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  1. I’ve had Pioneer Elite and Marantz in the past and I would go with the Marantz.
  2. @soulcat Congrats! Your Heresys were made in 1984 and are Walnut Oil finished. Lots of people use Watco Rejuvenating Oil on Klipsch speakers with an oil finish. More than likely yours are the Heresy “1.5” version which uses the midrange driver from the Heresy II. It was kind of a transitional model. As far as I know, the only factory riser offered for the Heresy is a slanted riser that tilts them up in front to aim the speaker up a little. Any factory riser is easily removed with four screws accessed from the bottom. I would just listen and enjoy them before you start any crossover work. One thing I would suggest and that I’ve done with all my vintage Klipsch is to remove the cabinet backs, locate the crossover and loosen and tighten all the screws on it. This will remove years of oxidation and give a better signal path to everything. I think some people see a Heresy and its 12” woofer and think man these things should pound out the bass! These are usually people who have had cheap speakers with big woofers and are used to bloated, overemphasized bass.
  3. You should move them forward a bit. The rear ports need room to breathe.
  4. Time to move your speakers and/or your listening position.
  5. My best friend bought a KG-SW new years ago. He had it for a really long time. It did really well for music and movies of the time. Not an LFE sub of course but great for music.
  6. My five Klipsch Heresys are 40+ years old and sound better than the vast majority of speakers manufactured today. For your RF-7s I would check to make sure the bi-wire jumpers are tight so that the woofers are getting a good signal.
  7. She’s on a trip with her dad and sisters. Just me and the dog who is 17 and mostly deaf. I hope to join him in the mostly deaf category by week’s end. 😄🔊🔊🔈🔈🎶🎶
  8. You don’t respect my stuff, I don’t respect you. Plain and simple. There are plenty of stable women out there.
  9. Try the vacuum method then enjoy your singleness.
  10. Repost in the Garage Sale section farther down the forum. 👍
  11. That’s a scammer. There’s other threads in the Alerts section about them.
  12. wuzzzer


    I live close by and saw those as well. Was curious what the seller means by $700 each. Each pair? Each component? Each complete speaker?
  13. You can, but it’s a terrible idea.
  14. Sounds like the AVR is getting a two channel, non-LFE signal and not getting any info to the sub. Do you have any of your speakers set to Large in your receiver? If so, set them all to Small.
  15. See the sticky at the top of this section.
  16. You’ll never find a vintage pair that nice again!
  17. You have 5 speakers now and you want to add six more? My math is showing 11 speakers going that route. Your Denon can process 11 channels but only power 9, so you’ll need to get another amplifier and connect it to the Denon to power more than nine speakers. I would listen to what you have right now and expand it as time goes on. Anywhere from 12 to 16 gauge will work fine.
  18. Any reason why you chose to reply to an eight year old thread instead of starting a new one?
  19. Mr. Hoonigan himself. 2023 is not off to a good start.
  20. Recently missed out on a nice pair of Heresy II for $200 that were only about 10 miles from me. I wasn’t sure how, but I would have used them as overhead Atmos speakers. 🙂
  21. Looks like you just missed a set on eBay for $255.
  22. Please refer to the sticky at the top of this section.
  23. Depending on how that Yamaha is configured you might have to run an RCA cable into each sub and back again, which is why the Yamaha has those jumpers in its Accessory send and receive pre-amp section. Since your subs only have pre-amp ins, here’s options for you: - Get two RCA y splitters, connect each to the Send portion of your receiver. Connect one side of one of the splitters to the input of one sub and the other cable to one of the Receive inputs on your Yamaha. Do the same with the other sub. Or - Get new subs that have both pre-amp inputs and outputs. Connect the subs inputs to the Send portion of your receiver and connect the subs outputs to the Receive portion of your receiver. Or - Get a new (used) receiver with a dedicated sub output. Or - Just use the one sub you have that has high level inputs and outputs and connect one of your pairs of speakers to that.
  24. Heresys don’t have a ton of bass but the bass they have is very accurate and well-defined. When I DJed a dance a few weeks ago I used all five of my Heresys and had my Sony receiver set to All Channel Stereo and the bass turned to +3 for each speaker. They sounded fantastic and even in the very large venue we were at the bass was more than adequate.
  25. I had fun at the party I DJed a few weeks ago just having the Heresys cranked up and enjoying the music. Gotta do that once in a while to really appreciate them.
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