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  1. Sorry for the mistake, John Albright. There was someone else told me to keep the woofer "open", without the inductor. Do you think it is a good idea? In the type A x-over, is there a T2A or T4A? Where can I get them? Thanks.
  2. John: Thank you again for your help. The thread you pointed to me is extremely encouraging and I think I like to build it instead of do the modification to the stock x-over. Couple of more questions. First of all, you have told me to keep the woofer "open", and the x-over "A" has 2.5mH inductor in the woofer path (I can barely see it from your scan). Do I keep or omit it? Second, if I use a single Jensen PIO with a value other than 2uf, like 1.5uf, 2.2uf or 3.3uf, what kind of change of sound charactor I may here? BTW, after "cliped" the "elip" protection, I like the sound of tweeter now, however, the sqweeker sounds a little too lean to me. Any thing I can do to improve it? Again, sorry for these endless detailed questions, however, being totally new to the high end-14 months ago, I was still listening to JVC receiver, Yamaha satellite and sub combo and five months ago I just finished my first ever electronic project-building the Sun 2A3 amp, I do need a lot of advice from an expert like you. Best regards, Gary
  3. I have a pair of 89' K-horn running by a Sun SV-2A3 (3.5 watt) single ended triode amp with on preamp. I was thinking about biwiring the amp and also some "simple" modification or rebuilding of the x-over. I am going to keep the woofer "open" as John Albright advised and I have been reading many posts about simplifying the x-over like only Les's using Jensen PIO 3.3uf on the tweeter path and 12.9uf on sqweeker and omitting the inductor... Can someone give me a more complete, detailed advise about the "Simplest" x-over - no protection, shunt, fuse, inductors or autoformer? BTW, the stock x-over is AK-3, I guess it's "AA"? Sadly, I have emailed Klipsch for a schematic of AK-3 and got no answer and I have not seen a real "AA" or "A" diagram. Plese give me your good advice and I am not scared to try anything new. Thank you very much.
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