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  1. Yes, the old K55V push pin hits 6kHz.
  2. I’m interested if it doesn’t work out with the first one who’s interested.
  3. Wow! I wish we were friends. The few audio videos you’ve posted on YouTube sound good and are enjoyable, I hope you post more. You’ve had and have a lot of great audio. You’re very blessed. Enjoy. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Yes, but I doubt he’d do that. I’d like him to come to a Klipsch gathering, so we can watch Mr. Roy Delgado call him a bonehead to his face and honor him with a BS button.
  5. He says bad things about Klipsch and their products in his videos. Isn’t he slandering Klipsch in that video and in his other Klipsch videos too? Is what he’s stating about Klipsch in his public videos illegal in any ways?
  6. I redid them. They look like this now. Back to a stock format. Here’s the link below you can click on for details of them: * I think they’re best in their stock format in corners. *
  7. Those are spectacular! Built by a master woodworker. Some of the best audio components in them. Good price. Hopefully someone will buy them quickly. I’d like to own them, but I own a pair already. Thank you for sharing.
  8. What state do you live in?
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