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  1. Jumping from Spendors to Klipsch and NEED HELP

    How would the Forte III's compare to RF-7's ?
  2. WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    I did the same and love the improvement. Why would you go back ?
  3. Equifax

    OK, Thanks. I was part of the OPM data breech a while ago and have had my account monitored but was never given a freeze pin. Have you signed up for the Equifax program they offer ?
  4. Equifax

    What is the 10 digit freeze pin ?
  5. Equifax

    What is everyone doing ???? or not doing
  6. Your First Three Cars

    1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 318 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 Nothing worth mentioning after.....
  7. Technics SA-1000 for $24,999

    But FREE shipping anywhere.......
  8. Vectra, They arrived today, packed very well as usual.
  9. Crites Jubilee crossovers

    Are these 2-way or 3-way ?
  10. I know... I have bought from him before I agree with you
  11. If available .... k.d. Lang – Ingenue – VG+/NM - $1 Eric Clapton – BackOffenbach Concerto Rondo & Orchestral Works MMG MCD 10022 1984 made in Japan - smooth side case $5 Hampton Hawes Trio, Vol 1 – OJC – NM/NM $4 Cet Baker with Fifty Italian Strings – OJC - NM disc, art has light point impression from case cover retainer - $4 Home – NM/NM $3 Sonny Boy Williamson – the Real Folk Blues (MCA-Chess) – VG+/NM - $4 Bloomfield Kooper Stills – Super Session (BMG) – NM/EX - $4 David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - VG/NM - green case - Ryko Sound+Vision - $6 David Bowie - Changes One Bowie - made in Japan RCA - G (many scratches) / G (wear on top of cover) smooth sided case - $3
  12. 1TB Samsung SSD for $89.00 Shipped

    It is 89 with 190 for handling but they do have a 4tb red for 129 anyone know of it cheaper ?
  13. Dynaco MKIVs - Sold

    JUB project... you have to tell more. Rebuild ?
  14. Klipsch The Sixes - CT - SOLD

    OK thanks... I was looking for the old post for reference but could not find it.
  15. K402 question

    I suspect he means the EV/Klipsch driver sounds better than the Aton/P-Audio/Klipsch driver. I had the stock K69 when I purchased the 402's.... They come as a package. I was looking for the next step and almost bought some TAD's but in the process the price went from about 2500 to over 3K so I walked away. I then heard the EV DH1A's talked about on this forum and how goo they sound so I tried a set and was impressed. They brought everything to a new level. It is hard to put into words but it was almost like lifting a veil. There are a few forum members using them last I heard.