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  1. S/N are 3L384 and 85. The arrow on the back points in either direction.
  2. I have a pair of vertical cornwalls, serial # CWO15 and CWO 16 or 14( it’s against the wall). It still has the original brochure stapled on the back. Can you tell me anything about them. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the input, J.M. I appreciate what you said, I feel the same way. That being said, I am the youngest of 11 so am pretty thick skinned. I could make some comments, but feel it serves no purpose. BigrFish, I have two pair of Tannoy's, DMT 15's and DMT 12's and absolutely love them, the imaging I feel is second to none. I go back and forth between them my CW's and RF 83's. As it is right now I prefer the Tannoys over the CW's,but that could be because the CW's are 38 years old and still running stock crossovers.
  4. I have noticed that some of you that built your cornscala's have used more bracing than the original cornwalls. My question is, does all that bracing mean that you have to make the cabinet a little bit bigger to maintain the same amount of free space. It seems to me when you use all the extra bracing that it reduces the total air volume in the cabinet, or am I way off base?
  5. I am looking at finally making some cornscala's and was wondering what wire and where you purchase it for the internals?
  6. The thing I like about the iPod is the fact that I can plug it into my Wadia 170i and play uncompressed audio. Wadia, last I heard is the only company that Apple has allowed to offer a product to bypass the built in DAC. I route it to a highly modified PS Audio DAC and I have audiophile quality music all day. The thing I like the most is that I have a Ipod for every genre I like and one that is a mixture. I plug it in and listen to music for hours and hours without having to mess with anything.
  7. I love to mountain bike. I have been fortunate enough to live in places where mtn. biking is stellar, here in the black hills it is as good as it gets. When I get done riding and taking a shower, I put on some tunes, what a great way to relax and dwell on the ride I just finished.
  8. I just have a few ipods (16gig and 60 gig's) and I just DL my CD's in lossless and then play them through the Wadia 170i. I was thinking of buying a mucis server, but this seems to work great for me, and not into it as much dollar wise.
  9. Thugs?, hardly, I am more concerned about the idiots in California.
  10. The 19's, for some reason have always been my dream speaker. I heard them when I was a teenager and they always stuck with me. I had a pair of model 14's and really liked them as well.
  11. I was just wondering if any one who ordered them have yet to receive them. Our local klipsch dealer will only special order them, so I wont have the opportunity to demo them.
  12. I have two of the 880's and the first one I purchased is starting to do that. Logitech sent me the second one becuase the baseplate of the first one was acting up and the backorder on the baseplates was so long they just sent me a new one. I was able to get the original baseplate to work (wouldn't charge the remote) so now I have the two of them.
  13. Don't concern yourself with others criticism. I bought my rf-83's from a forum member in 07 and love them. Right now they are hooked up to Craig's VRD's, a C220, MCD-201, Wadia 170I, and a PS Audio DLIII with all the McCullen mod's and the system rock's!! I will hang on to the 83's for a long, long time, so sit back, pour a good scotch or whatever floats yer boat and enjoy the music!!
  14. I have had my VRD's now for close to 5 years, maybe a bit more I'm not sure. I have run the stock Valve Arts that Craig puts in them and then a quad of Genalex gold lion kt88's, reissue of course. So for you VRD guys out there, do you have a favorite tube other than these 2? Even if you don't have VRD's feel free to chime in.
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