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  1. Thanks! I was under the impression that we could no longer order direct. I ordered some about 2 years ago @ $19.00/yd, Klipsch is VERY proud of there grill cloth @ $54.00/yd. Thanks again for the info! JR
  2. I am in need of about 1 yard of Klipsch black grill cloth. The factory no longer sells it and I didn't want to pay $45.00 plus shipping from Wendell Fabrics. So, if anyone has any extra cloth they would like to sell, please, let me know. Thanks
  3. Yes, they require corner loading. The back of the cabinet has a vertical slot running the length of the cabinet acting as a real loaded folded horn. The bass response is good, but not as solid as my Cornwall. JR
  4. That is the original grill cloth, it was still wrapped in its original shipping material as was the walnut top. JR
  5. Hi, I apologize for the poor picture quality, but my camera doesn't take very clear pictures inside. Anyway, the cabinets are all original except the front frame. They had been assembled with full range drivers and the top horn cutouts covered. The previous owner had stopped construction after the base cabinet was complete. I purchased vintage crossovers, horns, and drivers from eBay and a forum member (Thanks). I use these for surround speakers that compliment my Walnut '79 K-Horns and Walnut '74 vertical horn Cornwall center channel. These speakers sound quite good. JR
  6. Hi Guys, I am familiar with this cabinet. I had won the cabinet and the K-1000 horn from this seller late last year, with the understanding that I would pick up cabinet on my next trip to Houston. Well, do to many circumstances I never made that trip, so I have the horn and driver and told him to resell the case, as I was unsure when I could retrieve it. So, it is a cabinet only. The seller is a very honest and very understanding person and is probably glad that someone can use it, rather than just pitching it out. I have a pair of 1959 Shorthorns that several forum members helped me complete last fall. I have pictures of the finished product if anyone is interested. I bought these speakers from someone who never finished the kit, as a matter of fact the Walnut tops and speaker grills were still in the original packaging. If anyone needs dimensions, I know they are listed on the Forum, or I can find mine. John
  7. Hi Guys, I do not want to muddy the water any more but, if you are looking for a better than average DIY project, Welborne Labs sells a silver toggle switch (all the contacts are silver coated and sealed) that sounds very good in my DIY speaker switch box. There is a very slight difference in sound quality, mostly in the highs, with this switch, but most people would not notice. But as we all know, any added component in the chain is audible. Also, I used silver coated wire to hook up the terminals to the banana jacks. The switch also has an "open" center point, so when you switch from one to the other it makes a complete break in the circuit. Good Luck! JR
  8. Thanks! If these turn out I will post pics.
  9. Will anyone with a type B K-Horn please give me the dimensions of the toe kick fastened to the bottom of the Bass Bin Cabinet. I have a pair of '79 Horns type C that do not have a kick plate, I am veneering the fronts and would like to add the toe kick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John
  10. Hi Guys, The EV T-35s are rated 8 Ohms. I guess I will have to find another tweeter horn, the speakers sound realy nice as is. I was suprised at the amount of bass they put out. I had read that the Shorthorn was Bass poor, but mated with a K-Horn it rounded out the stereo image as the high frequency horns matched. Eventhough they do not have near the bass my K-Horns do, they are respectable. So, am I correct to say that having different impedence drivers changes the crossover point only and will not otherwise damage the speaker or amp? I would like to thank Capt'n Bob and Mungkiman for all the measurements and help you have given me on this project. I have not had as much time to work on them as I would like, but one cabinet is finished and the other about 75%. I have included a picture so you can see my progress. Thanks, John
  11. Hi, I have been working on a restoration project of a pair of Klipsch Shorthorns, I have finished one speaker cabinet and working on the second but I do have a driver/crossover question. I have a K-1000-5000-W crossover, T-35 tweeter horns (8 Ohms), K-55-V (16 Ohm?), and K-33 Woofers (4 Ohm?) What are the correct impedences of the drivers for this crossover? I have an old sales sheet that shows you can buy an upgrade for the K-Ortho to a K-77, K-55, K-33 driver compliment, but do you have to change the crossover? I beleive the University SA-HF is 16 ohm, what about the K-77/T-35, and the K-33/Stephens Trusonic Woofer? I have been looking for the original drivers, but I wanted to use what I had for time being, will these work? Thanks, John
  12. The trip sounds like a great idea, count me in. It would be great to see some of the original tour guys again. I missed seeing you at the book signing. JR
  13. Hi Guys, Just an update, the Shorthorn grill frames are made and oiled! I plan to install the grill cloth this weekend and assemble the rest of the cabinet. I do have one question (hard to believe I know), under the cutout portion of the front grill frame the bottom front of the cabinet is visible, including the screws. Is this part of the cabinet supposed to be painted or consealed somehow? It looks pretty funny. Also, is the grill cloth attached to the frame or the body of the speaker? Capt'n Bob, when I take the cabinet body apart to install the drivers and new weather stripping, I will remove the inserts and send to you. Thanks again for all your help, if all goes well I will post pics next week! JR
  14. Are your woofers attached with screws from the back side, or are they attached with a machine screw and nut? My SH have screws and nuts holding the EV 12" that is currently installed. When I attach the 15" woofer there will be 4 holes in the cabinet from the previous driver. Will I need to fill these holes? Thanks, JR
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