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  1. Richard, Have you had any luck converting this Danley to a cat condo????? Just a way to keep it....
  2. Yes they did .... I bought some Martinelli horns from Al for my Belles... best move I ever made and Al was great to deal with.
  3. I never said his was a home brew.... just some thoughts on why no bytes.... and hopefully he can elaborate on the construction. Danley did sell this in kit form a couple of times....... GLWTS
  4. Good Luck....Laying down as a riser it would make a nice home for cats... until you turn it on. Maybe some people have had a bad experience with home brew subs. I know I have. Bought one from a trusted forum member, He could not remember exactly what was in side but took a guess and then suggested I call the one who built it or take off the cover. Well I tried taking out the screws and still could not remove the cover. I called the builder and he thinks, maybe , kind of , possible he used the "wrong " type of material to seal the door and it possibly could have, maybe glued itself. I learned my lesson.... trust no one, check it out thoroughly, if it should come apart take it apart..... lesson learned. I have to go now time for my meds.
  5. gear

    Maybe it is just my old eyes but on any of the office products when I go to a piece and click on an item the picture is blurry.
  6. How would a MA6900 work ?
  7. Thank You for the pictures.....
  8. Are you talking acoustic treatment of the room or the front panel ?
  9. there were some on this forum that sold for a crazy price...... I think 1800 -1900
  10. I had a C220 that had a horrible amount of noise in the phono stage. After I replaced the factory Chinese tubes it was quite.
  11. It's a sign you have to keep it.... You can't fight it.
  12. Just a thought..... Everytime you you touched the connections you made a change. If you are open.... try this one component at a time. Disconnect the connections from the amp and move the amp however you moved it before, slide it, tip it etc. Then reconnect everything the original way. The reason for this is.... there could be a loose or bad connection interenal that gets moved during the connecting.
  13. and what are those woes?