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  1. Hi Richard, I was just looking for maybe a better sound or a better crossover. I am still using EV DH1A drivers and with the cold weather coming looking for a project or two. Chris, the analog crossover I meant to say a passive analog. With an external EQ
  2. Can I get the plus and minus between an EV DX-38 and an Xilica for a 2-way Jubilee set up or even an analog croosover.... Thank You in advance.....
  3. I have a lead on a pair of Cornwall Verticals for $60.... plywood cabs What would they be worth ?
  4. Can you tell me what you used for a top coat..... looks like urethane or some sort of plastic coat not an oil......
  5. did you have the mouth of the sub facing you or the wall ?
  6. With all the experience in this thread I thought I would ask..... Could you put two Tuba HT's between the mains and place a Plasma TV on top ? and if so how should they be placed ?
  7. How long have you had it ?
  8. This is the statement that had me ask the question...... What was the rehab ? " Although they are in very nice condition, I have no use for them. I simply want to make them available to my forum friends after I do some rehab on them to keep me busy for a week or so. (My labor is the fun part.....) These will be plug and play when complete.
  9. Just curious.... what work had to be done to them ?
  10. whatever55


    Any comparison to RF-7's ? What might the differences be ? Thanks......
  11. Who built the amp ? Any pictures of the underside ?
  12. I found if you leave a disc in the player (even a blank one ) it will open...
  13. Have you ever had trouble with the drawer ? not opening when empty. Leaving a disc in helps that....
  14. https://www.stack-on.com/product/sovereign-36-gun-safe/ I know the above safe company has the same parent company as cannon, but this one has a backup key.
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