The speaker will be firing into the wall behind me which has windows and an exterior door. Does this sound ok? Will the chorus II's not perform well not being in a corner? Thanks.
  2. You mean wall placement as in the speakers being along the long wall or the speakers along the short wall firing into the long dimension of the room?
  3. Hello, it has been a while since i've been on here, but i'm moving soon and instead of the small room i'm in now which is 11'x10', i'll be moving and the living room is 18'x13'. My current speakers are chorus II's for the fronts, klf-c7 for the center and rs-25's for the rears. I have been using an sc-1 for rear center, but not sure to leave it out or not. So does it matter to place the speakers along the short wall or long wall. I can't seem to find this out. Either way i will keep the correct distances recommended as in the equilateral triangle and whatnot. The only short wall i can use has a fireplace and even though i may not use the fireplace i'm not sure about mounting it above the fireplace just in case i would use it at some point. I'm not as worried about the heat since there is a glass door and screen to close. I am not sure how warm it gets though above the mantel. However if i'm not placing my system there, will it matter with it being along one of the long walls? Thanks.
  4. He just built me one, and it works great. Makes it a breeze now to have my chorus ii's as ht mains and for 2 channel. He is usually busy with school but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  5. Thanks for the advice Dr. Who. Now you are saying an 18" cubed box will work because that's actually smaller than the avs guys were thinking. They are thinking like 8 cubic feet. Is that necessary? I am trying to decide on a good subwoofer design. I did check out that sonatube. I think i want to do a box. Is it easy to design myself or are there some good options? I'll have to look. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I have been talking with the guys over at avsforum, and i am down to possibly a 6 cubic feet sub with 1 css sdx15, 2 css 1821 pr's and an o-audio peq amp or behringer ep 2500 amp. Some discussion over there seemed to eliminate the behringer even though it has more headroom and power. The other option is a tempest-x with 2 css 1821 pr's and the o-audio amp. Any thoughts here?
  7. ok, thanks for the advice, now i just have to pick out different brands and enclosures
  8. Wow, that's a huge sub, Michael. I think i'm looking for something a little smaller. Should 15" or 18" be my choices or can i go smaller. As long as i can make it about the same size as the epik castle or so, that should be good. Thanks for the link, btw.
  9. Yep, i'll do some research over there, and see if i want to do it. Knowing that i can get a much better sub with better dollar for dollar ratio, i am definitely considering it. Now, if i don't do a diy sub, i noticed that epik castle is my price range even though the shipping adds a bit, and the ED A7S with the upgraded amp, looks good too. Would those be very similar in bass characteristics. Thanks.
  10. Yeah, i think they do. I haven't like ab'd the center to say another chorus ii in the center, but i read where a lot of people say the klf-c7 matches well and from my standpoint i would have to agree. The rs-25's are surrounds, which are kind of least important, but still make an impact when in use. I don't really have room for anything else for surrounds. I know it's kind of mismatched, but it seems to work well.
  11. How much work would it take to do a DIY. Are they pretty much plug and play, or any soldering involved or any meticulous work involved. I am pretty handy with woodworking. I just didn't know what's all involved with the sub and amp placement and damping materials. So i take to buy one the epik and ED are the tops next to the jl audio which is out of my budget. Thanks.
  12. Well, don't know about low distortion, just low port noise. I just want a real solid performing sub that hit's you deep in the chest. I will check those new brands out.
  13. Well, i called the parts department today and with no hassle ordered what i needed. It was very professional.
  14. Once again, i feel the urge to improve my home theater. It's neverending i'll tell you. For now, my 2 channel is wonderful, so now my HT needs attention. The speakers are chorus ii's as mains, klf-c7 center, and rs-25's in the rear, and rw-8 sub. For the sub category, i'm thinking under $1000. Since it would be for HT, i want the deepest, and lowest distortion sub for my price range. My room is only 11.5'x11' but i have to keep it open for whenever i move my system into a bigger room in my future house whenever that may be. I'm sure any sub around that price range would be good musically as well, just in case. If it's possible it would be nice to use the sub for both my two channel system and ht system, if that's possible. I'm thinking it might be a pain with adjustments though switching from ht to 2 channel with levels and all. I could use the rw-8 in the 2 channel system i suppose. Of course i would prolly rather use the nice new fancy toy for it though. I always read about hsu, svs, and sunfire. All seem pretty even. If i don't have to spend as much as i said that works too, but i just want a true quality sub that will make my movies come to life. Please generate your thoughts. I appreciate it.
  15. I was just wondering if i have to through a dealer or through klipsch direct to get a speaker grill for an sc-1, and for a ksf-8.5? Or if anyone has an extra? That would work too. Thanks.
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