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  1. Hmm, 6 AMC Theaters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including the Mall of America. Any way to know for sure which for sure have Klipsch?
  2. I actually 'downgraded' from dolby pro-logic to two channel. When I found a deal on a pair of RF-7s that was way too good to pass up, I sold all my other speakers to pay for them with a little $$ to spare. I sold a Definitive Technology subwoofer and two pairs of bookshelf speakers, also an older Klipsch KV-1 center channel. I couldn't be happier! If my wife ever lets me invest some more $$ into my system, first thing I'll get will be an RC-7. From there, who knows.
  3. Not sure. The seller has posted them a few times on craigslist over a period of several months, though.
  4. Our sleeping friend was once given an ultimatum by his wife. "If you don't shave that dang moustache off all your Klipsch speakers are out the door!!" This went on for years and finally his wife changed her tune. "Fine, if you shave that thing off I'll let you get your Klipschorns!" A couple weeks ago, while on the Klipsch Pilgrimage, the moustached man fell into a deep, deep sleep on a shuttle bus. While asleep, some barely perceptible utterances by him included "I told you, we're selling the house because the Klipschorns need corners! CORNERS! Not those fake false corner thingies." "Trust me, they'll just blend in with the walls!" He awoke to the painful reality that his bond with his moustache has been too close for too long. At least he can always look at pictures of Klipschorns on the internet.
  5. How high do fireworks shells go? As a general rule of thumb, you can figure 100-feet per diameter inch of shell. http://www.elitepyrotechnics.com/fireworks9.asp
  6. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/178412263.html http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/178361720.html http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ele/178371764.html
  7. I don't know if I'd bother trying to hook up a pair of bookshelf speakers either in series or parallel for your center. Your RF-7s are going to blow the RB-5s away. They Sony has + and - connections for two center channel speakers. If a person was only using one center, you would use the + from the one center channel output and the - from the other.
  8. The Epic series consisted of the CF-2, CF-3 and CF-4. The CF were set up in a d'apolitto (sp?) design. Touted by many as being more 'musical' than many other Klipsch models. http://www.klipsch.com/product/product.aspx?cid=124
  9. John Michael Montgomery - leave a mark (1998). Mostly slow songs on this CD. Couple of great fast toe-tappers too. On the right system, even though its not a live CD, it has that certain "you are there" quality to it. I'm not sure if its his voice or the mixing but his voice has a pronounced depth that I've typically only heard at outdoor concerts. Track 8 - "You're the Ticket" has a great pace. Perfect song for cruising in summer. "I wanna be a red Corvette rolling down a two lane road with the top rolled back and no speed limit." Track 10 - "This One's Gonna 'Leave a Mark'" is a song I can greatly relate to. Mentions many physical things he's gone through (crashed & burned my old Firebird and walked away without a scratch, been kicked and cussed and busted up, it was nothin' I couldn't patch with a band-aid and a shot of alcohol). Then talks about emotional pain which is many times greater than physical (but this one's gonna leave a mark, one that time won't heal. Her good-bye cut like a knife right through this man of steel. Thought that I was tough enough I could just shake it off).
  10. My Mitsubishi HDTV doesn't have an on-board HD decoder but my cable box hooked up via component cables handles the HD signal quite nicely! Only on HD channels, of course.
  11. Thanks everyone. I just programmed a couple macros today. One shuts everything off all at once, the other powers up my receiver, switches to DVD input, turns on my HDTV, switches to DVD input, turns on my DVD player and ejects the DVD tray. Am I lazy or what? [:$]
  12. Me either, just couldn't resist when I saw that photo. Inconceivable! []
  13. "You've beaten my giant, which means you're exceptionally strong, so you could've put the poison in your own goblet, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.!"
  14. I would imagine that the sound frequences, especially higher ones which can be localized easier, will be dispersed better if you have the woofers closer to each other and the tweeters farther apart. Stereo separation would more than likely be much better.
  15. I think you're better off just saving for an entirely new sub. What differences would the parts express amp have than your existing sub amp? The new Sub-12 from Klipsch has quite the impressive stats/reviews, they've sold eBay anywhere from $250-$450.
  16. Maple RF-5s for $550. That's a great deal!
  17. The sixth sheik's sixth sheep is sick!
  18. I have pretty much the same receiver as you, Sony STR-D1011S. I think mine might be either one year newer or one year older than yours. I had a Definitive Technology subwoofer hooked up for years using the speaker level outputs. Never had a problem and it sounded awesome. When I upgraded to RF-7s I sold my sub since the RFs had plenty of bass on their own and my old sub just wasn't keeping up with the high efficiency of them. Your speakers are efficient enough that I wouldn't worry about the exact watts per channel on a receiver you get. Just make sure the receiver you get (if you do) is of a quality name. Harman/Kardon, Marantz, Denon seem to be good choices. Many of them are rated at 'only' 70-80 watts per channel, but they're honest to goodness watts. RS-3 or RB-3 would work well for your surround speakers.
  19. 4 years ago today my wife and I were married! I gave her 3 anniversary presents today: Tickets to the Def Leppard/Journey concert on July 18th at the Minneapolis Target Center, The Notebook on DVD, and two dozen orange roses. I bought a bottle of her favorite perfume on eBay over two weeks ago but unfortunately it got lost in the mail. She had said for a while that she had already bought my present. Said it was only one thing but that I'd absolutely love it. I thought of several things but had no idea what it was. We exchanged gifts today and this is what she bought me!: Its a learning remote from Brookstone! Now, I realize that remotes like this have been around for awhile but I never bothered getting one. I love the macro function! Performing several commands with the touch of one button just blew me away. I can see why she thought I'd like it. No more remotes cluttering up our home theater area. It has a motion sensor that automatically turns itself on when its picked up and a cool blue backlit screen that only lights up when it senses low level light. I saw the remote at a Brookstone store several months ago and commented on how cool it would be to have. I can't believe she remembered!!
  20. Yep. Had two...blue 93 and my current green 97. Here she is:
  21. I see cars around here with chewed up rims from being curbed all the time. Even my boss who bought a 2000 Mercedes SL500 in 100% mint condition has almost all 4 wheels with curb scrapes. WHY does anyone ever have to get remotely close enough to a curb do do that?!?!?! {edit} Timing chains are very nice, the Yamaha engine in my car has one as well. {edit}
  22. What are your front main speakers now? The ideal setup is to have the front 3 (and the surround speakers, if possible) be exactly the same speaker model. Not just the same series (i.e. Synergy, Reference, etc). That way each speaker will have exactly the same timbre, drivers, efficiency, etc.
  23. How ironic that this gets posted the first day that my wife and I start our diet! I'm 5 foot 10, just weighed myself this morning at 206 pounds. I've always been on the bigger side. My goal is to weigh 180 by the end of the year. Diet and exercise and getting more sleep are my three plans of attack.
  24. Maybe deep down she's hiding something...like the desire to really be a gym teacher. [+o(]
  25. Frying your TV (image/screen burn-in) isn't dependent on what connections or cables are used. Its caused by a fixed image being displayed too long on your TV. If you play games that have a certain item always on the same part of the screen, that could eventually be burned in. I mainly play racing games such as Gran Turismo 4, and what I do is switch the camera view every so often. That way the map of the course, the speedometer and other various items that are displayed on the screen either are displayed in a different position or they aren't displayed at all. Make sure your contrast/brightness settings are correct too. Most TVs contrast/brightness are set way too high which accelerates the burn-in problem.
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