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  1. Could someone please ID the model of these Klipsch Speakers? And if possible provide a current value? Thank you
  2. So I went "shopping" for a projector and screen this weekend. I stopped into a local HT shop and viewed several options. I think I have decided on the Sony VPLVW60 projector. It has received amazing reviews and Looks great! The only question I have is what screen to get. I saw the 15K Sony projector on a 6:1 gain screen and was floored. I've never seen anything like it, i was sold on the high gain screen. Then i went online and started researching. Most of what i read said that high gain screens are not necessarily a good thing for a HT, for various reasons. I am querying the board to see if anyone has any first hand experience (like, in your home) with high gain screens. What are your thoughts/opinions/reviews etc. Thanks
  3. WOW.... thanks for that..... beating. "yessir, can I have another" I feel as if i have been evangelized. I now know what I will do, and that is NOTHING. Keep my gear I'm happy with and enjoy my big bold deep sound and the big bold speakers.
  4. I really do love the 2700. I have always had Yammy's not sure why, probably because its all my old man used to have when i was growing up, and now the man is using denon, go figure. I got a killer deal on the 2700 when Tweeter was giong out of biz. I picked it up for 900 i think. What i truely love about this thing is the onboard power and the HDMI hookups on the back. Currently I run a B&K 220 for the RF-7's (I highly recommend putting the RF-7's on a sep amp) and run the others on yammy power. All in all I do like the 2700 and will use it until i become either blown away by another product or till it fails me.
  5. So I'm building a new house with a dedicated theater room. Its not massive. I think about 18x15 - ish. I wasnt able to craft a custom enclosure for the RF-7s to make them fit flush with the back wall. We all know how big these things are and in an effort to "cleanup" the HT I have toyed with the idea of ditching the RF-7's and putting in some In-wall speakers in their place. I know the 2-channel music wont be nearly as good but what about HT? I have a RC-64 and will soon get either RS-7's / RS-63's or Hell I may just put In-walls all the way around for my 4 surrounds. I know this option will look better, but im not too sure I will enjoy the sound as much in HT mode nor do i want to let go of the RF-7's I do love them like my children. Please share your thoughts, and talk me off this ledge.
  6. Good evening all. Well I have struggled with the "to amp, or not to amp" question for many months now. I had an opportunity to "borrow" a B&K 2220 amp from a friend. I hooked it up to my system and WOW you really can tell a difference! I know thats not a very technical or scientific responce, that some of you may be interested in. I can definitely tell a difference, no question. The sound is ............. clearer. The highs higher and lows are tighter and lower. I will continue to "research" this topic and run my surrounds on the amp, but I can say for now I will be purchasing at LEAST a 2-ch amp very soon. Happy listening!
  7. Its not that im unhappy with the yammy. but at high volumes, where there is no or little sound, there is a definite hiss. And when you look at these speakers you expect a greater depth. I've played with settings I'm confident its not that. Maybe the source? all my audio is over fiber and i have low gauge speaker wire connecting everything. The one thing that may be the reason, which i havent attempted to remedy. I have my sub in between my receiver and my RF-7's. I was told this was a good way to set up my system, so the sub would pick up the low frequencies on 2 channel listening. maybe i should go direct reciever to towers. In any case I am picking up a B&K 2 channel this weekend to test. I'll let you all know what i hear. Unfortunately there are a lot of opinions on this topic. I may just have to do what i like best, given the budget of course. I do like the idea of an external 7 or 5 channel amp. It does make sense. I hope there is a noticeable difference audibly. Thanks for the help
  8. Ok so here's my dilemma. I have a brand new shiny Yamaha 2700 that puts out (manufacturers claim) 140w x 7 @ 7ohm. I probably don’t need a separate amp but would the difference be that much noticeable? Also what is the best set-up given budget limitations, which have yet to be defined. Just as a quick reference would the 5-channel x 140w Rotel RB-75 give me something I'm missing? Would I see the greatest gains in simply getting a 2-ch amp for the RF-7's? or maybe a 3-channel for the front 3 speakers? What have some of you experienced in the same situation? Should I just shut up, understand and know that a separate amp is always better than what you have to offer at the receiver? I will have a 7.1 setup soon and really just don’t know what is recommended for optimum quality. Thanks for the help! someone please drop some knowledge on me!
  9. All, I'm finally getting a real media room in the house I'm currently building. I'll be able to go 7.1 surround. My question is: What is the recommended speaker matching setup for the surround speakers? I have RF-7's in the front and a RC-64 as the center. Here are my options. option 1 - 4 RS-7's option 2 - 4 RS-52/62 option 3 - anything else anyone would like to recommend. Maybe a mix of Option1 / Option 2. Thanks in advance!
  10. All, Could someone please send me the dimensions to the RF-7's? Thank you!
  11. I have the RX-2700. and love it! runs everything very well.
  12. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I have to share my excitement with someone! I picked up a new RC-64 this afternoon and all I can say is WOW!!!! yes, it was quite an upgrade from these little rc-3 I had. I put in my favorite music and movie DVD's and let me tell you that I heard things that i didnt know even existed. The highs are clean clear and bright, but not too overpowering, and the mids and lows are stunningly smooth and tight. I couldn't be happier. I did struggle in getting the RC-64 or finding a RC-7, to match my RF-7's. I'm VERY happy with the 64. (for those who are in the same boat) Just wanted to share my joy! My wife isn't as enthused.
  13. OK, so you all talked me into getting an amp so the RF-7's can breath! Anyone have anything to say about any of the following? (too many any's) All 2-Channels. I see no need to amp my surrounds or center, my yammy 2700 puts out 140. I can be easily convinced otherwise though. - Rotel RB-1080 - B&K Ref 2220 - Parasound 2250 Thank you for your input
  14. How many channels does your Rotel have? Should I only focus on a 2 channel amp for the RF-7s?
  15. I recently purchased a Yamaha RXV2700 7.1-Channel receiver. 140w x 7. Anyone know of a way to bridge channels on amps like these? I didnt see anything in the documentation. I guess now that i think about it. probably isnt too feasible to do such a thing.... Anyway, I have been thinking of getting an amp to get better sound quality out of my speakers. But with 140w already from my receiver, isn't that enough? or should i focus on getting the most clean power i can get? thanks for the help "confused" Speakers Center = RC-7 Fronts = RF-7 Surrounds = RS-35 Rear Center = Dunno model number, 2 small klipsch speakers Sub
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