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  1. You’ll never find a vintage pair that nice again!
  2. You have 5 speakers now and you want to add six more? My math is showing 11 speakers going that route. Your Denon can process 11 channels but only power 9, so you’ll need to get another amplifier and connect it to the Denon to power more than nine speakers. I would listen to what you have right now and expand it as time goes on. Anywhere from 12 to 16 gauge will work fine.
  3. Any reason why you chose to reply to an eight year old thread instead of starting a new one?
  4. Mr. Hoonigan himself. 2023 is not off to a good start.
  5. Recently missed out on a nice pair of Heresy II for $200 that were only about 10 miles from me. I wasn’t sure how, but I would have used them as overhead Atmos speakers. 🙂
  6. Looks like you just missed a set on eBay for $255.
  7. Please refer to the sticky at the top of this section.
  8. Depending on how that Yamaha is configured you might have to run an RCA cable into each sub and back again, which is why the Yamaha has those jumpers in its Accessory send and receive pre-amp section. Since your subs only have pre-amp ins, here’s options for you: - Get two RCA y splitters, connect each to the Send portion of your receiver. Connect one side of one of the splitters to the input of one sub and the other cable to one of the Receive inputs on your Yamaha. Do the same with the other sub. Or - Get new subs that have both pre-amp inputs and outputs. Connect the subs inputs to the Send portion of your receiver and connect the subs outputs to the Receive portion of your receiver. Or - Get a new (used) receiver with a dedicated sub output. Or - Just use the one sub you have that has high level inputs and outputs and connect one of your pairs of speakers to that.
  9. Heresys don’t have a ton of bass but the bass they have is very accurate and well-defined. When I DJed a dance a few weeks ago I used all five of my Heresys and had my Sony receiver set to All Channel Stereo and the bass turned to +3 for each speaker. They sounded fantastic and even in the very large venue we were at the bass was more than adequate.
  10. I had fun at the party I DJed a few weeks ago just having the Heresys cranked up and enjoying the music. Gotta do that once in a while to really appreciate them.
  11. Klipschorn Type B, Walnut Oiled. Made in 1986. Depending on condition of the cabinets and drivers, value is around $3,000. Unless you need the money I’d highly suggest keeping them as their value will probably only increase over time. They are designed to be placed directly in a corner so they take up very little floor space that way.
  12. I just posted in the Lounge about DJing a dance with friends a few weeks ago. Used my 5 Heresys. Sounded fantastic. I think it’s safe to say that probably lowest on the list of someone at a social gathering or party is how well the speakers are imaging.
  13. There’s a sticky directly before this thread titled “PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING HERE”
  14. That method still uses the internal crossover in the speaker. And it doesn’t split the 100 watts in the way you’re describing either.
  15. Can’t fit stands to the side of your seating?
  16. Some people don’t care for the sound of horns. They are very revealing. Many say that the RP line has a much smoother frequency response.
  17. In my experience after having about a dozen different subwoofers over the years (most recently dual SVS PB-12 NSDs), horn subs may underwhelm you at first. I think one reason for that is their lack of distortion. Most people are used to hearing the woofer distortion and the bloated mid-bass of cheaper subwoofers. Once you really sit down and listen, though, you can both hear and feel the different tones of instruments and things that they reproduce very faithfully. Then when you really open them up, they’ll punch you in the gut in a good way. I’m in a basement with thin carpet on a concrete floor so I don’t get any tactile feedback through the floor. But, there’s been times I’ve felt as though my couch is levitating off the floor because of the output of my THTs. They obviously take more work since you have to build them (although I got lucky and bought mine already built) but the return on investment is miles ahead of any commercial subwoofer you can buy. They’re also gigantic compared to other subwoofers so make sure you have a lot of room and aren’t going to upset any members of your household. 😄
  18. Bottom graph really doesn’t look too bad. If it were me, I’d EQ down the peaks at 53 and 74Hz and EQ up the dip at 58Hz to try and smooth out the 50 to 80Hz range.
  19. Travis is correct. In the link I provided there’s a section that shows what year speakers with a letter within their serial number were made.
  20. My Sony STR-ZA2100ES is fantastic. Sounds great, easy to use and set up.
  21. It means they came with the factory risers on the bottom.
  22. @Chad posted about this in the forum technical section. It has something to do with the original login being required when you first signed up. He said he can merge accounts if need be.
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