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  1. I saw the CES annoucements, thank you for embracing this market in such a great way, can't wait for the KMC 3.
  2. Image One updated to bluetooth with Apt-x, hopes are high for a speaker set eventually http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/09/klipsch-new-image-one-bluetooth-headphones/
  3. My point is I'm seeing 11 different kinds of "center channel" speakers by Klipsch on the website matching various lines, but no Heritage.
  4. Here we are 3 years later, Klipsch is still selling the Heritage line w/o any sign of a comparable Academy replacement(aka better version). Most people buying Heritage old/new are setting up awesome home theaters, with no options for a center channel that'll match their setups(timbre) like the Academy attempted, w/o placing an over-size speaker in the middle, or fashioning some substitute. Very disappointing.
  5. seems like Klipsch skipped this market and went specifically for Air Play. Hopefully a Apt-x verion will come down the pike to compete against Creative/Logitech/Monster/JBL(when they wake up).Not everyone is a Apple.
  6. Thanks for the pix jbsl...Doesn't setting these speakers on the side direct the high-end(most of the media's speech audio) to one side of the listening area? I currently have the LaScalla's as the fronts, cornwall rears.
  7. If there wasn't need why'd they make an Academy in the first place. Somebody at Klipsch thought there was a need as do I. Sorry guys, I'm not put my 52" LCD on a LaScalla.
  8. "What Heritage speakers do you have and did you buy them new recently?" I own 2 Cornwalls(older), two La Scallas(older), two hersey(older), several Klipsch bookshelfs and Klipsch pc speaker systems. My problem, as you said, I have no room for a huge speaker where my tv needs to sit at eye level. I guess I'll ponder the options.
  9. I see multiple posts of what Center goes with so-n-so Heritage line speakers. Once again, I'll ask why is Klipsch not re-introducing a Center Channel to the Heritage line aka Academy/Horizontal Cornwall. Last time I asked someone from Klipsch on these boards pipe-in, just wait...Well that's been several months(6+), and nothing. Several of us have these huge Klipsch home theater speakers and no "matching timbre" Heritage center Please address this gap in your line..
  10. "yeah, we really should add something, especially after all the comments at the Pilgrimage. I think they may have heard you guys but I can't report anything. yet.... " Do we have any news on a Heritage center channel?
  11. We now have a new line of Heritage speakers with no matching center channel. That seems very odd? Klipsch re-releasing this speaker would make alot of enthusiasts "complete" and their wallets heavier. The crazy prices for these 10+ year old speaker warrants a re-release...PLEASE!! I'll add to my "wish-list" a horizontal Cornwall perhaps? []
  12. iFi for $399...website and in store.
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