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  1. Dx38 with Jubilee settings installed.

    I have to ask... what are you using in place ?
  2. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Thank You.....
  3. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Stones are no fun, back when I turned 30 I was walking along at work and then saw the floor. Doubled over in pain. Went to the doc he found blood in urine, sent me to a specialist and he sent me to the hospital. They were too big to remove any other way then cut me open. In recovery the doc rattled a jar, sounded like a baby's rattle but it was my stones. After analysis, I was told it was my diet and not enough water. As bad as that was, about 3 years ago went in with a discomfort on one side. After an x ray they said I had stones again. As soon as he put the scope in he pulled it out ...... I asked why.... You have a tumor. They removed it and I have been going for scopes about every 4 months. I still have the stones and they are not bothering me... I would rather have the stones......
  4. FS - Modified Belles - Massachusetts

    Wish you were closer...... It is over a 8 hr. drive one way.
  5. Austin TX - Belle on CL

    Not really... a lot of posters remove the asking price as soon as it is sold or delete the posting so unless you live every moment on every posting you might be interested in you can miss alot. A spreadsheet would be very helpful as a starting point.
  6. Las Vegas

    In that case I guess you can't, no more than you could protect yourself from a runaway car or truck or an airplane in a building. I don't have an answer, just looking for one that might just work. If someone wants to do evil bad enough they will find a way.
  7. Las Vegas

    How can we protect ourselves from events like this ? Seriously ... Laws ??? don't work. I guess maybe Get involved, if you see something say something, ask questions, this is a free country and you should be able to ask ...... about anything or anyone..... without being accusatory or fear of reprisal maybe if we all would become aware of our surroundings .... Don't know what the answer is.......
  8. Jumping from Spendors to Klipsch and NEED HELP

    How would the Forte III's compare to RF-7's ?
  9. WTB Belle K-500 midrange horns

    I did the same and love the improvement. Why would you go back ?
  10. Equifax

    OK, Thanks. I was part of the OPM data breech a while ago and have had my account monitored but was never given a freeze pin. Have you signed up for the Equifax program they offer ?
  11. Equifax

    What is the 10 digit freeze pin ?
  12. Equifax

    What is everyone doing ???? or not doing
  13. Your First Three Cars

    1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 318 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 Nothing worth mentioning after.....
  14. Technics SA-1000 for $24,999

    But FREE shipping anywhere.......