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  1. So this is how they started out for me, these speakers have a lot of options for where one might want to use them
  2. THX, surprised no one is interested! For being a speaker one would think gets/got beat to hell these are in excellent condition and sound second to none.
  3. You bet, I love reminiscing too! Double J, pretty sure you were there and I think if you look at Amy's attendance list thread I believe it shows you plus I think it was the only year Finster had the entire clan with him
  4. Like these Las, look better/younger now than when they were brand new LOL
  5. I don't know, think I actually look younger for some reason!
  6. Although I have ton's of museum shots most here have attended a Hope Pilg and have seen them, you can pm me if you would like me to post them for you. I'll close this out now with a fitting photo of "The Man" The Man.bmp
  7. Not from 2006 but one of my favorite photo's period, my son with Roy who helped him with his science project a couple years ago. Roy's the man
  8. Big Jim in the vault time had forgotten but because of this forum and Ms. Christy history will be preserved, Woot Woot
  9. The Big Room, I believe IB was driving the DBB's with those massive SS Naks over on the right? Stuff.bmp
  10. All I know is I should have been drinking what ever it was JW and IB had in those big styro cups Sweethearts;-).bmp
  11. I'd say by his expression MeLoves was loving his upgraded K-Horns, I know I was
  12. Mark about to hit us with another killer track, that Cayin KT-88 was/is one of the best Chinese amps I've ever heard and many were thinking it was very close to pulling of that sweet Mac tone! Mark_K.bmp
  13. Assortment of equipment in the big room and of course the infamous DBB's in the back corner
  14. I'm thinking Seadog was explaining relativity to me here, obviously have had a beer or 16!
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