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  1. Thanks guys! I will follow Dean's guide. Sounds perfect!
  2. I have replaced the original caps in my E-2 x-over with Audio Cap Thetas from Parts Express and these little buggers are heavy. They aren't attached to anything inside my Heresys. I don't like the idea of them dangling in there so can someone recommend a method of securing them to the x-over board? Thanks!!!!
  3. Pkeller suggested trying the Heresys on their sides and so I did. To my taste I like the improved imaging very much. I noticed better detail and the Heresys disappear completely into a nice tight soundstage. I noticed, however, that off to the sides of the sweet spot the soundstange collapses and the music comes more directly from the speakers. This is very different from what I experienced with the upright set-up where the soundstage is still coherent even to the sides of the sweetspot but there is a loss of image detail. Holographic soundstaging, though missing image detail, is much better in upright position when off axis. SO, my final conclusion. For most of the time when I am listening alone I will listen with the speakers sideways (tweeters in) and when I am sharing music time with a friend or friends the speakers will go back to upright (that is after they get to hear the sideways set-up in the sweet-spot just so I can see the look of wonder on their faces!). YMMV and just for your own reference I am just coming off 6 months with Audio Physic Spark IIIs - talk about hyper edged imagery, holographic soundstage, and amazingly refined detail. The Sparks lacked a soul though which is why I came back to the Heresys. What they lack in detail and "refinement" they more than make up in sheer musicality and yes, "soul".
  4. Hi Dbflash, So does the Deflex panel just go on the inside of the back? Just one panel per speaker?
  5. Wow - yikes! I'm not quite that anal. I'll just change out all the speaker wiring with Silver Sonic wire and just trust that there will be an improvement, noticeable or not. I just can't stand the thought of those skinny little wires in there! OH NO! It just occurred to me that maybe this is all for nought since I just realized all of the little wires in the crossover need to be changed as well! EGAD!
  6. D-Man, I agree. I'll put in the T-14 and see what that does...can't hurt! Thanks for your commments!
  7. ---------------- On 6/1/2005 2:41:21 PM BEC wrote: I believe that PWK "knew" that "wire is wire" rather than just believed it. Having said that, you probably won't mess anything up by changing it. Rebulding the crossovers, though, would likely give you hundreds of times the improvement possible by changing wires. Bob Crites ---------------- Bob, Thanks for the comments. I guess putting in the T-14 can't hurt so I may just go ahead and do it. I'm curious about what you mean by rebuilding the crossover though. I have the type E2 crossover and I have replaced the caps with the Audio Cap Theta caps from Audio Express. Is there anything else that I should replace? Thanks!
  8. I've read that PK thought that "wire is wire" but in my experience I have heard differences in various cables. Can anyone comment either positive or negative on the effect of upgrading the wiring in Klipsch speakers? I'm surprised that after searching through all the heresy mod posts I haven't seen more than one or two comments on changing wiring. I have a bunch of extra Silver Sonic T-14 speaker wire laying around and I thought that I'd put them in my Heresy Is. Thanks for any comments.
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