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  1. I would suggest nixxing the cabinet around the center channel. It is really bad for acoustics. Just set the TV directly on top of the speaker, if you must. I would also set the surround speakers on their ends. Again, not good for acoustics to lay them on their sides. Any barriers around speakers interferes with lower frequencies and muddies the sound.
  2. Nice hardware!!!!! And the install is nice and clean. I like that.
  3. No lack of base in this room. Probably the most overlooked subwoofers ever made. Wish I had space for two of them!!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. We have automatic hurricane shutters. They roll up and down with a push of a button on my Harmony 1000 Here is a photo of the folding painting that covers the 100" Carada screen when not in use.
  5. Just thought I would drag this to the top. Seems like a lot of new names and faces on the board since I first posted my system. More photos here. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/485238304wWtMdk
  6. What a great addition.Light control should never be underestimated. Now you will have to recalibrate your display but a small price to pay for a much better looking room. I like it!!!!!
  7. This is a list of subwoofers tested for Sound and Vision by Tom Nousaine. The RSW15 was only bested by Subwoofers costing almost 10 times as much!!! Don't let anyone tell you the RSW15 is not as good as ...... They are better!!!!!!!!! They go down to 20Hz well and play flatter across the frequency range than just about anything produced today. AND they come in beautiful furniture grade finishes. Something the much hyped competition do not provide. The numbers in the attached article speak for themselves. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvieXs2IbzIfdFB1dVFtLW5HeF9yb1o2TjIyU2F1Unc&hl=en_US#gid=0 And how come I can not attach a link??????
  8. Gotta love the look of furniture grade wood and the maple is my favorite for that modern, contemporary look. Hope you find that RSW15 you are searching for. The best subwoofer made at its price point and with furniture grade finishes IMO. Thanks for taking time to share your bedroom setup with us. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
  9. Now THAT is how you set up a center channel!!!! I hope to do the same thing if I ever recover from the economy melt down!!! Thanks for posting.
  10. As you surmised, I use a Harmony 1000 with IR. No lights in the seating area to distract one from the audio/video experience. All the furniture is easy to move to the sides of the room for serious audio listening (a small compromise when sharing a space and considering the acoustic advantages of such a room). Frequency sweep testing shows a 9dB spike at 70Hz. The rest of the frequency range is within +\-3dB. What you do not see is the acoustically isolated floors. The only real boundary concern in a room that is over 6624ft3. The problem with a room this size is not secondary reflections or bass reinforcement, it is filling the space with sound and still meeting THX reference levels. The RSW15 will hit 97dB in my room at 20Hz and its frequency response is +/-3dB from 25 to 63Hz producing 113dB with less than 10%THD!!!! Happy Meal Syndrome defined = quantity over quality = 7.1 over proper speaker/subwoofer placement and seating distance. It is so easy to get lost in the hardware that one may not be aware how much more important the latter is.
  11. You are very lucky to have a rectangular room. This is the best place to start and a great space to choose for a home theater. The problems lie in speaker placement and seating position. My suggestion is to pull the speakers away from the front wall and away from the side walls. I also encourage placing the center channel as close to ear level as possible. The seating position looks to be almost dead center of the room. This is a known null area acoustically and is to be avoided. It can be worse than sitting against a back wall. It is all correctable and testing with an SPL meter will go a long way to improve frequency response across the range. 7.1 is a nice luxury but should not be at the expense of compromising the rest of the system. There is very little material available that takes advantage of the rear channels so ROI is marginal. Here are a couple of links to get you pointed in the right direction. Don't try to digest it all at once or you will go cross eyed but it should help you get the most out of your equipment and show you where to start to get the most out of your speakers and subwoofer(s). Properly placed to avoid spikes and to broaden the sweet spot can really enhance the benefits of multiple subwoofers. http://www.harman.com/EN-US/OurCompany/Technologyleadership/Pages/WhitePapers.aspx?CategoryID=White papers
  12. I disagree. The speaker placement and seating position are all wrong. I usually would not comment but to suggest this is optimal would be a disservice to the rest of the forum members. I call this the "Happy Meal Syndrome". Quantity over quality.
  13. I am sorry I never thanked everyone for their kind words. I never new that this link had been posted on my behalf although it was requested. Anyway, we have really enjoyed the system and the room. We love to entertain and our guests seem to enjoy the experience. I have made few changes other than the addition of a folding painting over the projector screen. I am also in the process of moving the projector to a permanent position over the seating area now that long run hdmi cables are available. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks again for the support. http://www.hometheater.com/content/diy-home-theater-his-and-her-home-theater This is the updated link to our home theater.
  14. Youthman, I tend to agree. I toyed with the idea of an Emotiva 5 channel system but my 3805 has PLENTY of power for such efficient speakers. If memory serves me, it only takes one watt to produce 67dB from an average Klipsch speaker design (getting to 113dB is no problem with less than 100 watts = movie association standard for max theater volume). Strapping a huge amp to these things is rather overkill, and any sound performance gains are probably wiped clean due to added cable, connections, and equipment to the loop. I suggest saving your money or putting your amps on direct radiating speakers you may have in the house. They are really the beneficiaries of large amps since they really need the power more than Klipsch does.
  15. This is a good article but has very little to do with Klipsch speakers. You have to remember that the horn covers far more of the frequency range then a standard direct radiating speaker design. So, the effects of phase shift are practically non existent for 90%+ of the frequency range on a horn loaded speaker system.
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