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  1. Got them the other day.... arrived in good condition
  2. Don't these look alot like the super heresy's ???
  3. Package arrived on Thursday.... packed well. Thank You
  4. Sorry... I did not think I "Always someone screwing up a thread" instead of giving me a shot you could of politely informed me that I offended you either in this posting or a message....
  5. I have a couple in 402's.... They sound pretty good.
  6. So is this time alignment something new ??? was it not here in K-Horns . Belles, LaScalas ??? or was there a delay in the passive crossovers ?
  7. What is the story with the HDMI area on the back ?
  8. So they went from keepers to sold.....???? Sorry to hear that.....
  9. whatever55


    the front and back have 4 holes... is that a 2 piece ring ? also what is the difference between the early version and if there is one the newer version ?
  10. I like the "stolen from" knife.... remember seeing a stolen from fbi pen
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