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  1. Helps to know what you consider affordable. 🙂
  2. “What heaven brought you and me Cannot be forgotten”
  3. wuzzzer

    What I Got Today!

    What sub is that? Physical dimensions and weight are the same as my THTs. I’m only about 2dB down at 20Hz though. I use a Crown amp that’s about 300 watts x 2.
  4. That’s odd, I’ve never seen or heard about that button. I wonder if it’s a desktop browser-only feature. I don’t see anything like that on Chrome mobile.
  5. There’s no button. Just make a post and say what you want to say.
  6. There was an Industrial Heresy that was ported. A lot of Industrial models were used as stage monitors and have crossovers voiced for more midrange than bass.
  7. The K-55V was used for many, many years. Only the very early 1980s models will have a dual phase plug design which can be identified by the input connectors being soldered on versus push string terminals.
  8. That’s a tough one. I’d be inclined to keep them sealed up and unused. How many are out there NOS? No way to know. Then again, they were made to be listened to and enjoyed. As far as value, if I had them I wouldn’t take less than $1,000 for them. Stuff like this never comes up for sale.
  9. Virtually all soundbars have a proprietary connection to the subwoofer that came with them. If your soundbar doesn’t have RCA subwoofer outputs you probably won’t be able to use it.
  10. The second “four” in the serial is actually a U.
  11. Sorry for your forthcoming loss. I’d never give that up for a soundbar.
  12. Since you found they’re easy to remove I would do it and see if you notice a difference.
  13. This post was originally made in the section to discuss issues with the forum. Someone moved it here.
  14. If you click on a username you can see the last time they were on the forum. In this case it’s been almost ten years.
  15. Yep, same ad that keeps popping up all around the country.
  16. Awesome! Your setup will be a 7.1.2, 7 main speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 Atmos.
  17. The soundbar isn’t on night mode or something like that, is it? I know on the Cinema 600 we have night mode pretty much silences the sub.
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