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  1. Have you posted pictures of your Jubilees ? What are you using for a crossover ?
  2. The exchange between 2 Canadians about their was very informative and polite, even though it was not completely audio related.
  3. So it's not the microwaves fault.... It's the fake bacon exploding the plates..... think of what it is doing to your insides if over 20 yrs old. Get the real natural stuff.
  4. 101.01 shipping included.....
  5. Is the half price posted ?
  6. I thought the updates were for ease of construction... was there a problem the updates addressed ?
  7. Metallica's Black Album (their only good one) The Unforgiven is kind of dark.... maybe more sad.
  8. Nice. How much power does it produce ? Has it been serviced ?
  9. I use and like Pioneer SX1250... even a SX-828
  10. Electrovoice Dx38 402 EV DH1A driver
  11. Herbbie Mann "At The Village Gate"
  12. Yes how do they sound ? Do you know what recone kit was used ? Will you be traveling east any time soon ?
  13. They look very nice.... Curious as to how they sound.
  14. " Ok, so "any divers here?" Are you selling your TAD's ??