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  1. I would include the Forte's to this list. I drive my Forte 1's with a 70's monster receiver (Pioneer SX-1980) and they/I love it. My RF-7's are in my HT setup. What internet radio head are you using?
  2. What I find interesting is that between the Forte 1 and Forte II they were the best selling Klipsch speaker of all time, which is most likely why they brought back the Forte to the current line-up.
  3. Forte 1, I modified the crossovers for bi-amping and upgraded the tweeter diaphram to ti.
  4. Also not to debate but I drive the woofers of my Fortes with 270 watts of SS power and the mids/tweeters with 30 watts of tube power which they can not only take but rewards me with concert volume levels and chest thumping bass.
  5. Keep in mind that Alex plans on driving them with an 8W SET amp, not sure if this would weigh the coin in one direction.
  6. I have attached both specs for the Forte 1 and Chorus 2. Although the Forte is not rated for peak power, I can confirm that they can handle rock concert levels as I drive mine with my Pioneer SX-1980 (270wpc). The Chorus are 3dB more effecient so they will play louder than the Forte but the Forte will dig deeper. Regardless which speaker you choose, I suggest replacing the crossover caps (if they are original) as a minimum, or upgrade the crossover as the factory crossover caps are in need of replacement due to their age. Chorus-II-brochure.pdf forte-brochure.pdf
  7. Alex, Like I stated in my reply in the message, I don't have the Chorus II's but I have compared my Forte 1's to Cornwall II's. The Forte's go deeper in frequency and have a much smaller footprint. I am very pleased with my Forte's and have no reason to replace them (other then for a pair of Klipschorn's). Klipsch speakers pair very well with tube amps. I also don't have experience with your SET amp but I have read that others have had great experience with SET amps and Klipsch.
  8. I think that I may have heard them all the way from my house Scott!🤘
  9. Good luck with your sale Scott. How many subwoofers are you up to now?
  10. I supersized my RC-7 crossover: Very gerenous offer Youthman.
  11. Don't you have natural gas where you live?
  12. The round terminal cup indicates that they most likely are early build Forte 1's. Later build Forte 1's and Forte 2's have rectangular terminal cups. Good luck with your future purchase.
  13. Zingo, I did the same to my Forte's, couldn't agree with you more. Here is a link to my modified crossovers: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=94027&highlight=bi-amp+forte
  14. Scott, If you wan't to add weight on your KLF 30's try putting your 2nd pair on top (upside down). I'm guessing that the imaging along with the bass will be outstanding.
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