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  1. I wonder if this speaker was available at the Hope Caravan if it would sell? It has been sitting unused for 3-years now.
  2. Still available. Just put it up on Craigslist. $450 here!
  3. Looks interesting. How much fabric? Cost per yard?
  4. The other one is paired with my k-horns. Works great. I also upgraded the crossover. Have not touched this one's crossover.
  5. This might sound crazy, but steam cleaning works well. I use a Perfection Steam Cleaner that I purchased from Walgreens 4 years ago. It is no longer made but there are similar models available.
  6. Still available. Using the other LaScala as a center speaker for my k-horns. Ron
  7. Tough question. It would be difficult even to find a way to compare them. I can't imagine that the timbre differences would be that great. Certainly be possible to upgrade to AL-3.
  8. Grill on. Dusted, but didn't get back corners.
  9. Sold! For sale in the DFW area a single LaScala for $450. The other LaScala is doing duty as a center channel. Manufactured in 1989, crossovers have not been touched (was on my to do list). Usual scratches and scrapes from moving. Have been used almost daily. Left some dust in order to photograph better. Factory grill.
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