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    - Reglued and braced
    - Dave A''s MAHL DE10 tweeters
    - A55G squawker
    - Klipsch Mumps Horn on squawker
    - Crites crossover
    - Ciare Woofers
    KLF C7:
    - Crites Crossover
    - Crites Titanium diaphragm
    SS 1
    Paradigm Reference Servo 15 V2,
    Marantz 8801
    B&K 200.7
    Oppo 103
    Yamaha CD c600

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  1. Sorry all, I realize I wasn't all that clear. Let me try again. As to my current C7, it has the Crites Ti Diaphragm in it, which did improve the sound, but I feel it's still lagging compared to my towers. (I know, when I first got it I thought it was fantastic, but that's before the upgrade bug hit) My plan is to build a new sealed center speaker using the same tweeters and squawker drivers (and horns) I'm using in my KLF 30 towers, BUT reusing the 8" woofers from the C7. To sort this out, I will be using a KLF 30 crossover. I have the KLF 30 crossover, the tweeter and the squawker with matching horn already, so I'm committed to trying this idea out. I'm sure that everything will be fine with the tweeters and the squawkers, since they are identical to what I am using in the towers, but I want to get your opinions on what the KLF 30 crossover would do to the sound from the two 8" C7 woofers. Would they overpower the sound levels from the tweeter/Squawker of the new center? Would they be significantly softer? Would the sound be all screwed up from them for a reason unknown to me Or something I haven't thought of? From reading other threads on crossovers etc., I've gotten the impression that many of you out there can look at a crossover diagram, interpret it at a glance and extrapolate approximate impacts of an idea like this, which is why I'm throwing this out there. Obviously I can just build it and see what happens, but I wanted to get opinions first. Also, I could post the crossover diagrams for both the KLF C7 and the KLF 30 if that might help. Thanks All! John
  2. I do have a horn for it. I thought about doing a rebuilt KLF 20, but it would have to be bigger than I want. Thanks for the thought though!
  3. Hi Folks. I could use some advice please. I have a KLF C7 and a pair of KLF 30s. The 30's have been braced, glued, Crites crossovers, and now house Dave's MAHL tweeters, The Crites A-55Gs, and the Ciare woofers. After lowering the output on the tweeters via the equalizer, I LOVE these things. But for HT the center channel is now lacking in comparison to the towers, especially in panning. To remedy this, I want to put a MAHL tweeter and an A-55G into a custom sealed box containing the existing 8" C7 woofers. All parts have been acquired, and were acquired before I realized how much I don't know about crossovers, but I digress. (I'm still trying to learn how to read a crossover diagram and not doing so good.) My plan, so far, is to use a KLF 30 crossover in it. That will match the tweeter and the squawker perfectly, and crossover to the 8" woofers at 825 hz. That being said, how will this crossover affect the sound from the woofers and the volume balance between the drivers? (I'm already adjusting the levels on the tweeters through the equalizer as it's just too loud, not bright, for my ancient ears.) Feedback is appreciated, but please, keep it constructive and in simple terms. John
  4. Darn, it's too tall. It's probably for the best anyway, since I already have some of the parts. Thanks!
  5. Oh, the temptation, especially as I'm just starting to accumulate parts to do something like this myself..... That being said, I have a few questions for you. What are the measurements of the cabinet? Is there a speaker grill? John
  6. I just ran across this thread and am sorely tempted and nearly just pulled the trigger on them. But sanity prevailed, and so I'd like to check back in with you. Over a half year later, what is your opinion of the Ciare's now? Are they still worth the $600 upgrade?
  7. Hey SWL, how are you liking these in your KLF 30's now that time has passed? I just picked up a pair for my 30's and am just starting to get used to them. And still trying to figure out how to describe in words the change in the music....
  8. How's the center project going? I am thinking about taking a mid and tweet from a 20 or 30 and matching them up with the C7 woofers for a center.
  9. A replacement diaphragm would do it. I'd suggest just ordering a Crites tweeter diaphragm for this and get an upgrade in the process.
  10. I'd love to listen to one to help decide if I want to try and buy one. (You know, that buying a speaker sound-unheard problem) And, since I'm asking, if possible I'd really like to listen to it on my system and do an A/B with my KLF-C7 to see which match my fronts better. Yes, there could be beer involved as a suitable bribe. Anybody? John
  11. I appreciate the effort, and hopefully you're not sleeping on the couch tonight because of it. Think you'd ever be interested in unloading one of those LCR's? (Or know of anyone who might?)
  12. T2K, I'd love to stop over and give a listen, but it's a long way from Seattle to Dixie. Now you've got me thinking though, maybe that's the post I should make, "Anyone in the Seattle metro area with a KLF C7 and/or a KT-Lcr that I can listen to, and possibly borrow to listen to in my system?"
  13. So I take it you're not planning on actually selling me the KLF-C7 that you agreed to, the one we've spoken about on the phone 3 or 4 times? You were going to get back to me with specific shipping costs and haven't?
  14. Right. A tractix horn would be a good match. But getting back to my question, what do people think of the comparison between the LCR and the KLF c7? And maybe the KSP C6? In particular how well do they match up with a set of KG 5.5's?
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