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  1. I have my complete Klipsch Legendary System for sale, Included in the sale are the following speakers (2) each KLF30'S with gold crossovers cherry wood good condition (2) each KLF 10'S in ebony (1) each KSW-12 (2) each RP 140SA (1) SC1 Center Channel All speakers are in excellent condition and work perfectly, never abused and are acoustically perfect, I however will not ship they are to heavy and would not do the speaker any justice. I have owned these speakers since new, you ask why I am selling these, my wife that's right says they are to big and ugly so I just purchased a new wireless system. I if you are interested in pictures please message me and I will send them from my phone. Cost as a complete set $2500.00 will not separate nor ship, the 30 are heavy,
  2. Thanks everyone for the input, you were right I had the 10's in the back, so I wanted something larger in the front. Rich0372 thanks for the ebay sight there's a guy right here that has the 20 klf speakers for sale. I will check them out.
  3. Hello everyone, I figured I would register here for some help on completing my Speaker and Surround System, I have read a lot of posts here and figured someone can help me. First off I want a set of back speakers to compliment the system I already have assembled. I am looking for a full size speaker preferably that gives rick clear sound. Here is what I have: Harman/Kardon Avr Receiver six series, Klipsch CE Center, (1) 12" Klipsch Sub, (2) KLF 10 Front Speakers. I want to find a speaker with rich full tones that will replace my two worn out Polk Speakers. I use the system for both surround sound and listening to Satellite Radio so the speaker must be able to reproduce quality sound, under both circumstances. Any help would be much appreciated and welcomed. Floridagc
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