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  1. Sounds like a sweet setup Boomac, the VK-P3 is Solid State only and I'm pretty sure Victor has not designed a plug and play valve phono card yet! I have a BAT VK-3i and VK-P5 valve phono stage which was/is one of the 2 stand alone valve phono stages they offer but an excellent unit I might add. I wish I could find someone in my area who owned the full blown SE VK-P10 so I could see just how much better it sounds than my VK-P5! You can pick the VK-P5 up on AudioGon from $800.00 to $1,200.00 just about any time. Good luck[]
  2. After 10 years and 145000 miles my 95 Golf is still flying along at 85MPH getting 30+MPG with the AC rippen[] Even if money were no object I'd still drive the BMW M# Lightweight[]
  3. Both of mine are Belgian Ales Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue Label) for pure taste Kwak for pure buzz with 85% of the first choices taste[] If you can slam three bottles of Kwak right in a row and still stand you are a far better man than eye[] Here is a fine example of bitter beer face[]
  4. Fini, I kept wondering when you came into my room and took a picture of my Aura VA100 MKII integrated but I finally figured out you were talking about the orange essence around Woo's head[] Now Woo did get to hear my Aura driving my Wharfdales as he spent a few hours with Ian and I later that Saturday night[] Michael, I plead the 5th on the high volumes as I really did not turn anything up it was just a volume imbalance in the Scott before Woo re-set the thing for all front end devices to come in at the same level. Sorry if we singed a few ear hairs on you at that evening's[<)] Great photo's everyone, sure would be nice if we could put a nice album of some sort together of the whole event with all photo's[] What a keepsake that would be[] Started my new piggy bank for I'm going to be sending several payments to BEC as he helps me part my Ind. LaScalla's back out[] Sure am glad the SPCA did not catch us abusing that poor Mule Deer, nice new Avatar Fini[H]
  5. Formica, we did not hear any of the stuff we brought on solid state however Roy was using a QSC (Industrial Pro Gear Amps) 350 WPC amp on the Heresy, Cornwall, LaScalla, Commercial Jubilee W/904 Tweeter and the Jubilee Pro W/402 tweeter in our demo at the lab and they all rocked but for my buying dollar (Roy's choice too!) the Jubilee Pro with crossovers for $4800.00 is the only way to go for large room 2 channel or mains on a large home theatre setup bar none[] Now the riot ensues!!!!!
  6. I don't know Woo, we started out before the mono's were hooked up and your Scott did not sound too bad to me[] That vinyl rig I had going was the first run Music Hall MMF 2.1 with the Mahagany bodied Grado Platinum which I might add sounded excellent through Seadog's Scott Phono Stage[] Glad to here you made it home a OK.
  7. So your saying Lee is not a trusted source for information gathering! Gotcha[]
  8. Let me start this thread out by saying what a great bunch of folks on the Company and enthusiast side that I was fortunate enough to meet this weekend! As an audio enthusiast and lover of the Klipsch Heritage line one could not have had a better experince except for Bob who will be a future owner of a new pair of heresy III's I see[] The overall experience of this weekend was second to none for me and thanks to everyone who put this gathering together! After listening to Mr. Roy Delgado speak it was clearly evident that this PWK protege is clearly going to take some of the dreams Paul had into the next faze of the Klipsch Heritage line. Wish I would have had time to talk with Roy for hours as I see he has garnered vast knowledge and wisdom from Paul and one might never know because of his quite disposition but one just needed to hear him speak to know he was a piece of Paul living on at the factory. Let me also thank Trey again for the factory tour as I have been to the Museum twice in the last 10 years and they never would let anyone (or at least just a solo enthusiast passing by) into the factory so one of my three Klipsch dreams came true along with my getting to go into Paul's anochiac chanber unfortunately my third dream can never be a reality now that Paul has passed but meeting Roy was a one off replacement I believe! I would also like to say how everyone at the factory made us feel right at home which made the whole tour that much more relaxing and enjoyable. Trey, Chris (and his wife) and everyone were just super. I hope to make it to many more event in the future...........Jubilee anyone[]
  9. There will be no powdered substances in my car! But leaving that early will require an open coffee cup[] We should roll in between 9:00 and 10:00 and will catch up to everyone at the Hotel. Safe travel to you all. Have horns, will travel[]
  10. I'd keep anything open low once you have made it through TexK as the HP likes that little stretch between there and Hope plus the State trooper office is right their on the outskirts of Hope! Being an Texas implant here I've made the trip numerous times. I think Seti is going to bring the sweetest 300B's I've ever been fortunate enough to hear and I have convinced him to bring his Grado Platinum loaded MMF 2.1 table to run through my BAT P5 Phono Pre (I'll bring both XLR and RCA's) not knowing what it might be pumped through. I'm thinking we may have 2 to 3 system setups depending upon room but nothing wrong with a little veriety[] I plan on packing an eclectic 30 case of CD's and 50 lp's in a sure pack. I'm sure we won't have a shortage of media. On a party note "Life is too short to drink cheap beer"[] If my Golf's back seat was not going to be loaded to the gills I would offer transport to incomings but I'm not getting that new Element until next year!
  11. Maybe next trip Yoda, I was hoping for some replies from other bringers of equipment and not my co-pilot! With the vast # of post I have out here I may not even be worthy of a reply! Just wanting to know what I could bring to help liven the party[]
  12. Jumping into the last post here I am asking if anyone would be interested in a vinyl setup? Seti and I are leaving Little Rock early Saturday morning for Hope and we could bring an analog setup or anything else that we might have but would need to know whats needed. Not too depress anyone but we may (may, right) have a big beer cooler also:(
  13. Hello Todd, Sorry for Uncle Ralph's button finger at 76 patience is not really a standard virtue any longer but I do love him for picking these baby's up. I see Ian has posted one of the pics the night we unloaded them and I can't wait to start their re-build:) Many thanks and we will keep you posted. Tim "The Lucky Dog"!
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