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  1. here's a (Heritage) Klipsch AUTHORIZED dealer in KS that does mail order (read: no sales tax); ask for Stelly: 800-716-3553 prob is, he's far away from even me, so hard to demo. though he sounds real liberal on returns. B
  2. "The Circuit City I was in the other day had football on and I didn't see any bluring." steve, the ones who do seem to notice any of that tend to be CRT (projector) fiddlers, & guys who sell Pioneer Plasma. []
  3. a brunette w/ blue eyes is a rarity, & from my experience, usually quite the hot babe. but it still comes down to character. watch out for the bleach blondes; but, again, I've met some bleach blondes who were still upstanding ladies. []
  4. born2, yeah, that almost kept me outta the game for the sxrd, but it takes a 1080i input & well I don't know how it could do much noticably better w/ a 1080p input, which, I GUESS, will be available some day (now only via computer graphic card). actually, when I looked at it at C-City, the Super there insisted they were feeding it 1080p w/ their laptop. probably 1080i though, as, as usual, they don't know WTF they're talkin' about at f'n C-City or B-Buy. all I can say is this video-in-box does my cheap toshiba 540p dvd excellent. nice scaler. & deinterlacing is much easier than scaling. when it gets a 1080i input I don't know if I or many could tell the dif from a 1080p input. & NO, I'm not a Sony dealer or anything. I just really like mine. & it hasn't even been professionally calibrated yet. []
  5. yup, that's the plasma premium. sxrd should change that. so you have to buy a $250 bulb every year.....A-B test 'em. []
  6. here's another good SXRD review: http://www.hometheatermag.com/rearprojectiontvs/1105sony/
  7. Steve, does the Pioneer have a Contrast Ratio OVER 11000:1? does it have black level down to 0.006 Lums? does it have great color, maybe slightly off (to an expert w/ equipment) but "where it's off, it's off in the right way"? 'nuff said. but if it were a choice between video & Klipsch......hmmmm, let me think on that. ;-) sxrd.pdf
  8. " Boa, Got mine for 1,690.00(bt) with free shipping and they threw in 80.00 componet video cables!" nice, was that online &/or a mail order house? I got my SXRD for $3900 no tax delivered by private truck (after airlifted from JFK to KCI) from a good outfit/people in Syracuse, NY. however, the g-friend's sis HAD to buy local. you know women. ;-) what box is it you have? Scientific Atlanta (Explorer), Motorola, or Pioneer? that's usually covering all. B
  9. boa12


    "Savaged by conservative commentators in The Washington Post and New York Times" colin, I still want to see this film, but don't understand the above. where'd that come from, The Guardian? there are NO "conservative" commentators at neither the NY Times nor the WA Post. or are they not talkin' politics? LOL
  10. btw, if that's the KDF LCD, I got that same Sony down to $1750 + tax at best buy for my girlfriend's twin sister. (YES, Best Buy & CC & such WILL negociate price!). It DOES have an excellent picture. be sure to set your cable box output (if available) to output in ONLY 720p. the sonies like to get fed the same resolution as their native, especially if you have a good chip in the box to do it for' em. for my 1080p, I output w/ my SciAtlanta Explorer 8300 in ONLY 1080i, as that box has the ATI WonderChip for a scaler, & then my Sony just takes that 1080i & line-doubles (deinterlaces) it to1080p. even best to do that way for standard definition TV, though we know how crummy an SD output can be on such fine (revealing) TVs. a lot like klipsch playing a crappy recording. ;-) as for a dvd, until we get true HD-DVD (or Sony's Blu-Ray) output, I'm keeping my cheap Toshiba, 540p progressive, which the Sonies can simply scale to 720p or 1080p (a nice 2X multiplier of the 540p). happy viewing! B
  11. if ye want top of the line Sony, as in, it blows the shorts off of any plasma, check out the Sony SXRD KDS----XBR 50 or 60. though Sony LCD are excellent, this is not LCD - it's LCOS, & it's 1080p output. killa! []
  12. ohhhhh, a housekeeper AND a snitch - what a dweeb-Mary! yeah, I'll just go make another 100k THIS month while you waste away other's time here, being a pedant nerd. then again, that's the best utility for YOUR time, I'm sure. LMAO take it from me guys, after working my A$$ off & helping people left & right here for a couple years 5 years ago, this place ain't worth your time. though there are many great & knowledgeable folks here, it still ain't worth your time w/ the clown scum like this, which are only here 'cause they have absolutely no other life. hell, what woman would ever want to go near such a nerd AND an a-hole. LMAO so tell me Dr Freeze or whatever it is, (rhetorical question) specifically which horns do MY original '84 Cornwalls have, egghead? yeah, I thought so (hard, if not impossible, to google it, LOL) now I know why Keith & other great ones of the past stay away from here. though, nothing against the great guys still here. nothing against Klipsch either - still a great company. such is the internet today. [:|] good luck & happy listening, except to the s-heads! [] []
