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  1. Is there a difference between this and the unit with XLR connectors ?
  2. Maybe not room for the Belles but the electronics with either headphones or smaller speakers.... music can be very good as you all know.
  3. Over 850mi for me.... Did you ever think of moving North ???? or at least come up and see Niagara Falls.....
  4. Thank you to who ever bought them..... If they didn't sell I would have bought them.
  5. Agreed... ship to ny would be a killer....
  6. Got them the other day.... arrived in good condition
  7. Don't these look alot like the super heresy's ???
  8. Package arrived on Thursday.... packed well. Thank You
  9. Sorry... I did not think I "Always someone screwing up a thread" instead of giving me a shot you could of politely informed me that I offended you either in this posting or a message....
  10. I have a couple in 402's.... They sound pretty good.
  11. So is this time alignment something new ??? was it not here in K-Horns . Belles, LaScalas ??? or was there a delay in the passive crossovers ?
  12. What is the story with the HDMI area on the back ?
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