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  1. I have a lead on a pair of Cornwall Verticals for $60.... plywood cabs What would they be worth ?
  2. Can you tell me what you used for a top coat..... looks like urethane or some sort of plastic coat not an oil......
  3. did you have the mouth of the sub facing you or the wall ?
  4. With all the experience in this thread I thought I would ask..... Could you put two Tuba HT's between the mains and place a Plasma TV on top ? and if so how should they be placed ?
  5. How long have you had it ?
  6. This is the statement that had me ask the question...... What was the rehab ? " Although they are in very nice condition, I have no use for them. I simply want to make them available to my forum friends after I do some rehab on them to keep me busy for a week or so. (My labor is the fun part.....) These will be plug and play when complete.
  7. Just curious.... what work had to be done to them ?
  8. whatever55


    Any comparison to RF-7's ? What might the differences be ? Thanks......
  9. Who built the amp ? Any pictures of the underside ?
  10. I found if you leave a disc in the player (even a blank one ) it will open...
  11. Have you ever had trouble with the drawer ? not opening when empty. Leaving a disc in helps that....
  12. https://www.stack-on.com/product/sovereign-36-gun-safe/ I know the above safe company has the same parent company as cannon, but this one has a backup key.
  13. I was looking for that shovel or the hole..... All I could find was me trying to get information or a contact number for an OTL amplifier to make an informed purchase.... Was there anything else ?
  14. You don't realize how big the 402's are until you see them in a picture with something for a reference.
  15. Sorry to hear the cancer came back. Hope they can find another treatment for you. I am learning more every day about health insurance. When I retired I changed from Independent Health to Blue Cross because they told me I would have the same coverage and lower premiums. I have been treated for bladder cancer for about 5 years now. 3 before I retired and 2 after. IH covered everything except for a office co-pay, BC did they same but added another $110 for a bladder scope and would only pay $1000 per Chemo and of that I would be responsible for 30%. I have since switched back during open season. I was told the bladder cancer and chemo will be with me for life. As far as being banned been there... around Christmas my wife joined the forum unknown to me to get ideas for a Christmas gift..... someone here thought it was me and took action.... The posting was something I read on the net and thought I would share it ... If it was incorrect I thought someone here might correct me..... I wish you good luck. They are coming out with new treatments everyday. It would be nice if this forum could stick to music related posts only so as not to stir up ..........
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