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  1. Hey cybertec, How you like that sub? That was the one I had my eye on. SVS has alot of positive talk. And yes, I'm eyeing the outlaws, cuz they seem to be a little cheaper.
  2. As far as subs go, i want to stay around 1000. I've been looking into the svs line, and haven't really found any bad comments about them. At my local ultimate elec. they have a dedicated klipsch room, with 7's all the way around, and holy crap i've never heard music so loud, yet so clean and awesome. The setup had two monsterpower amps running the front, and not so sure about the rears. That's why I was asking about these monster amps. Not too much of a track record on these? Maybe outlaw is my answer. I'm not looking to break the bank on an amp....maybe 1000-1300 tops? And one more question....what's the difference between a pre/pro and a regular amp?
  3. Thanks for the answer Drwho, helps explain alot. Right now I listen to my movies with my denon 3805 about -15 on the volume. I do like watching my movies loud, but not too loud. Fortunately, my neighbors are pretty far away. So an amp that can handle alot of watts at 4 ohms should be my target?
  4. Anyone with any experience with MonsterPower amps? From a numbers standpoint, it looks like a good match...that being the 3 ch amp.
  5. Are The RF7's are 8ohm speakers? Wasn't sure about that. So when looking at amps, I should look at output at 8 ohms or 4 ohms? Sorry guys, I'm fairly new at this amp thing
  6. another question, what wattage should I be looking for with the RF7's? is 200w rms what I should eye? And a 5 ch to drive everything but the rs7's?
  7. Very good info Mr Ear. I will look into those two amps. I've also narrowed my sub choice down to a svs. Man I need another job.....
  8. The 35's are only supposed to have 125w versus the 7's with 200. The 35's are only gonna be for surround duty so not used 100%, so 200w shouldn't blow these suckers?
  9. You guys think my RF35's can handle 200 continuous watts?
  10. From what I've read HVD will be the prominent hi def video format of the future. HD dvd and blu ray are just to hold people over until 2008. I'm not even wasting my $$$ on the current hi def stuff. HVD will own.
  11. Is it best to run power to all 7 speakers from the amp, or should I just run power to the mains? The denon 3805 sends decent power on its own, but nearly not enough for the RF7's. What's the consensus? basically what I'm asking is should I be looking at 7 ch amps, 2 ch amps etc....
  12. Hey guys, just need a little help choosing an amp and sub. Here are my plans on setup: RC7, RF7's up front, RF35's in back(these are currently my mains), and RS7's as side surrounds. A denon 3805 is running my current setup. I've read on here that the RF7's will drown out smaller subs, so I think I'll upgrade. I currently have a small infinity 10". I've decided to put the RF35's in back because I'm limited on mounting options behind my seating position, and floorstanders right behind my couch seem to be the best option.(plus I have an excuse to upgrade them up front with the 7's..but don't tell the wife that). What's the best amp to power those 7's up front? I've heard current is more important than wattts as far as amps go. You guys have the experience, so I'm taking your word over some guy at Ultimate Electronics. So which amp and sub will do the job? Keep in mind it's a pretty big living room, with high cathedral ceilings.--I know it's not the best for HT, but it's all I have to work with. Thanks for the help!
  13. I've known about the new satellites for a while now. As soon as I started to see the HD DVRs prices start to plummet, I knew something was up. They went from 999.00 to like 600.00 within 6-7 months. Here in Phoenix, I'm not sure when my local channels are gonna be HD, but I'm waiting it out. I think everyone should do the same!
  14. Hey myhamish, it's what my co-worker calls me at work. Piper being my last name and G because I always imitate kennyg at work. Thanks for the welcome. I love my speakers, have had them about 5 months. I have the rc 35 but have the upgrade bug on the rc 7. I'm tired of hearing how this speaker blows everything away, and not owning one.
  15. So you don't think those things are knockoffs? I mean, how are they able to sell a 750 dollar speaker for 550.... that is the question. I treat my a/v stuff like gold, so a warranty is the least of my worries. I just want to make sure it's the real thing.
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