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  1. Babymetal 2014 Babymetal 2021
  2. I'm thinking he is not long for this world if released . Let nature take it's course .
  3. We get earthquakes here too . https://www.live5news.com/2021/08/29/largest-east-coast-quake-struck-135-years-ago-charleston/
  4. The struggle is real and I am close to dropping the bike and taking matters into my own hands
  5. Exactly , they don't seem to migrate . They stay
  6. You know when you get down to it those things suck . The bike trail that takes me back home is loaded with them . They hiss at you , stand in your way and are generally unpleasant ; kinda like vagrants . I have yet to throw down with one of them but it is gonna happen sometime .
  7. Judas Priest Us Festival 1983
  8. Bought tickets to Poppy in Columbia , SC 10/12 . It will be my first show in two and a half years and Poppy in Columbia , SC should be BONKERS ! What has been or will be your first venture back to live shows ?
  9. Trust me work has been stupid busy and I had been working way more than I would have liked . I am loving this ! It's like the covid shutdown but I can go anywhere and do anything 👍
  10. A better look at what she's working with .
  11. Subin is a knockout and she can play . Hit like a girl .
  12. Funny you should say that . There was a fire at work Aug. 7th . Owner feels will be back up and running within two months . Soo , I have a lot of time on my hands as well but I don't have time for this . I mean come on 🙃
  13. I've never been kicked by a horse but when attempting a tackle on Gene Griffin I got hit soo hard I can still feel it .
  14. Did it have something to do with covid and or masks 🤷‍♂️
  15. If it was just your favorite album and where it fell alphabetically fine , but Jeeez ... That's a lot of work .
  16. RIP https://variety.com/2021/music/news/charlie-watts-rolling-stones-drummer-dead-dies-1235047778/
  17. Foghat Live Huge influence back in the day !
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