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  1. Wow...sorry you aren't closer to me...here in N. CA. I'd take your speakers! Gl with your sale.
  2. Absolutely 10/10 condition, New. Compact subwoofer with stylish finish Klipsch wraps the rigid MDF contruction with a durable black brushed polymer veneer that seamlessly blends with your existing system. Effortly match the R-110SW to any modern home theater décor. SPUN COPPER FRONT-FIRING CERAMETALLIC WOOFERS Cerametallic spun copper drivers are incredibly lightweight in construction while maintaing their rigidity. The result is tight musical bass reproduction that adds depth to your favorite albums and movie soundtracks minimizing cone breakup and distortion. All Digital Amplifier The integrated all digital amplifier supplies hard hitting powerful bass while maintaing efficiently reliable, highly accurate sound reproduction. Front slot ports Deliver all of the low frequency energy to the listening area with the slot loaded port below the main woofer. Focusing the physicality of bass energy and allowing greater installation and placement flexibility. MDF Plinth An incredible acoustic decoupling technique that allows you to hear the subwoofer, not the room. Go Wireless The R-110SW supports the WA-2 Wireless subwoofer adapter kit and allows you to freely change its placement anywhere in the room. Tuck the subwoofer beside the sofa, place it in the back of the room or wherever it is the most convenient. $319 + Actual Shipping
  3. I have a brand new Crest PRO 8200 amp for sale. I bought this for a basement home theater that never evolved. Will sell for $1,250 and include shipping!
  4. Wow, GBnf certainly doesn't have any common sense nor judgement. First jumping to conclusions as fast as he did then not moving on from a potential sale. Reminds me of a Jr. High School34 Selling some no longer wanted toys.
  5. getech


    Actually, I will throw in free shipping for $675 each. I have all original boxes and packing and will ship anywhere within the CUSA.
  6. getech


    There's always room for negotiation.
  7. You do realize that the Reference line has now been discontinued? Klipsch's new Premier line has taken its place. Redesigned horn; looks promising.
  8. I have a brand new, never used, still boxed pair of RF7 II grills available. $40 + shipping.
  9. I have a brand new set of RF7 II cloth grills available. $50 the pair + actual shipping. Cheers, Greg
  10. I have a 2 month old SVS PB-2000 sub for sale. I have two of them and will keep one which is all I really need in my small office. This is in pristine condition, perfect. PB-2000: From heroic slam to symphonic subtlety — SVS’s newest pumps out astounding precision, performance and value. Meet the latest addition to the SVS arsenal. The 2000 Series is the result of obsessive demands and exhaustive testing. Inspired by the Ultra Series, the PB-2000 was brought to life under the same design philosophy as its renowned Ultra siblings. The challenge: to deliver unprecedented levels of real-world output and sonic precision for the price. It does just that—and more. A slam-and-impact super-hero, the PB-2000 shows up in full force when the movie script demands. Optimized driver and 1100 watts of effortless peak power amp come to the rescue. Explosions shake the couch and thump you in the chest. Then turn on your favorite music and the PB-2000 continues to delight. It fills in the low end with nuance and balance; bringing the sound stage drama and depth. Tubas, cellos and timpani are dynamic and detailed. Electric bass guitar, tom-toms and kick drums bring the concert off the DVD and into the room. Take your listening experience to the next level with the latest product of SVS passion, the PB-2000.
  11. So sorry to hear of your loss. Boxx will be missed.
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