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  1. I saw that and almost emailed the guy about it. I'm from north of the Twin Cities. Where do you live?
  2. I think if your projection screen is 10 inches wide you have problems worse than you think!! [] Well, let's assume you meant 10 feet wide screen. Are you going to set the RC-7s so they are sitting upright or lay them flat like the center channel? They may sound different depending on how you have them placed. In an L/C/R application the best sound comes from using 3 identical speakers.
  3. I was curious as to how many people thought that if I were to trade my RF-7s for a pair of nice Cornwalls if it would be worth it. I don't want this to start a Reference vs. Heritage argument, but I know the Cornwall reputation. Does a midrange horn help with vocal clarity? I've never listened to Cornwalls. The only Heritage I'ver ever heard was a pair of Belles back in the early-mid 90s and don't remember much about them.
  4. Back in the early 90s, Audio King was the only store around here that carried them. They had a pair of Belles and a huge Klipsch sub. They played the music so loud it vibrated the satellite speakers which were on the wall behind them right off their shelves and onto the floor. Then my friend bought a middle of the line Klipsch sub with .5s for the main speakers. A few years ago another friend of mine invited my wife and I over for dinner and we listened to his RF-7s for a couple hours. I couldn't believe how they sounded. Now I can listen to RF-7s every day![]
  5. Some speakers you might find in that price range are Heresys, KG 5.5s, KG 4.5, KG 4.
  6. I guess I can't comment on the pros and cons of front/rear/downfiring subs but I can say that the Klipsch Sub-12 ($499 at Best Buy) has been getting quite a few rave reviews.
  7. Umm, people, did you actually LOOK and read the auction?? Look at the pic: Woofer is loaded 1/3 of the way into the tube...the tube is 12 feet 6" long...its a 12" woofer. What are you complaining about? Not defending Bose, but just wondering why everyone bashing individual aspects of the cannon didn't check the facts first.
  8. From the receiver the wires go to each high level input, not output. Then hook the high level output to the speakers themselves. Also, there is a volume control, or level control knob on the back of the subwoofer. Make sure that isn't turned all the way down.
  9. Please do! The place had the word "Blue" in their name. Also if you go on Saturday night they have a classic car cruise. Last Saturday there were about 300 cars!
  10. I went to karaoke in Old Town by Orlando, FL last week and they had JBL Pro speakers. I would have loved to see how the guy had the EQ set up, since it seemed that from 1khz on up it was boosted by about 30dB. It was so bad that my ears were ringing for minutes afterward. Didn't help that the singers were generally terrible. [:|]
  11. Echoing the others, DON'T do it. Stupid scammers. [:@]
  12. That thread only had one 'bump' from him and the entire thread only lasted about a week. Ever think that he might have had difficulty finding the original thread and just decided to start over with a new one?
  13. Also your subwoofer has a volume knob that you can use to blend it with your main speakers as best as possible. Best way to do that is to sit where you normally listen to music or watch TV and put on a CD that has some songs you're familiar with that have some decent bass. Start with the volume knob (sometimes called level input) as low as possible. Then have someone slowly turn the knob up until you like how the subwoofer sounds with your main speakers. You shouldn't have to adjust that knob much, if ever after that.
  14. Your problem is that you have the left speaker from your 'A' pair of speakers and the left speaker from your 'B' pair of speakers hooked up. Here's what you do: On the back of the receiver where the speaker wire is connected you can see that at the top it says R-B-L and R-A-L. The L and R in each area is for Left and Right. What you want to do is move the wires that are currently connected to the L in R-B-L and move them to the R in R-A-L. I hope it makes sense. Then just make sure that the speaker wire that's connected to L (Left) is hooked up to the Left input on the subwoofer and then goes to the Left speaker. Also make sure that the speaker wire that's now connected to R (Right) is hooked up to the Right input on the subwoofer and then goes to the Right speaker. This should fix your problems. Please let us know if this helps! P.S. The reason why there is an A and B output where the speaker wire goes is that you can hook up two pairs of speakers at the same time. With how I recommended you to hook your speakers up, they will be hooked up to the A output. So on the front of the receiver make sure the output for speaker pair A is selected and always leave the output for speaker pair B turned off.
