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  1. I have a set of KLF 10’s, back of boxes were falling apart so. I have the woofers, horns, crossovers, and front wooden baffle “speakers still attached” and front grills. Make me reasonable offer, I’m in key west can deliver to miami. Drivers are in good condition. (912) 541-0647 or (305) 741-3157- Miller
  2. Im wondering about the Klipsch RS-62 mainly about the horn wiring in the speaker. They are set up like dipole's. however they are not db efficent as a set of horns run in parallel would normally be,. they are rated like 97db but if the horn were run in parallel they would be over 100db. Do they run the horns in these speaker in series to better match the db of the dipole configuration of the woofers run in parallel?? Or if someone has more input on any of the other Dipole they make like the RS-52. Im just wondering about the wiring on the horns. Well lets say you have a good horn thats around 105 db effeinct well then you add another one in parallel and now they are at 111db and your woofers are no where near that effecint even running two very good woofers even in parallel. I noticed they bumped up the 5 inch woofers to bigger 6 inch woofers on there new dipole set up?/ Anyways back to the question do they run the horns in parallel or series in there Dipole surround sound speakers like RS-62/52's
  3. I have a question about Klipsch THX surround left and right side speakers, they are Bi-pol Im setting up a full 7.1 system, and want to use the THX klipsch side surround speakers how do they sound compared to other klipsch speakers I could use as surrounds?? Set up, Yamaha 4600 THX reciever, Yamaha 65M power amps, Samsung BD -UP500 bluray/HD , and 42 plasma
  4. Okay, I have KLF20's, C7 center, and KLF10's. I have a Tube CD player, Sony BluRay DVD player, and 42inch Ambilight Plasma. My question is which PrePro combo should I go with. I listened to a Cary setup yesterday on a set of B&W and to tell you the truth I wouldnt buy a set of B&W= no bottom end at all, the sales person was like Oh they sound so good, I started laughing " I had to restrain myself" I want a PrePro I can crank up and really listened to. The Tube CD player gives a great warmth sound to my cd's I just want a powerful good sounding PrePro combo. I was looking at Outlaw, but from what I saw all there products/PrePro were from like 2-3 years ago. I want something that is expandable and has all the latest technology- balanced outputs, THX, etc, etc, I know OUtlaw has this but I havent had a chance to listen to a system powered by them.
  5. The HD dvd players are going on sale everywhere because they are trying to flood the market and push Bluray out, BluRay no doubt is better and there for is still more expensive. I would even waste 50 dollars on a HD player. Get a sony BluRay or hell even a new playstation will do bluray. If you have a Plasma and the right sound system you will "feel" the difference. I tried both and bluray is the way to go!!
  6. []Mint pair of black KLF 20's Located in south Florida call me 912 541 0647 $850 or will trade set of RF series speakers I also have a set of KLF 10's and a C7 center will sell all together 20's, 10's ,and C7 center $1700 or trade for RF speakers of equal value Call if interested 912 541 0647 Mike MIller
  7. I have several mint speakers Im wanting to trade or sell, KLF20's $900 KLF10'S $600 C7 Center $400 Im willing to trade all of these or sets for some other Klipsch bookshelf speakers and maybe RF7's call me 912 541 0647 Mike MIller Im also looking to Buy some OUTLAW amps and processors so give me a shout I do have pics if your serious call me I would rather not ship and most people know why, these are in to good of condition to even chance shipping them. There in MINT CONDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have it in Kingsland Ga, I can send you some pics if interested let me know 912 541 0647 I dont have your number anymore. Its a nice family 3 seater with trailer, I could bring it to Sav if your interested, I have to trade/sell it before I move so my loss someones gain
  9. I have been posting about wanting to build a nice home theater, Well my familey owns Adventure Watercraft and I buy and sell personal watercraft and also build performance aftermarket engines. Anyways Im looking to trade a Seadoo Gtx 3-4 person watercraft for an amp/combo system. THe ski has a new 720cc rotax motor, rearview mirrors, reverse, a folding step to help people get on from the back, pleanty of power to tow skiers, a dry storage compartment, and also comes with a really nice trailer. Value is around $2500 If you live Fla, or Ga can be delivered in surrounding area's Call if interested 912 541 0647 Michael Miller I have pictures I try to post but couldnt I can send pic's if seriously interested. Call me any time 912 541 0647 I also build race engines for skis, superjets, and wave blasters
  10. I listen to everything and I do mean everything, I have KLF 30's and was thinking about purchasing some Sonus faber's maybe. I like to have the power there when I need it. Also love watching movies. I would like to maybe get some tube amps. Or maybe those kits you can buy and build them yourself. let me know where I should lean towards I like warmth in my music. Budget is like around 3000 and I already have my speakers
  11. Im looking to buy a new reciever/processor. I dont mind buying seperate amp/preamp and processor or if there is a reall nice reicever I would go with it and by a seperate power amp. I have hear Onkyo makes a really high end one, and also Hardmon Kardon, Im looking for a good one with little distortion and a good warm sound. Thanks IM using KLF 30's as front and C7 center with Klipsch surrounds In not worried about my Rears as much as my fronts let me know what I should go with
  12. I wish I had a 3 C7's I would use them as my fronts. Im actually wanting to build my own version with aluminum/metalic woffers and titanim horn drivers. I want to get a good amp set up first, I got done with College and gave my Denon ADR 3300 he loves it. I am in the process of moving and had no where to keep all my stuff Im moving to Key West and renting out A down stars studio from my sister. Room size is 20X20 I dont mind spending the money around 3g's on the amps. I looked at outlaw and it has more harmonic distortion then the Emotiva MPS1 I was also told Hardmon had a good reciever but Im trying to set up a descent hifi system with pre-amps and what not, I have never set up a system like that so I need help. I also went and listened to some Sonus Fibers the other day they are nuts and for 9g's they better be- but Im still in love with Klipsch!!!!! So give me some ideas on what I should get
  13. THanks guys, My room is like 20X20. I like everything classical, Rock, Rap, Reggia, everything. I have Klipsch KLF 30s as fronts and there surround sound system, I need to know what reciever to buy and what amps I need thanks
  14. I love music, Im wanting to set up a high end home theater. I have always owned Klipsch speakers, However I need help in the amplifier area, I want to set up nice pre amp/ maybe tube amp set up and still be able to have a regualer home theater surround sound set up. I listen to everything, I like it loud and I like it low some times. Can you all point me in the right direction please. I want to spend around $2-3000 for amps and surround sound processors. I can usually find good deals on stuff. and I dont mind buying used equipment. Call me if you like, any knowledge is much appriciated thanks[H] 912 541 0647-cell Sincerely Michael MIller
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