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  1. I'm taking delivery on a new pair of RF-25 speakers in a few days. I've read a little bit about how new speakers sound better after they've been 'broken in.' Can anyone enlighten me on the best way to do this? Also, if anyone has any advice as to the best placement (distance from front/side walls, toe-in, etc.) I'd appreciate any input! Thanks!
  2. Umm, all in the 2 channel forum? http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/880201.aspx http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/879848.aspx
  3. These are the speakers that have been revealed to be a scam auction. There's 3 threads on these speakers now!
  4. 3rd thread on these! Look for the thread about them being a scam, 'cause they are. []
  5. wuzzzer


    Dolby Pro-logic is an older surround mode that utilized a center channel, two front channels and 2 surround channels. The 2 surround channels were played pretty much in mono instead of stereo, very different from today's 5.1, 6.1, etc systems that utilize 5 or more discrete channels of sound.
  6. 1) Leave the sub on 'on' all the time. It won't hurt it and you won't get any lag from waiting for the sub's amp to wake up. 2) Adjust the sub's gain control to 3/4 of maximum level and then use your receiver to adjust the sub's output so it blends well with your other speakers. Sometimes if the sub isn't getting a high enough signal it won't turn on. 3) Try using a different cable to see if something inside the cable you're currently using is loose or not connected properly but is jiggled around enough when you unplug and plug it back in that it makes the sub start to work again.
  7. About a year ago, just after I bought them.
  8. Look up Oppo DVD players. You can get their DV-981HD 1080p upconverting player for around $229. They also have a couple other players for $150-$180. Incredibly high reviews and praise for these players.
  9. When I ordered spikes for my RF-7s from Klipsch I think they were only something like 73 cents each!
  10. I hope that my RF-7 auction didn't drive you over the edge to cause you to post what you did. If it did, in my defense I'm selling the speakers in 100% of the same condition they were in when I bought them. I personally value my gear very highly and can truthfully say that everything that I've sold audio related has been sold in the same condition I purchased it in, whether new or used. If damage is to occur to an item, is someone supposed to just throw that item away? There is still value in something that is cosmetically not perfect.
  11. Almost every time I sell something electronics related on eBay I get emails like that. It says right in the auction that I'll ship to the U.S. only! I'd bet that most inquiries like that are from scammers, but I suppose a few are legitimate. I just tell people that I don't have any experience shipping overseas and have no idea what it would cost or what shipping company to use.
  12. I'll take a closer look at them but I'm pretty sure the foam is more visible because of the angle of the pic and the fact that the flash shows the foam more clearly then with normal lighting.
  13. The previous owner tried moving them himself when he moved into his new house. The damage occured to the cabinets during that move. Apparently they were larger/heavier than he realized and that's when they were damaged.
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280089017806&rd=1&rd=1 As stated in the auction, I will deliver or meet someone up to 100 miles from St. Cloud, Minnesota for free. I posted them for sale on here before and didn't have any realistic offers or interest so its on to eBay. If any forum member ends up being the high bidder and the actual shipping costs are less than $195 I will refund the difference.
  15. I emailed the seller and told him I gave everyone on here a heads-up about his auction. He replied within a couple minutes thanking me.
  16. I can give first hand experience to the JVC HD-56FN97 1080p that I bought from Best Buy. It uses a technology called HD-ILA which is JVC's version of LCoS (Liquid crystal on silicon). Sony's SXRD is apparently their version of LCoS, so the technology is similar. JVC uses the Genessa processor which according to magazine testing is the only TV on the market to properly de-interlace a 1080p signal. Everything inputted into the TV is automatically converted to 1080p. Standard definiton (SD) looks very, very good on the JVC. HD looks out of this world. I have mine hooked up to an Oppo DV-981HD 1080p upconverting player and it is incredible. There is no macro-blocking (good idea to research that term if you're not familiar with it), the picture is incredibly dynamic and detailed and the TV keeps up perfectly with fast-moving video games and movies.
  17. I think tomorrow the Dow will be down 50. Then it will be flat for the rest of the week. Beginning of next week it will go back up a bit. Let's see how my guess plays out.
  18. I don't have any experience with that exact receiver but generally Denon is a good match with Klipsch speakers.
  19. wuzzzer

    rc7 or rc 62

    Since the RC-62 is from the current generation Reference line, it would probably match the RB-81s the best. Don't skimp on the center channel, its a crucial part of a surround sound setup.
  20. Why is it that wives have to stick their noses in situations like this? Do you think she would let you stand in her way of anything she'd want to do to improve something that she didn't like in the house? Fortunately for me when my wife and I bought our house we agreed on something before we bought it: The basement was mine to do whatever I wish with, and the rest of the house was hers. I thought this was a pretty fair deal, and I because of it I have acoustic foam, corner bass traps, oak speakers that match NOTHING else in the room, a 56" TV, a subwoofer that is 46" tall and stands out like a sore thumb, wires everywhere, and (best of all) a huge smile on my face. I agree with others who have said to move the speaker out a little bit if possible. Even very small changes to speaker position can help quite a bit.
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