  15. The best center channel is one that is a sonic match to the front mains. If an exact match to the front mains is available, that is the best possible choice for a center channel. So, yes, if you are able to have an RF-7 center channel then by all means do it!
  16. Well, considering that the 2-channel forum gets some of the most posts of any of the forums on here, some posts can get moved down the list pretty easily. And considering there isn't a separate Classifieds area, I think things go pretty smoothly regarding items for sale. You don't have to read every thread. If you see something that is an obvious For Sale thread for something you're not even interested in, why waste your time?
  17. Two thumbs up for this receiver! It has more bells & whistles than many of the receivers currently being made. 15 band digital parametric equalizer built in with full spectrum analyzer display. 4/8 ohm switch. The coolest feature is that every input can be renamed whatever you want it to be. Have a PS2 hooked up to one of the inputs? Name that input 'PS2.' Have a Denon CD player? Name the CD input 'Denon CD.' I've had my receiver for just over 10 years now and have never had a single problem with it. I hope someone jumps on the deal, buckster!
  18. Mine just sold for $133.51 on eBay last week. His asking price is very fair.
  19. Well the deal went through fine with the guy who bought my Definitive Tech subwoofer. I got there and he had cash in hand. Funny thing is, I always take excellent care of my things. The sub had a couple very minor dings from being moved several times. I ask the guy where he wants me to put the sub in his vehicle and he opens the tailgate of his pickup and drops the sub in and slides it in with a big shove, no doubt scraping up the bottom of the sub. Then he just closed the tailgate and left it sitting there. Anybody could have walked by and stolen it right from his truck. Plus it was very cloudy and looked like it would rain. Oh well, its his now. Depressing to see something you treated very well for years now be treated like crap by some else. []
  20. MTV Unplugged - Greatest Hits Volume 1 Picked up this CD on eBay a few days ago. Its very interesting to hear acoustic versions of songs that rocked pretty hard. Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz, Somebody to Shove by Soul Asylum are just two songs that take on a whole new life on this disc. Paul McCartney's We Can Work it Out shows off the humorous side of Paul. He starts the first verse and accidentally sings the wrong words. So he stops everyone and makes a little joke and then starts completely over. Reminded me somewhat of U2's Rattle & Hum when the drummer screws up at the beginning of Angel of Harlem and everyone has to reset and start from the beginning. Other noteworthy performances are by Don Henley, R.E.M., John Mellencamp and Elvis Costello. A great disc to show off your Klipsch!
  21. Can I have Trey's old job? [] Congrats!!
  22. I just had to post a thread about the awesome deals and experiences I've had using the internet so far, mainly regarding electronics & speakers. Last June I bought a set of new in the box RF-25 speakers for $460 including shipping from eBay. Six months later I found a pair of RF-7s that were 1 year old on craigslist for $1000. I bought the RF-7s and then I sold the RF-25s to fund the RF-7 purchase and MADE $150 more than I paid for them! I've found that the RF-7s have sufficient bass for me so I unhooked my Definitive Technology subwoofer a couple weeks ago and planned on selling it on eBay. I didn't really want to have to pack up and ship such a heavy sub, though. A few days ago I ran across a 'Wanted' ad on craigslist for any type of Definitive Technology speakers. I emailed the person and shot him a price that was comparable to what the subs sold for on eBay. He agreed to a price and tomorrow I'm driving to deliver the sub to him since I already have to drive near where he works anyway. I bought an Harman / Kardon 730 Twin powered receiver last October for $80. I just re-sold that on eBay for $133.51. I had locally advertised a Klipsch center channel and two pairs of Definitive Technology bipole satellite/surround speakers, $75 for the Klipsch and $100/pair for the Def Techs. No takers for weeks. I put them up on eBay and one Def Tech pair sold for over $200, the Klipsch sold for $99 and the other Def Tech pair sold for $150. Its just amazing what kind of deals you can get using the internet. While they might not be as good as the '$20 Cornwalls at a garage sale' type of story, a deal is a deal nonetheless!
  23. I would have been a part of that group in a hearbeat! Its a very long story, but hilarious!! []
  24. Get a Klipsch Sub-12 ($499) and an RC-3 (can be had for around $200 on eBay). The RC-5 will put you way over budget as far as getting a decent sub. The center channel can be placed on a wall-mounted shelf just above the TV.
  25. Wow, didn't think the auction would go quite that high! [Y]
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