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  1. Hi Panelhead, Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a pretty sweet little amp at a great price. Had I not already purchased the Crown (which I'm very happy with), I'd definitely consider it.
  2. Sweet! Please let us know what you think of them.
  3. Amen. I learned about hiss 35 years ago when I bought a new Carver M400. IIRC, it was a new product at the time. Got it home and hooked it to my LaScalas..."What the hell is this hissing sound?" 🥵. After conferring with the dealer, I ended up taking it back and exchanging it for the Power Line One. Worked great for 35 years. Hope the XLi1500 lasts that long too. 😁
  4. My 35 year old Crown Power Line One finally gave up the ghost, and I replaced it with an XLi1500. While a couple of the XLi specs (THD and noise level) aren't quite as good as the Power Line, I don't notice any differences in the performance. My two intial fears with the XLi (ambient hiss and fan noise) are a non-issue; neither is audible over 1 foot away. Having the additional headroom (50 watts up to 330 watts) is nice too. I rarely crank it up to extreme levels, but that is certainly an option now. All in all, $199 for this amp is a steal.
  5. Hi Dave, I'd love to have a high-end amp too, but I totally agree with you I went ahead and ordered an XLi1500 last night. It'll be here on Friday, and I'll play with it over the weekend. I have high hopes that it will work well for me. Worst case, I can send it back to Amazon and get my money back. Thanks to all who replied.
  6. FYI: XLi1500 is apparently on sale at Amazon: $199.
  7. Thanks guys. These both look like great amps, but I'm going to stick with purchasing a new one vs. used. I do appreciate the offers though. BTW, I'm in Bay City, MI. (I just added that to my profile in case it comes up again). 🙂
  8. Thanks Marvel. I started out looking at the Crown series, but the ones I looked at were Class D and I thought they had a poor noise spec (90'ish db). I'll take another look at the XLi800.
  9. Thanks. I already checked them out. They have good prices, but I really don't want to gamble on a "refurbished" amp.
  10. Thanks Daledee, I had never heard of Schitt, but the Vidar does look like a a possible contender. I'll definitely consider it.
  11. Hey Coytee, Good to hear from you. Yeah, it's been a while since i posted, but I do drop in and poke around once in a while. I have 510's on top, along with the same bread-boarded crossovers that the speakers came with. (I probably would have been in divorce court if I had chosen the "big" ones ). Hope to see you at a future Pligramage!
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm using the passive crossovers that were installed in them when I was lucky enough to win these one-of-a-kind beautful speakers at the Klipsch Pilgramage in 2007! I'd like to keep the signal path "analog" if possible, but I don't know if there is a worthy amp in my price range that will fulfill my needs .
  13. My old Crown Power Line 1 finally bit the dust. I have a $400 budget to work with. 50-100 watt range with good sound and low noise (I detest hiss with no signal present!). The Integra ADM 20.4 specs look good. Is anyone familiar with this model? Other brands to consider? Thanks in advance.
  14. Kevin, It was great to have a fellow audiophile over to listen with. When you get done with all your mods, bring the finished product to Bay City. We can set them up in my back yard along with my Jubes and do some A/B testing. Perhaps if we share the great sound with the neighbors and maybe gain a few converts to the Klipsch "religion". [] Keep us informed of your progress. Bob
  15. E-mail sent. BTW Richard, I'm using the passive crossovers that Roy built for these. (I've never opened the speakers up to look at them, but I know the were basically just "bread-boarded" on pieces of plywood at the Pilgrimage). Bob
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