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  1. *High Five* I just ordered a pair of Klipsch RF-3's from Yahoo and got a killer deal! It wouldn't make ANY sense to pay 800 a pair plus tax at my local hifi shop! I got them for under 600 with shipping! Thanks again for your input Tony! It's time for these local shops to get the competitive edge!! Happy Klipsch Listening! Eric :-)
  2. Hi Ray and thanks for replying. If you go to www.hificiti.com and click the info button, they say all their goods are brand new, factory sealed and never "B" stock. here's the link: http://www.hificiti.com/info.html
  3. I am currently waiting for a pair of Synergy SS-1's to be shipped from Yahoo shopping. The local Stereo store (Bryn Mawr) wanted 399.00 a pair, but I got them for 315.00 plus shipping through Yahoo! It seems we can save alot of money using the web! I am wondering if anyone has purchased through the internet and if they were satisfied. Thanks! Sincerely, Eric O'Brien
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