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  1. I own the 83-SE and it sounds great. Only issue is I have to keep a disc in the tray so it will open. If I ship it to OPPO they will repair it for $99. Have you had any issues with your tray ? How does the sound compare between the 205 and 83 ? GLWYS
  2. OK What do you mean by "Freddie" couldn't let it go...
  3. Atta boy... Again just calling it as I see it..... sorry you feel you have to defend your actions. Done
  4. Your membership is tax deductible, and there are a lot of nice benefits. Sorry... just trying to fit in... Now we should probably stop....
  5. Fine with me as long as we do not offend anyone.... "Your membership is tax deductible, and there are a lot of nice benefits. " How is this shallow ??? I also have a few Klipsch products.... Jubilees, Belles (with Martenlli horns), RF-7's RB-75's RSW-15's and some smaller stuff. My wife has had an issue with this place and is still not very happy, so if I were to join I might be in need of a lawyer soon.....
  6. Great... that is your bottom line.... mine is mine. Maybe I should use another term but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck welllllll.......... My bottom line is I can not see the value in paying to "join" for a "promise" of future rewards, deals. No problem just my thoughts. we all have our own. We probably should not continue this in an open forum else it might get deleted or we might get warnings.
  7. Travis, Thank you for the answer, but I belonged to other groups that wanted money to have the honor of spending more and be part of the insiders click and I declined. I don't even join Costco, Sam's etc.... To me it does not make sense to have to pay to be able to spend more. Especially not knowing what the "deal" might be. Also with the experience my wife had on the forum I would be spending alot more. Thanks Again
  8. Can I get on the mailing list also .... or is it members only thing ?
  9. WTB: Projector

    Did you check further down this forum to
  10. SOLD - Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver - SOLD

    OK now that it is sold can you tell me who did the work ?
  11. SOLD

    I really wanted on of these to complete my other buy of "delete"
  12. CDs Needing a New Home

    I'll take these..... Jimmy Smith Back at the Chicken Shack -- 3 Preservation Hall of NOLA Best of Preservation Hall Jazz Band -- 3 Cannonball Adderley Something Else Rudy Van Gelder Edition 4 Buddy Rich Compact Jazz -- 3
  13. SOLD - Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver - SOLD

    Who did the work ?
  14. Oppo BDP 105D

    Thank for the kind offer, but I will have to pass. I have an 83SE which has some problems and OPPO does not have the part or will tell me where I can purchase it so with that I do not want to take another chance...... I will be looking for something else. Thanks again
  15. Oppo BDP 105D

    Can you ask him how the 105D compares to the 205 audio wise please. Did he go to the 205 for the 4K features ? Thanks