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  1. ... and which has been the best ?
  2. 2nd this....Also mine had dry rotted valve stem....
  3. whatever55

    Robert Conrad

    Robert Conrad, star of "The Wild Wild West," dies at 84
  4. whatever55

    Hearing Aid

    Does anyone here wear a hearing aid to listen to music ? What to look for ? You can PM me with an answer if need be
  5. I know this is an old thread... but have you tried this stuff ?
  6. whatever55


    Have they sold ????
  7. Hi Richard, I was just looking for maybe a better sound or a better crossover. I am still using EV DH1A drivers and with the cold weather coming looking for a project or two. Chris, the analog crossover I meant to say a passive analog. With an external EQ
  8. Can I get the plus and minus between an EV DX-38 and an Xilica for a 2-way Jubilee set up or even an analog croosover.... Thank You in advance.....
  9. I have a lead on a pair of Cornwall Verticals for $60.... plywood cabs What would they be worth ?
  10. Can you tell me what you used for a top coat..... looks like urethane or some sort of plastic coat not an oil......
  11. did you have the mouth of the sub facing you or the wall ?
  12. With all the experience in this thread I thought I would ask..... Could you put two Tuba HT's between the mains and place a Plasma TV on top ? and if so how should they be placed ?
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