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  1. whatever55

    Best speaker for my space

    Jubilees.....maybe with a 510 in place of the 402 🍺
  2. whatever55

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Any subs for the OPPO.... I read that the Sony ES or a new Yamaha was supposed to be close....
  3. whatever55

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Just got a reply from OPPO... " I've looked up your email address and to be honest, the player is not likely going to be available to you for purchase. The amount of people that is ahead of you (about 500) in the queue far exceeds the number of units we have left" They are getting near the end....
  4. whatever55

    ASUSPRO laptop

  5. whatever55

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Still time left.... I sent him a question about the condition and if they are BE no response..... Good Luck I have been using some EV DH1A's and am happy....
  6. whatever55

    For Sale Pair of CBR Serial# 28W815

    Welcome to the forum..... Would it be possible to get pictures and/or S/N's Ready, Fire,Aim
  7. whatever55

    70th Anniversary Khorns for sale

    Does this also apply to Jubs ? which are not as pretty d
  8. if you give me a dollar and a can of spray paint I might take it.......
  9. whatever55

    Horn Loaded Sub, JTR Growler, Omaha area. 400 bucks.

    Can the Jubs do this ?
  10. whatever55

    Belles on audio Karma 825.00 in PA

    i would first like some pictures and information
  11. whatever55

    Belles on audio Karma 825.00 in PA

    can't see it.....
  12. I use a Drobo5N that I bought from a forum member. Had a1 drive go bad and lost nothing, put in a new drive, it rebuilt and everything is happy. Easy to use.
  13. whatever55

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    At that price aren't you just a little away from Jubs
  14. whatever55

    This thing is awesome!

    OK What is it ? A soda pop machine ? Early microwave ? Maybe an early toaster oven ? 🍻
  15. whatever55

    Store Bought Barbecue Sauce

    How about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que