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  1. Sunburn Willy, you are..... Incorrect! "Bring on the Nubiles" by the Stranglers is not correct.... and a nasty song, by the way!!!! The challenge remains: Nothing like this Felt in her kiss Cannot resist her Fell for her charm Lost in her arms I keep a photograph Name that Tune!
  2. Okay, we have a guess. Either the person who posted the lyrics can answer "Correct or "incorrect," or any other person may do an internet search to confirm and advise as to whether the guess is correct or incorrect. Once a person uses the internet, he/she is disqualified from the current challenge only and may not provide an answer to the clue. If the guess is confimed as correct, the person correctly guessing has within 10 minutes to post a new set of lyrics as a challenge. Strategy, if you are not sure about a guess, have a friend check without telling you anything but it is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, admit it. If correct, post your new challenge.
  3. Okay. Let's modify the rules a little. This is killing me. How do you feel about dropping a hint say, every 30 minutes or so? Current Challenge: Nothing like this Felt in her kiss Cannot resist her Fell for her charm Lost in her arms I keep a photograph Name that Tune!
  4. Okay, but you forgot to present the next challenge. I'll do it. Lyrics: "I wandered lonely as a cloud, Till I came upon this dirty street. I've never seen a stranger crowd; Slubberdegullions on squeaky feet, Continually pacing, With nonchalant embracing, Each orifice disgracing And one facing me moves to say 'hellay'." Name that tune! (no cheating)
  5. Rules: No cheating. This can be fun unless cheaters destroy it. Give lyrics of about 10 words minimum to national classic rock artists (no local no-names). Winner gets to post his own lyrics. And the game plays on.... No cheaters (The answers are all over the net. The game gets destroyed too fast.) If you break down and cheat, don't post the answer and spoil the challenge. The song only needs to be identified w/certainty (exactness is not critical; artist is not required). If the song is correctly named but the artist is not, the answer is still correct. If the guess is correct, the person correctly guessing has within 10 minutes to post a new set of lyrics as a challenge. Strategy: if you are not sure about a guess, check by searching the song or artist (just NOT the lyrcis). If you are correct, post your answer and a new challenge. If you know the band, check their song list. It's okay to get to the lyrics this way. Just do not search by lyrics. You get the idea! Go to the last page of this thread to find the current challenge. Also, if you post a new challenge after guessing correctly and the new challenge goes unsolved for more than 30 minutes, start dropping little hints to see if you can get some nibbles! If you come to a point where you feel nobody will ever get it, withdraw the challenge and post a new one with some new lyrics. Here's the lyrics: "Seventy-three men sailed her from the San Francisco Bay." Name that Tune! (no cheating; if you break down and cheat, don't post the answer)
  6. Okay, let's kill this thread. I'll start a new one with instructions not to Google. Let's see if it doesn't get detsroyed by cheaters.
  7. If it wasn't for all the lyrics all over the net, this would be a fun game. Think folks would follow the rules if word searches were disallowed? I doubt it. I've picked some of the most obscure lyrics - only to have found them on the net. Like "Hurry now, we must protect ourselves and find some shelter." This would be Genesis "Return of the Giant Hogweed." How obscure a song can you get? I am surprised this stuff is on the net.
  8. Sputnik, Googling's fair game. There's no way cheating could be regulated. It seems the real challenge is to find some lyrics that do not show up on internet searches. Go ahead and answer.
  9. This is the current challenge. Nobody's figured it out, yet?
  10. "50 ways to leave your lover" by Paul Simon Next: "I'm back again to share with you my heart and soul." Name that Tune!
  11. If Trey got it, he win's and it's his turn to post a lyric. If not, yours is invalid and you have 5 minutes to post, or I'll post mine.
  12. Not fair! But, too much of this in on Google, etc. Your job: Post an accurate lyric within 5 minutes that you think will be the best challenge. Still, must pick national artists in classic rock genre and give about 10 words. Post in 5 minutes, or I've got mine ready.
  13. What do you mean by "mangled?" Is this the lyric or not?
  14. "Louie, Louie" by the Kingsmen Next: "You've been mislead by the thoughts in your head." Name that Tune!
  15. Okay, first post to show chonologically wins. Audiobliss's challenge remains. "That's why I know you are my heart's desire." Name that Tune!
  16. "Hotel California" by the Eagles. (Keep the prox. minimum 10-word rule in mind for hits). Okay: "This is the craziest party there could ever be." Name that Tune!
  17. "Sister Golden Hair" by America. These are hard to make Google-proof. But I think I have a stumper! Popular Classic Rock Band, too. "Nighttime flowers, evening roses. Bless the scarlet that never closes." Name that Tune!
  18. "Fillmore Shuffle" by Sammy Hagar. Caught it before you edited! Next: "Now, my baby's gone, and I don't know what to do. She took-a my love and walked right out the door." Name that Tune!
  19. Googling is fair! "The Dangling Conversation" by Simon and Garfunkel. Next lyrics: "On a sailing ship to nowhere, leaving anyplace. If the Summer Changed to Winter..." Name that tune!
  20. You must name the tune. Partial answers are okay for hints, but the winner is the person who names the tune. Only the winner gets to post the next lyrics for the next tune. Stay w/Classic Rock, national artists and 10-word hints. Tom's in in play: "Its a still-life watercolor." Name that tune!
  21. Okay forum friends. Here's the Rules of this game. The person posts the hint. The person who successfully answers gets to post the next hint. The rules will get more complex if people provide incorrect answers. If someone knows of an incorrect answer, post why they think so, and I'll moderate. I'm still a player, though. For now on, all hints must contain at least 10 words. Try to stick to Classic Rock and try to stay away from unheard-of local bands that never had national recognition. Tom's is in action: "It's a still-life watercolor." Name that tune!
  22. Man! I'd have never figured anyone to get that one so quickly. I thought I was going to have to drop hints at 24-hr. intervals. You ARE a classic rocker!
  23. Dr Who, me, too! You appeared to have tried the "no-peek" test. Did you try w/A,B and C sample where 2 are original and 1 is modified? Mixing them up in different orders to see if you're still capable of determing the difference?
  24. Okay, new tune. "Rael, Imperial Aerosol Kid, exits into daylight, spraygun hid." Name that tune!
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