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  1. For my Forte 1's, I combined a tube amp (Dynaco ST70) for the mids and highs and a vintage Pioneer (SX-1980) for the woofers. Great combination for me. You didn't state what type of music you listen to. I listen to heavy metal, so the chest thumping bass is a requirement which the Pioneer can deliver.
  2. If you can find RB5's or RB75's they have a "cult" following by Klipsch owners.
  3. I have the original versions (1's) of both. The RF7's are taller and slimmer but also deeper and more efficient. Anyone who likes the sound of the Forte's will also like the sound of the RF7's even though the RF7's are a 2-way speaker. Since the OP was asking for suggestions on monitor speakers, I don't think the RF7's fit the bill.
  4. I have both the Forte's and RF-7's and the RF-7's are not considered wife friendly.
  5. This reminds me of the story on how I acquired my Forte's. I purchased them used and when I went to pick them up I asked the husband what did you replace the Forte's with? He hung his head and said in a soft voice "bose, at least that I know that the Forte's are going to a good home". I then noticed little cube speakers in his room. He recently moved to a new home and his wife decided that the look of the Forte's won't work in the new home. Score for me!
  6. I'm saving my $ for a flux capacitor, electricity poles are overrated.
  7. I hate it when I am replying to a 5 year old thread.☹️
  8. I have RF-7's home theater setup that I also listen to them in 2 channel mode. They are more than capable of chest thumping bass in 2 channel mode. Since there are seperate terminals for the LF and HF in the back of the speaker, I suspect that the jumpers are wired out of phase or the connections are loose. Ciao
  9. Interesting, I feel the same way about comments made on forums by forum members. I take most things written with a grain of salt and relay mostly on my experience. RIP George Carlin.
  10. I run my Forte 1's with my Pioneer SX-1980 driving the woofers and my Dynaco ST-70 driving the mids & tweeters. I also wired my Dynaco tube pre-amp bypassing the SS pre-amp in my Pioneer. I get the warmth of the tube sound for the mids & highs and the chest thumping bass from the SS amp.
  11. I did the mod over 10 years ago, but from what I remember is that the the mids and highs were more open and clear. Since I use my RF-7's in my home theater (RC-7 & RS-7's) I found that the imaging was also much improved. I drive my home theater with an older Pioneer Elite receiver (140W x7) and like to listen to blu-ray concerts at concert volume levels. The bass is nice and tight (chest thumping) and not distorted. The overall sound is very balanced and when watching a blu-ray concert I feel like I am in the concert hall. The more that I turn up the volume, I feel that I am moving closer to the stage. At +10 I feel like I am on stage with the performers. My thought process for this build was to get the most improvement for the price (bang for the buck).
  12. For my RF-7 I replaced the caps utilizing the Dean G mod (Auricap for the HF and Solon for the LF as well as replaced the resistor with Mills), I kept the original inductors. I was able to shoehorn the new caps in place of the old caps, unlike my RC-7 which I had to relocate the HF section (2nd photo). I can't comment on the best cap since I didn't do a comparison, but I am pleased with the combination that I used.
  13. I would include the Forte's to this list. I drive my Forte 1's with a 70's monster receiver (Pioneer SX-1980) and they/I love it. My RF-7's are in my HT setup. What internet radio head are you using?
  14. What I find interesting is that between the Forte 1 and Forte II they were the best selling Klipsch speaker of all time, which is most likely why they brought back the Forte to the current line-up.
  15. Forte 1, I modified the crossovers for bi-amping and upgraded the tweeter diaphram to ti.
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