  13. LOL. obviously, it takes one to know one. ;-) so you joined 2 months or so AFTER me. I've been gone 5 YEARS, while you've been here the whole time being the major no-life dweeb. I think the class can figure out the ratio of how long it took you to get where you ain't. LOL can't answer my question about 1.5s? figures. can't address that I need a SINGLE? figures. & show me where anybody HERE said a Heresy III was NOT a timbre match for MY Cornwalls. clowns like you wouldn't know a Heresy III if it bit you on your dumb ***. you don't even know who you're messin' with, punk. ;-)
  14. frnz, hey calm down, dude. like I told the DR, see my # of posts - I was on here doing thousands of posts when you were in diapers, junior. in fact, I bet a lot of the so called advice you're givin' now originated w/ me, though you're too stupid to remember. LOL i've been gone for 5 yrs, but I think you're dead wrong. I have Cornwall I.5. bet you don't even know which horns that entails. LMAO if anything, it'd be the Heresy II that match my Cornwall ONE-POINT-FIVES, housekeeper. now find me a SINGLE Heresy II in Cherry. YOU gonna split a pair? LMAO I'm gettin' the Hell away from here again, & work w/ folks who know what the hell they're talkin' about, unlike you & the good DR, & more like the other nice guys here such as above, besides you & DR Gertrude. ;-) actually, though there are STILL some guys here who have stayed active w/ Klipsch over the last 5 yrs (unlike myself w/ Heritage), & know their stuff (read: mostly in 2-Channel), I'll be dealing directly w/ the guys at Klipsch. now, go back to your "prettiest girl on the planet thread". I remember you when you arrived, AFTER I was much more active here before & after your arrival, & you don't know WTF you're doin' anymore now than then. chow! & thanks to everyone here that's NOT an a-hole! [] Boa12
  15. Ki, where/how'd you have the Heresy placed? I'm really leaning toward the Heresy III new in Cherry, wall mounted behind TV, speaker Verticle & Upside-down. that's the only real way I could buy a single Heresy in Cherry quick. however w/ its new tweeter, concerned the new Heresy III wouldn't be the best timbre match for my Cornwall I.5 fronts.
  16. & the one & only Academy on Ebay just went for over $500! I'm still trying to pick between a "new" Academy for FC, or a Heresy II, or even a III, to go between the current Cornwall I.5 & replace the C-7 for rear surr duty. maybe I should just stick w/ the C-7 & get another (hard to find also).
  17. " Seriously, why bother? If you are listening to music then 2-channel is fine (perhaps supplemented with an additive center). When you go beyond that, then you are in the world of gimmicks and effects." PT, for 2.0 sources, three words: seven "channel" stereo gimmicky? yes. the right kind o' gimmicky? oh yes, 'specially for parties. [<)]
  18. ki, thanks, that is a concern, though, sorry I should have mentioned that the Sony SXRD is an RPTV. from what I've found, the CRT should be the only really vulnerable. I know that from personal experience w/ my Toshiba TheaterWide CRT, & installing EIGHT bucking magnets on my KLF-30. [:|]
  19. yeah DR, looks like smoke rollin' outta that Denon top, & you're going to need a lot of window treatment for that DLP flashlight. see how the eye-for-an-eye works? least I stayed on topic. LOL
  20. thanks olorin, that's valuable info. I started another thread in HT, "Heresy VS Academy" to get more on my topic. & despite a protest from some housekeeper. LOL
  21. hey DR, check my # of posts. when a thread gets so far off the original topic, I start a new thread. are ya "one of those" that goes into "the prettiest girl on the planet" in a thread started about whether to use both input jacks on a sub? [] iow, if you don't have anything constructive to add, MYOB. 'kay? [] & now we're off topic. so, btw, I really enjoyed the Wiesn in Munich last year. Prost! LOL
  22. thanks for the reply j.4k! I have '84 Cornwalls , which if I remember right (a lil rusty) actually had the newer tweet & (maybe) mid horn of the Corn II combined w/ the previous woof as found in the Corn I, the (eminence)E-34. hence the informal moniker "Cornwall I.5". so if this is correct, the best match would be the Heresy II (?), which I think is discontinued. If Klipsch would make me a single one of those in cherry w/ inverted horns, that would be the ideal. I'd be glad to wall mount it then, though I have a feeling I'd have stud placement problems there again w/ this new/older house. mounted an lcd tv by the bar, & the studs were all over - one set only 3 in. apart & the next one was another 20" away. as w/ murhpy's law, & the mount needing to be directly in bewteen the stups, I finally had to use a board, & that tv was only about 20lbs, compared to the Heresy at I think 45lbs. I think I agree already. forget the academy & that holy grail premium. I need the mini-cornwall heresy. that'll be phase 2 anyway, cause I can use the current C-7 FC now, as it'll be awhile before I get set-up for 2 C-7 mounted on the backwall for 7.1. I'm going to commence the wiring tomorrow, in between the NFL plays. isn't that what the instant replay & the dvr's for anyway? ;-)
  23. thanks guys. great info all. so here's my bottom line, i.e., dilemma, trilemma, or quadralemma: do I get an Academy in Oak for $400+ (my Corns are refinished in a splendid Cherry), or do I go for a Heresy II (used, & probably using only one out of the pair)), or Heresy III (new, & definitely a single in Cherry)? you know I'll be on a personal quest for the answer (or those who know me do). []
  24. hey dean! did you see my private message to you? also, I started a Heresy VS Academy thread in HT. I need your help, mon! B
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