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  1. Hey, Audiobliss! Congrats! You've been in this from the beginning. It's like we sort of "debugged" this game together. ......errrrrr. Don't know your tune..... yet![]
  2. Okay, Sputnik! We're gonna have to ban you for giving us all these "impossibles." [] First, Star Trekkin' off of Dr. Demento. Then, Jerry Garcia off of Panama Red when he was in the New Riders. Now, this? Just kidding. .... But I have no idea.
  3. I think you stumped us. Want to give it up and try a new challenge?
  4. Dr. Who, good to see you again. Thanks for the reply. Is there something you insert like a CD that cleans, or do I take off the whole shroud and get to it that way?
  5. That was cute! It must have aired on the "Dr. Demento Show." Don't tell me this is the same band, The Firm, that was composed of Jimmy Paige, Paul Rogers, etc. that performed "Radioactive."
  6. Okay, my CD-Player skips. I don't think it's due to vibration. It'll play fine at loud volumes.... but later in the CD, it skips.... like it's some sort of "fatigue" or something. Any way to treat this ailment?
  7. You're old, Sputnik! I'm wondering what this song is.... sounds like something out of Star Trek!
  8. Our thread is now listed in the "MOST POPULAR" category for receiving the most posts! The more people that join our game, the better it will be. Encourage others to join in on the fun.
  9. I know this one...... It's on the tip of my tongue. No more hints. I'll get it. Ah, yes! It's "The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys" by Traffic. Next (similar lyrics, different tune): "But dont be fooled by the radio The tv or the magazines They show you photographs of how your life should be But theyre just someone elses fantasy" Name that Tune!
  10. Hint: The lead guitarist is the name of the band. He is apparently a staunch Republican and is joked about as knowing only 3 chords. He has lots of good classic rock tunes.
  11. "Lay Lady Lay" by Bob Dylan. Next: "Kamikaze from the 100th floor. Swan dive to the street." Name that Tune!
  12. Sputnik, I think you stumped everyone! Want to try a new challenge? ..................not "Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna," either!
  13. Audiobliss, you were correct. It was "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East (good tune[]). I have no idea what yours is..... yet!
  14. Okay, I did not think anyone would need a hint. This tune is a widely-played tune, so much so that it was in the Billboard Top 100 years ago. To this day, it still receives radio-time for all you classic rockers to enjoy it. I always thought it had a different name. Well, I was wrong. Therefore, the lyrics I gave actually contain the name..... oops! Name that Tune!
  15. Hey Audiobliss! Good to see you're back. It's Friday, and looks like Texas Ron is out on the town. He can't leave us stumped like that for this long. I'm posting a new one. I'm sure he'll understand. He can stump us on this one later. Next: "Did you have any bad dreams, did you break any glass? Would you be my companion, is there even a chance? You've been talking in circles, since I've been able to cry. There's never been any reason, for ever telling me why, yea, yea." Name that Tune!
  16. The artist is David Gray. Never heard of him, so I have no idea what the tune is. Okay all you David Gray fans! This ones for you.
  17. JacksonBart, what I was saying is you don't have to wonder whether you're right. You have a song in mind, so you can look it up and read its lyrics to confirm. That's not cheating. Cheating is doing a word search on the lyrics themselves. Allowing you to look up the song and check the lyrics keeps the game moving.
  18. See the rules on first page. There is a LEGAL was to check your answer w/o disqualifying yourself.
  19. Check the rules. If you have a song in mind, you are free to Google search the SONG NAME, like search for "lyrics smoke on the water." Find the song, check its lyrics, and see if you're right. Just don't search for LYRICS in Google because that would be a dead giveaway.
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