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  1. So the Tape and AUX inputs can all be used similarly? I was somewhat worried about too big of a load on the inputs from having the receiver's volume too low and the TV's volume too high. Or is that not going to be a problem? My TV is a Mitsubishi HDTV, I'll be using the variable audio out jacks.
  2. In a few days I'll be getting a Harman / Kardon HK 730 that I won off eBay! It's my first 'move forward by looking to the past' audio purchase. Took a bit of convicing with my wife, though. She couldn't understand how a stereo that's 30 years old is better than one that's only 10. 'They don't make them like they used to' just didn't cut it with her! Here's a question in regards to this: Since there's only 2 auxiliary inputs I plan to connect my DVD player to one input, and route the other audio through my TV. For convenience sake I'll be using the TV remote to control the volume on the receiver. At what level should I set the volume knob on the receiver? 1/4? 1/2? Also, this is the first time I'll be able to run low-level RCA inputs to and from my subwoofer. What's a good crossover point to set? My Definitive Technology sub has a 50hz or 100hz selectable high-pass crossover and a variable 50hz to 120 hz low-pass filter. And what type of interconnect should I buy? If I use some el cheapo stuff will that be ok? Thanks a million for everyone's help on here. I know several people (Colin especially) aided in this decision. [] [~]
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8335653541 [H]
  4. I just sold a pair of Definitive Technology speakers that look just like those Klipsch's for $211! I was going to put a buy-it-now for $75 for them but decided instead to put them at $1 start with no reserve. []
  5. I was doing a search through older posts and I swear if you ever use the phrase 'big ole horns' one more time... [8o|] [][]
  6. LOL. I meant to type "Just thought I'd let you know." Must have been in too big of a hurry. [:$]
  7. Whilst browsing the Klipsch product line website, I was looking at the KSW-150 subwoofer, and in the Specifications section it says "AUTO POWER ON: 2 second ON delay, 15 miunte OFF delay" Just thought you'd know. (I'm a proofreader at work [8-|] )
  8. When I installed the spikes on my RF-25s I noticed an increase in both bass output and smoothness. Makes sense I guess. The speaker cabinet itself is vibrating less due to its being 'anchored' to the floor with the spikes. More energy is transferred into sound than into vibration. It's worth it! You probably won't notice the holes after you vacuum the carpet or give it a good rub down with your shoe.
  9. Alright, was this a really dumb question? Sorry if it was!
  10. I read on a different post that people have been selling fake Klipsch speakers? My RF-25s don't have any stickers or serial #s on the back at all. Should I be worried??
  11. On receivers that have a 'sub out' preamp output and also a regular pre-out and main in hookup, which would be best to use to hook a sub up to? If I use the sub out preamp, does the receiver still amplify the entire audio range? Or would I better off hooking the sub up to the main pre-out and then back to the main in? Questions would apply to older pro-logic models, not newer ones with LFE outputs. Thanks!
  12. Just as I hoped, they responded: "Buying a used flute for an 1 year old right after dad sells hid Beosystem 1 for 3,800.00 is extravagant ? 1 used to broker hi line vehicles and believe me after making $20,000.00 with a phone call on an Austin Martin DB7 Cab or $5,000.00 on a late model S Class dealer to dealer the flute wouldn't have been used. Going from 45 - 90 vehicles down to 4 - 8 with 800.00 margins and a bunch of baloney or reconditioning a speaker to pick up $150.00 doesn't even cover the medication, so this is why my sales are private to keep the rabid, righteous, pride filled, whiney I should be God because I know it all out of my neediness. Diablo means nothing other than someone who obstructs, divides, excuses then accuses. Why don't you go somewhere and have that big bag of puss you are carrying lanced. I am going to Mass at 5:30 because I couldn't use my arms this morning to go with my wife and kids. I will pray for you with all of my heart and offer the suffering this day and especially the eucharist ( body, blood soul and divinity of The Christ ) for your healing. Pax et Bonum, Ed P.S. I love you and God does too......." Funny, they didn't post this reply on their auction! [Y]
