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  1. Set the crossover on the subwoofer to the highest level it will go (usually in the 120 to 150Hz range) and then use your receiver to control the crossover level. If you can't set it lower than 100, you certainly don't want to set it any higher than that. Also, if you set your sub's crossover at 80Hz but your receiver to 100Hz you're going to have a somewhat dead spot between 80Hz and 100Hz. There's a lot of upper bass that occurs in those frequencies especially in music so I wouldn't recommend doing that.
  2. It would depend on how loud you listen to them. Most receivers will run out of useable watts pretty quick at high levels. Many of them will push RF-7s to high SPL levels but won't be putting out as much bass as a separate high powered amp or high-end receiver would. I would imagine that's why many RF-7 owners feel their speakers are harsh sounding. Crank the volume level and the receiver has no problem amplifying the upper frequencies but the bass/lower midrange fall behind.
  3. Just watched it last night thanks to NetFlix. Depressing but motivating movie all in one. Like has been said, it really makes you appreciate how good you have it.
  4. Its fun, isn't it? It is amazing at how much detail there is in music and movies that Klipsch speakers will reveal.
  5. Good thing the styrofoam was in there. It probably was dropped off the back of a truck a few times to have that much damage. [:@]
  6. I don't think so...that's a lot of sub for the $$. I hope someone jumps on it!
  7. Does any drilling or physical alteration to the Forte 2 cabinet need to be done to install these? Which ones work the best?
  8. There's a lot of good subs to choose from, SVS and Hsu both make subwoofers that will play way below 20Hz extremely well if you like, otherwise they have models that don't have as deep of low frequency extension but have more punch in the 25-50Hz range. I personally love my SVS although its more of a movie sub than a music sub since its tuned to play flat down to 16Hz. If you want a more musically inclined sub the SVS 25-31 PC-Plus or the PC-Ultra would be a good choice if you don't mind the odd water-heater look. []
  9. Forte 2s, yes. I can't remember where I read it online but I remember someone who reviewed the Super-T and the original amp and said that sonically the original won out over the Super-T. I had my system really, really loud today jamming to Def Leppard and The Eagles. Sounded more natural and realistic than I've ever heard.
  10. I hope you get it all worked out quickly. I know if it were me I'd be impatiently waiting for everything to get resolved!
  11. Hard to say. I know the Super-T does a better job in the looks department but I've read that the original amp sounds slightly better. If I ever came across one cheap I might.
  12. The day my wife tells me to get rid of ANYTHING in my stereo/home theater is the day all her candles, picture frames and crystal gets torched in our fire pit!
  13. What type of adjustment for treble does the Denon have? Did you check to make sure that it isn't boosted way up? {edit} On second thought that shouldn't really affect any hissing you're hearing with no signal going to the receiver. Just trying to save you from having to ship the receiver in for service. []
  14. Love it! I can't wait to get a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player some day to take advantage of the 1080p native resolution. 1080i and 720p signals look amazing on it.
  15. Banasikdrummer, Not to sound rude but lately when you've had an issue/question you've started topics in a couple different sections on the same problem. It might be easier for you & us if you stick with one area of the forum so that you don't have to go back and forth in all the areas that you've posted to find answers that people posted. That being said, I answered your post about this problem in the other area of this forum before I saw this one. [Y]
  16. Thanks Bill. Good to hear from someone with personal experience with them. Apparently the Academy/C7 is a better match for the Forte/Chorus.
  17. How loud is the hissing sound? Most Klipsch speakers will emit a small amount of hiss if you're within a foot or two of the tweeters. Does it get louder/quieter if you turn the volume up/down? Sometimes using shielded directional interconnects (RCA cables) can help if its an interference issue, but I think you're simply experiencing the world of very highly efficient speakers. If its something that isn't audible during any listening of music/movies that you do there's no worry as to anything being damaged or set up incorrectly.
  18. I think due to the impedence swings of the RF-7 the T-amp wouldn't be too great of a choice for it. The amp is good for about 7 clean watts per channel before it starts to distort bigtime. The low impedence swings that the RF-7s have might cause it to run out of steam pretty quickly at moderately high volumes. It would be interesting to give it a try, though! And for $50 including AC adapter its a cheap experiment that you could get 90%+ of your money back out of if you re-sold it on eBay.
  19. Fish, that sounds like a DEAL! You could probably eBay them and make a couple hundred $$.
  20. If you plan on keeping your current setup for a long time the RC-52 would probably work out very well. If you plan on upgrading your main speakers in the near future the RC-62 would be a better choice as it would blend better with the new floorstanding reference series speakers than the 52 would.
  21. http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipsch-Forte-Speakers-1987-original-owner_W0QQitemZ320104797286QQihZ011QQcategoryZ14993QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem "They have served me well for 20 years, but my wife thinks they are too big for our living room.... As for the sound, I've never heard better." [:@]
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