  13. While browsing eBay for some stereo equipment, I ran across a few auctions from the same seller who was keyword spamming. Example, selling something like a Sony receiver and putting "Sony receiver - NOT Pioneer, JVC, Yamaha" in the heading so that the Sony receiver comes up when you're really searching for the other brands. It's a very annoying thing that sellers do and I try and report them to eBay whenever I get a chance. So, I reported the 4 auctions that this seller had and also sent the seller a "General question about this item." The question I sent the seller was Is there a reason why you practice keyword spamming in your auctions? It's a pretty low way to get people to look at them. eBay has been notified. I know it was kind of tattle-taleish but I did it anyhow. Surprisingly, they answered with this loooong sob story. You can read it here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...Q%3AUS%3A1&rd=1 Scroll down to the 'Questions from other members' section and click on 'More' to read their entire response. Wow! Some fate the person has encountered, eh? [] But wait! What's this?!? The seller says that he hasn't had any income for over 2 years...spent every penny he's had for over 2 years paying the bills trying to be upright...is now selling everything he owns to put food on the table. YEA, right! Check out his feedback from recent eBay transactions: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...&item=-1&de=off And those are all things that he's bought, not sold. In September alone he has bought over $1200 of phones, flutes, speakers and crap. He's also current high bidder at $5,999 on a Pontiac Bonneville. I sent him a reply. We'll see if he responds to that. I just find it hilarious that he chose to post his whole reply to me in his eBay auction for the whole world to see. []
  14. No, that's one thing that I really hate about it. Not even a subwoofer preout. It was the top of their regular line of receivers before you got into the ES line. You'd think it would at least have pre-outs! I figure I could sell my Sony receiver to pay for a new(to me) receiver. It matched very well with the Definitive Technology speakers I used to have. Thanks for the advice on the HKs. I'll have to keep my eyes open! []
  15. After having my RF-25s for a few months now, I'm getting upgradeitis. The speakers are not the weakest link, but components upstream are. I have a Sony receiver, model 1011-S that I bought about 10 years ago. When I turn the volume up a ways, the treble gets very shrill. This doesn't happen with all source material, but with most. To compensate, I lower the treble on the receiver's digital equalizer. The highest band the equalizer controls is 8khz but the shrill sounds seem to be up higher than that. The result is a slight lessening of the shrillness, but at a cost of reducing vocals and other sound information in the 8khz range. So, I'm looking into a reciever that will produce a warmer sound that will balance the highs out. Yamaha? Denon? Pioneer Elite? Others? Currently I have a 2 channel setup, my RF-25s and a Definitive Technology 15" powered sub. I would be more than happy with a receiver that is an older Dolby Prologic model. Looking to spend around $200 for now, then eventually upgrade to a X.1 Dolby Digital receiver down the road.
  16. Sorry bud, but we don't have direct access to pics your hard drive. You probably don't want us to, either!
  17. My pick is Telarc's "The Great Fantasy Adventure Album" with selections performed by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Dynamic recordings of various sci-fi/fantasy films such as El Cid, Hook, Jurassic Park, Robin Hood, The Abyss, The Princess Bride, The Hunt for Red October, and Terminator. Tracks 3 and 21 feature a T-Rex attack which will pummel your subwoofer! I scared the heck out of my nephews and niece playing it for them once. Track 6, 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Main Title' will make you proud to be a Klipsch owner. Open, detailed treble and a few chest pounding and wall shaking drum hits. Tracks 19 and 20 are back to back and will give any Terminator fan a jaunt down Robots Take Over The World lane. I've owned this disc for about 10 years and must say I have never appreciated it as much as I have with my RF speakers.
  18. Thanks, guess I never scrolled down that far yet!
  19. I've pretty much gone through all my existing CDs since I bought my Reference speakers so I am looking for some suggestions on some CDs to buy that are very well recorded/mixed. Can be anything from classical to rock. I have the Telarc 'Fantasy' CD with selections from various sci-fi and fantasy films that sounds very, very good. Also have a couple Pink Floyd and an Alan Parsons Project CD which is odd but sounds awesome. Does anyone have a good online source for DVD Audio discs, too? Thanks!
  20. http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipsch-Reference-RF-7-Floor-Standing-Speakers-Black_W0QQitemZ5799169440QQcategoryZ61378QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem 30 minutes left, currently at $1125!!!
  21. My CD player is a Sony 200 disc changer that is about 10 years old. It's the first 200 disc model they made. Since I received my RF-25s I've found that certain CDs skip when I turn the music up loudly. So I decided to listen to them in my DVD player instead. WOW. What a difference it made! Of course, my DVD player is only 1 year old. The part that surprises me most is that it's a Magnavox DVD player that I won at a work party that's worth about $50. Makes me wonder how much better my system would sound with a decent CD player. Highs are much more natural. With my Sony CD I found myself turning treble down quite a bit. With my DVD player I can play music with the EQ pretty much flat and not have any treble harshness except with certain recordings. I'm appreciating these RF-25s more and more each day!
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